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How To Overcome Embarrassment Surrounding Social Environments & Relationships (Emunah La-Paz Defines You)

Updated on August 17, 2014


Embarrassing situations are circumstances which can plague our thoughts based on the severity of discomfort that was caused due to the state of affairs.
There are many different stages of embarrassment, mild cases can be overlooked, in a nonchalant fashion, naive, humiliation, in your childhood years or through high school is to be expected, and then there is the level of mortification, an awkwardness caused by shameful behavior in which the whole world weighs in. This level of embarrassment can be seen on wider scale involving celebrities or politicians who are pushed into the lime light due to scandal.
Nonetheless embarrassing situations can ruin an individual’s self-esteem. This article will explain how to overcome this taunting emotion.

Oh My! This Is Embarrassing!


The Top Three Reasons Why Most People Embarrass Easily

1. They believe that the world Is watching a horrible outcome showcased at their expense

2. They Keep Replaying the undesirable incident over and over again in their mind.

3. They Don't know how to move on.

How to Deal with Embarrassment

The Different Levels Of Embarrassment

  • Social Embarrassment through the media outlet or among peers.
  • Relationship Embarrassment through dating or through the misconception of a significant other.
  • Common Embarrassment caused by unpredictable mishaps.

How To Overcome Embarrassment

According to Mary C. Lamia, Ph.D. 'The experience of embarrassment alerts you to your failure to behave according to certain social standards, which threaten the beliefs you hold concerning how others evaluate you as well as the ways in which you evaluate yourself. For example, if in the middle of giving an important presentation you inadvertently belch loudly, embarrassment would be linked to your concern that others, who generally hold a high evaluation of you, might instead think negatively as you would about yourself.'

For the most part some of us will not experience embarrassment at a celebrity level. Most embarrassment moments revolve around toilet paper stuck on the bottom of a shoe, for men your fly could be down. In some cases surrounding most some people the fear of public speaking or singing could lead to disaster which could replay damaging scenes over and over again throughout your mind.

How To Overcome Embarrassment:

Step One: Forgive yourself. Do not allow your emotions to negatively impact your life.

Step Two: Stay calm. If you start freaking out others will continue to showcase the undesirable mishap.

Step Three: Move On. Don't keep replaying the situation over again. If the ordeal leads to a result in which you need to apologize, then do so, and then carry on with your life.

Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life? Matthew 6:27

The Embarrassment Poll

Do You Become Easily Embarrassed?

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Personal Situations That Take Humiliation To A Different Level

There are some embarrassing situations that are not caused by your doing, another individual can put you in an uncomfortable situation.

Oh... No!

Man Covering his face
Man Covering his face | Source

Embarrassment Caused By A Deceptive Relationship

One of the most popular forms of embarrassment circles around deceptive relationships.

Blake's Embarrassing Story: Personal Embarrassment

I thought I had met the perfect woman; she enjoyed sports, bowling, and softball. We had a lot in common, I also liked that she was willing to take our relationship slow, for once I had a relationship built on friendship. We never slept together, we kissed and hugged but that was it. I finally felt comfortable to introduce Kentia to my family, and they loved of her! My mom adored her and this is saying a lot, because my mom couldn’t stand any of the women that I or my brother would bring home, her approval met everything to me. She approved of my brother's fiancé so I was excited when my mother expressed that she liked Kentia.

Everything was going well until Kentia hit me with the news, which took place over dinner, exceeding the discussion which surrounded taking our relationship to a physical level. It was over dinner that Kentia hit me with the shocking news that made me sick to my stomach, she told me that she used to be a man and some surgery stuff still needs to be performed before we could take our relationship to the next level,

I was stunned at first and then I got mad. I started looking at her more closely and noticed that Kentia, whose real name is Kent, had rather large hands for a woman, and her back was actually broader than mine. To say the least I asked her/him to leave and we never spoke again.

The embarrassing thing is that now I have to tell my family, and they’re going to laugh at me. My family has a taunting nature, especially my brother.


Family Embarrassment

Family embarrassment can be one of the most difficult emotions to overcome, because the situation happened among the people that you admire or, around the people who you try to please, in hopes of approval. Many people seek praise from their family members because they know us the best.

In Blake's case who had no clue that he was dating a man, does not speak well of his family members when it comes to openly discussing an uncomfortable situation; Blake’s family does not seem to be sympathetic. Blake may have encountered situations in which his family may have made fun of him.

In cases such as these some family members don't need know all the details, especially if they are going to make fun of the situation i. Mockery is not acceptable especially when a family unit should represent love.

Scandal Involving Rob Pilatus One Of The Lead Singer's of Milli Vanilli,Led To Drug Use And Eventually Death

Girl You Know It's True
Girl You Know It's True | Source

Girl You Know It's True Milli Vanilli

Celebrity Embarrassment

Celebrity embarrassment is most likely the worse form embarrassment, due to the fact that the entire world viewing your mishap, and passing judgement at the same time. Even though many celebrities hire socially skilled people who can help them out during their unfavorable situation, their are some celebrities who allow their humiliating situation drive them to death.

Who can forget the singing group Milli Vanilli, the 1998 singing duo faced the humiliating situation which involved lip-singing their entire album and doing so on stage as well. The team made up of Fab Morvan and Rob Pilatus, had a debut album Girl You Know It's True achieved international success which landed them a Grammy for Best New Artist.

Yet, on February 21, 1990. Milli Vanilli's Grammy award was revoked after word got out that the lead vocals on the record were not the voices of Pilatus or Morvan.

Even though the two tried to release their own album the public was not responding. Some say that this embarrassing situation caused Pilatus to live a destructive life which led to his death on April 2, 1998.

The World Is Watching, There Are Many Outlets For Potential Embarrassment

geralt | Source

Talk Show Embarrassment Leads To Murder

Scott Bernard Amedure (was was fatally shot after revealing on The Jenny Jones Show that he was attracted to a male acquaintance. The social contact, Jonathan Schmitz had a history of mental illness, later shooting Amedure. Schmitz was found guilty of second degree murder.In some rare cases embarrassment can lead to murder.

Social Media Embarrassment:

In the social world of technology some teens and adults who do know how to deal with embarrassment will allow their emotions to get out of control, and instead of shaking the discomfort off they resort to depressing measures that could lead to suicide.

Overcoming Embarrassment

Keep in mind that life is full of embarrassing moments sometimes caused by our own doing or by someone else. Don't harp on the matter move on in a positive manner.

Overcoming Embarrassing Moments


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