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How To Persuade Someone To Get Motivated

Updated on July 22, 2012
Get someone excited by giving them a little push
Get someone excited by giving them a little push

There are times that we wish we had more control over other people. Sometimes, waiting for someone to get motivated can be frustrating. The irresponsible kid, the lazy spouse, or the unreliable friends are all examples of people who need motivation to become more responsible, energetic, or reliable. But, how can we persuade someone to get motivated? Following are three ways to persuade someone without yelling, screaming, or begging.

Create a Need For Them To Get Motivated

Many people will not attempt to do something unless they feel an absolute need to do it. However, once they feel that need or urgency, they quickly start taking action. For instance, the husband who will not fix the toilet may consider doing it if his friends were coming over for a football game. His friends create a need to fix it, and so his motivation kicks in.

Your job is to create that type of need, even if his friends are not coming over. You may tell him about a one-time sale going on for the parts he needs. You could tell him that his mother has declared that surprise visits are something she would like to start doing. Anything that creates the need to get the job done will work and get him motivated to get busy.

Make Them Feel Motivated

Everyone feels good after accomplishing a task. It produces a high that lasts for quite a while and remains in the memory forever. Therefore, if you can recreate a good feeling from an accomplishment, then you can literally help them to feel like a motivated person.

First, evoke a memory by reminding them about something they did well. Memories of pride will start to flood their mind, and a desire to feel like that will most likely follow.

Next, keep the memories going by telling them how great you thought they were when they finished that task. Using the husband as an example, you could bring up a moment where a home repair went really well, and how everyone complimented him and his abilities. The more you stroke his ego about what a great job he did, the more he will want to prove that he can do that again!

Lastly, mention the task that you want him to get motivated for right now, which will create a bond between that memory and this current task. He will start to think that this new task will be the perfect chance to prove, once again, that he does home repairs well.

Make The Positive Outcome Feel Real

Often, the action required is what holds back someone from getting motivated. Fixing the toilet, cleaning up a room, or doing the dishes, are not activities that anyone really looks forward to doing. However, if you can help someone feel the positive outcome of the boring action, then you may be able to motivate that person to take that action.

For instance, if your husband does not want to fix the toilet, but enjoys using the toilet that needs fixing, then you can remind him how great it will be when the toilet is fixed and ready to use again. Maybe you can throw his favorite magazines in there or add a few pieces of artwork that you know he would appreciate. The point is to make him want to be able to use the toilet again and take action towards fixing it.

In the end, the above three tactics are going to help to motivate someone much better than the usual tactics of yelling, screaming, or begging. As a bonus, using them correctly can cause the other person to feel as though they were the ones that decided to get motivated and you had nothing to do with it.

I Thought This Tony Robbins Video Relates To The Topic of Understanding Why People Get Motivated


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    • Relationshipc profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Alberta, Canada

      Nice writer! lol. Yep, that would definitely be a good motivator.

    • Writer Fox profile image

      Writer Fox 

      5 years ago from the wadi near the little river

      As far as motivating a husband to fix the toilet, all you really have to do is start looking through the phone book and ask him if $250 per hour for a plumber is a fair price!


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