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How To Plan A Tropical Destination Wedding

Updated on June 27, 2016

Tropical Destination Wedding Planning

Mix it up with a little fun in the sun for your wedding! Plan a fun little getaway tropical destination wedding for both you and your family and friends. Destination weddings can be planned with ease! Below are some helpful tips to help guide you when planning your dream tropical wedding.


Tropical Destination

There are many locations to choose from! If a sunny, warm and exotic destination wedding is in your plans, consider one of the 5 popular wedding destinations:

  1. Hawaii - The Big Island and Maui are 2 of the most popular wedding destinations! These islands offer breath-taking scenic views of lushes green tropics and gorgeous backdrops like the Kona coast.
  2. Cancun/Riviera Maya, Mexico - Off the Yucatan peninsula in the Gulf of Mexico, this location calls for a romantic getaway location
  3. The Bahamas - Scenic tropical nuptial spots are plentiful in the Bahamas, including Nassau, Freeport, and Grand Bahama, but the most popular destination for weddings is the aptly named Paradise Island. That is where you'll find the infamous Atlantic Resort, which is an ideal venue of choice for many couples.
  4. Dominican Republic - The Dominican Republic offer 800+ miles of gorgeous white sandy beaches! A popular destination is Punta Cuna, which has a 20-mile coast lined with palm trees and bordered by cerulean clear waters.
  5. Jamaica - Jamaica has many scenic wedding spots along its famous seven-mile Negril beach, like the boutique-style Rockhouse Hotel, perched on the cliffs of Pristine cove


Tropical Wedding Ideas

After choosing your ideal location, now comes the next step: the wedding theme! There are so many themes to choose from, but here are a few popular wedding themes that are perfect for any tropical destination wedding:

  • Vibrant Colors - Choose bold bright colors such as hot pink, orange, turquoise and lime – don’t be afraid to contrast them! Use white as a base color to really make them pop.
  • Pineapple Theme - This tropical fruit is a universal sign of hospitality and add a lovely texture to any spring or summer wedding! Perfect color scheme: yellow, gold, green, pink, and brown
  • Palm Tree Theme - Palm trees the the perfect motif when it comes to tropical destination wedding decorations! Perfect color scheme: greens, pink, yellow, cream/white
  • Nautical Theme - For a cool and relaxed wedding, this is the perfect wedding theme for you. Choose shades of blue, white and sandy neutrals, with anchor motifs and rope detailing.

Below is one video showcasing creative ways to incorporate pineapples into your wedding decorations!

Pineapple Theme Wedding Ideas

Tropical Wedding Attire

A tropical destination wedding brings crazy humid and hot tropical weather! To prepared for the weather, check in advance what the weather is like at the location you'll be holding your wedding ceremony and reception at. For tropical weddings, make sure to pick light fabric and bright colors for your wedding party. Bright and cool tone colors made with light fabrics are ideal because the heat from the sun will on be absorbed.

  • Bridesmaids - Vibrant colors are ideal! Match sure to match the color scheme of the wedding. Sundresses would be nice
  • Groomsmen - Lightweight and relaxed. They don't have to be dressed formally, especially if you're planning on getting married at a hot and humid location. A nice white linen shirt and tan or beige pants or shorts is perfect for the wedding.


Tropical Wedding Invitations

Depending on which theme you and your significant other decided to chose, now you can pick out some fun wedding invitations! To help you pick and choose which wedding invitations design you'll want, here are some popular wedding invitation trends:

  • Envelope Liner - The first thing recipients will see is the envelope liner! It's the perfect place to put a fun and festive touch to your wedding invitations and show off your wedding theme
  • Calligraphy or Handwritten Typography - Calligraphy gives the invitations a more personable feel rather than a computerized font.
  • Watercolor Design - Instead of bold graphics, try a watercolor design. This fits in perfectly with a tropical destination wedding because it gives off a romantic and relaxed vibe.


Tropical Wedding Decorations

If you're planning on having your wedding out on the beach, make sure to use chairs that won't absorb too much heat. The last thing you would want are uncomfortable guests moving around during the wedding ceremony. A great option would be folding white wedding chairs! Most party rental stores will have this type of chair. If this is not an option, white benches also make for great seating during the wedding ceremony as well!

To make the chairs stand out, adorn the the sides of the chairs on the aisle with flowers, ribbons, and tropical decorations. They're very easy to make and will give your wedding ceremony a fun and beach-y vibe without busting your wedding budget.

Tropical Wedding Centerpieces

When it comes to decorating the wedding reception, make sure to have dress guest table with a stunning wedding centerpiece! Make the wedding centerpiece stand-out by incorporating out of the ordinary decoration pieces like pineapples and palm leaves!

If you're on a budget, here's an easy DIY centerpiece that works well with any tropical wedding decor:


Pineapple Flower Vase Centerpiece

Materials Needed:

  • Pineapple
  • Knife or scooper
  • Flowers

For a fun and festive tropical wedding centerpiece, take a pineapple and cut it open at the top. From there, scoop out the core with a knife or with a pineapple core and slicer (Sur La Table has one for $15), leaving the pineapple base empty to use as a flower vase! Place your colorful flower arrangement inside the pineapple and place at guest tables.


Tropical Wedding Favors

Last, but certainly not least, are the wedding favors! Choose the perfect wedding favor that encompasses your special day. A great way to commemorate your special day is by picking out favors where you can personalize it with the bride and groom's name, wedding date, or with a small personal message. That way, guests will look at this particular wedding favors and think back on your wedding day.

There are many stores and websites that specialize in tropical wedding favors and personalization such as HotRef, Kate Aspen, My Wedding Favors, Etsy, and more.


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