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How To Prevent Sibling Jealousy From Creeping In

Updated on June 9, 2012

There can be many reasons for sibling jealousy. Especially, the arrival of a new baby may be a cause. Once they grow up as young kids, if one child accomplishes certain things, it may also create a jealous feeling in the other one. Mainly, if the child feels that the parents bestow more attention on his or her sibling, the child may start feeling jealous. As a parent, you should tackle this problem as early as possible.

It is true that you will be having a lot of household work. Apart from that, you may have to attend to the younger child also. So, the elder one may have a feeling that you are not attending to his or her needs. You should take a few steps to remove this thought from the elder child's mind.

- The best way is by involving the elder child in all the possible chores that he or she may be able to do. You should first understand that children crave for attention and if they do not get it, there may be serious changes in their behavior. They may not be happy also. By involving your elder child in your chores, he or she will feel happy that you are giving importance to him or her. There are many household chores in which you can involve your child. Cleaning, organizing the clothes, etc. are some of these chores. You will find that the child is also enjoying doing these small tasks. But, at the same time, you should refrain from giving hard tasks. Even if the child does a shabby job, you should praise him or her continuously so that you can develop self-confidence in the mind of the child. The child will learn responsibility also.

- When you are attending on the younger one, you can take the help of the elder child during tasks like washing the child, putting the dresses on him or her, etc. During the process, you should keep encouraging the elder one by talking nice words to him or her. The elder child will start getting interest in doing such chores if you praise and motivate him or her like this.

- You should not forget the fact that children want you to spend time with them. So, when your younger child is sleeping, you should make the elder child feel that you are spending time with him or her also. Even when the younger one is awake, if you keep talking with the elder one and listening to him or her whenever he or she speaks, you can prevent sibling jealousy from creeping in.


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