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How To Overcome Approach Anxiety. Improve Your Game 100%

Updated on January 5, 2013

It doesn't matter how books, ebooks or articleS you read on dating or "Game", if you don't put it in to action you're only going to be able pull yourself. Approach anxiety is the bigest barrier between you and that gorgeous girl you've be lusting over the past 5 years. Now don't get me wrong I know how you're feeling, worrying you're going to get shot down, or you don't know what to say or worrying that everybodyelse is watching and that they'll see you get rejected. How on earth can you get anywhere with thoughts like that! We're not going to go too much in to our thoughts in this article as the technique will give you a new way of thinking, what I am going to do is give you one of the powerful techniques to overcome your approach anxiety. There's nothing fancy to it but what it will require is cold hard guts. There's only one thing standing the way between you and the people you're most attracted to, your approach anxiety. Now there's been a ton written on the subject of dating and Game and everyone has their views, techniques and methods on how to pick up women and that's great and you should delve in to as much of this and you will learn some valuable life skills, not just the art of picking up women. Where most seem to fall is that they're looking at the end result, everyone thinks that they have to get the person they chat up in to bed the first time and everytime. This is a big mistake as you're using all or nothing type thinking. What I mean by this is that you tell yourself that you have to be perfect or you will be considered a failure. You pluck up the courage to approach someone and she tell's you she's got a boyfriend and she walks off. You didn't get her in to bed so therefore due to your all or nothing type thinking you've failed. Wrong!

You see If you approach someone and they say they're with someone or you didn't notice the ring on their finger, does it mean they're not attracted to your or that you're boring or stupid? No. Everybody fears rejection and this is the number one fear in approach anxiety however it's part and parcel of life. This is where this technique comes in, your aim is to get 30 blow outs from people you approach. Yep, I said it. Don't click away from this article just yet. You see if you cut out the part where you're suppose to get every girl in to bed you take a whole heap of weight off of your shoulders. Ha, I know what you're thinking, "That doesn't make it any easier!". See, once you face your fear and surrender to it rather than running away from it, you'll find the monster can't actually breathe fire. This is technique is similar to Exposure technique in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy which is use to treat fears and phobias.

So here's all you have to do is approach as many women as you can who you're attracted to and you've got to get 30 knock backs. This doesn't mean go up and insult the girl. All you have to do the moment you see them is Smile - Say hi - and say something like this, I just noticed you and thought, I'd be kicking myself if I didn't say something to you - Can I get your number? Yep it's ballsy, it's brash and doesn't follow the intrecate methods found in the dating ebooks. Remember this technique is for you to overcome your approach anxiety and fear of rejection. Do it! Go to the mall, go to the part of your College you don't hang out and go for it. There will be 2 benefits from this when you do it.

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