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How To Propose Marriage To a Woman: 6 Steps You Should Take

Updated on March 7, 2017

How To Propose Marriage To A Woman

How to propose marriage to a woman is to go about it in a romantic and memorable way
How to propose marriage to a woman is to go about it in a romantic and memorable way | Source

How To Propose Marriage To A Woman

Kofi Mensah is madly in love with Ama Duku. They have been going out together for two years now and Kofi feels Ama is the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

“I know she loves me dearly, but I am a bit apprehensive about how to go about proposing to her. I cannot see her refusing my proposal, but I want to do it right, want it to be near perfect, so that it will set the stage for a wonderful future together. What should I do so that I can make the proposal a great one? What are the things I can do to make it special and memorable?”

You may also have met this beautiful, wonderful woman who you love, and who you know you can spend the rest of your life on Earth with because she makes you feel happy and complete. How do you go about telling her to give her whole heart and life to you, and to share the rest of her existence with you?

I want to teach you how to propose marriage to a woman by suggesting you apply the 3P’s—Pray, Plan, Prepare. They will guide you to give the perfect marriage proposal.

Pray About It

‘‘The king’s heart is a stream of water in the hand of the Lord; He turns it wherever He will,’’ Proverbs 21:1 says. Some men have been in relationships with women, and thought the women loved them, only to receive the shock of their lives at the last minute when the women they though would agree to marry them flatly refused. Therefore, seek God’s help. Ask Him to make the woman give you a favorable response when you propose.

You can pray something like, “Dear Heavenly Father, I thank you for making me meet Gloria. She has been such a blessing to my life and she has helped me to understand what love is. I know she will make a good wife for me, and help me to fulfill the purpose for which you brought me to this world. I know she will make me happy so that I can be a in a better frame of mind to worship you better. I am about to propose to Gloria. Please work on her heart and make her give me a favorable response. Let her agree to marry me so that I can experience a little bit of heaven on Earth. Please work on her mind and let her have only thoughts of accepting my marriage proposal, so that things will be easier for me. Keep thoughts of refusing my proposal far away from her mind. I know you care about your children and so will do this for me so that I can have joy in this world. Thank you for answering my prayer. Amen.”


Find an ideal time and a quiet spot where you can think without interruption and clearly map out a strategy as to the day of the week, the time, and the setting to propose marriage to the woman.

The Day

We all know Monday is a very busy day for most workers, being the first day of the working week, and coming after the weekend. The stress a worker will experience on Monday is likely to be greater than that which she will experience on other days. So, do not propose on a Monday.

If you live in the same city where you see each other often, then plan to propose to her on a Friday or Saturday evening. A Friday evening because most workers are excited about the coming weekend and are in high spirits on a Friday evening. It is also romantic to propose a marriage in the evening. What better weekend gift can you give to your woman than to propose marriage to her when she is looking forward to enjoying the weekend!

The Time

To increase the chances that your proposal will be accepted, you have to be very mindful of when you will propose. It is not possible to get a perfect timing, but the timing must be as close to perfect as possible.

When is the perfect time to propose? A time when you are not going through any distractive worries or mental agony. If you are dealing with any issues, for example your mother is sick and the situation is disturbing you mentally, or your boss is giving pressure at work and you do not feel relaxed mentally, wait till you have been able to reach a stage where you are settled in your mind before you go through with the marriage proposal.

You might also want to consider a holiday when you are both not working and in a composed mood, and when you will be experiencing no undue pressure, or on a special day like the woman’s birthday. This would be the perfect birthday present!

You can also decide to choose a time when she is going through great joy, for example if her sister has given birth to a new baby, or she has been promoted at work. Being in a great mood, she is more likely to accept your proposal.

The Setting

If you are the “indoors” kind of man, you may decide to go with her to a quiet place where both of you will not be disturbed. This can be in a botanical garden, a park, or in her house when nobody else is there.

Alternately, you can propose to her in a restaurant, among a group of friends, at her home, or at her workplace when she's closed from work.

Preparation For The Day

On the day you will propose, make sure your appearance is immaculate. Get a haircut within the week. Make sure you have shaved nicely. Ensure your clothes are well-ironed and smelling great. This is a special day because you are going to propose to a special lady. Therefore, do your best to look handsome and attractive.

Rehearse before you go so that nervousness does not make you fumble when that special moment comes. It will boost your confidence and help you to deliver the marriage proposal clearly and concisely. Beating about the bush will only make you nervous and mar the occasion.

Romantic and Memorable Ways To Propose

You must make a decision as to how you will propose marriage to your dream woman. Talk to your friends who have romantic experience and brainstorm the most romantic ways, or adorably unusual ways to propose. Or, you can search for information on memorable ways to propose marriage. Get some idea on what marriage proposal is all about.

In addition, you need to ask yourself certain pertinent questions. What kind of woman is she? Is she an introvert? Is she an extrovert? Would she want me to propose to her in a private place? Will she be fine if I ask her to marry me in public?

Here are a few suggestions you can consider:

  • Plan to meet at her place or your place. Arrange with a caterer to bake a cake and write the words ‘‘Will you marry me?’’ on it and have it delivered to your meeting place while you are conversing. Intentionally engage her in topics related to relationships and marriage, but do not propose as yet. Wait till the cake arrives with the proposal on it.
  • You can have a nice placard or portable neon signboard with the words ‘‘I love you, darling. Will you marry me?’’ boldly written on it made. Do not inform her you will be going to her place. Let it be a surprise. Then around 7 p.m., go to her place, knock or ring the doorbell, and display the sign in front of you so that that will be the first thing she notices when she opens the door.
  • If you have the money, you can pay for an announcement to be made on radio at a time you know she will be listening.
  • You can also ask her for her laptop, make up an excuse for using it in the week leading up to the day you will propose, and set the screen saver as ‘‘Will you marry me?’’ Then go to her place, tell her you have something interesting to show her, switch on the laptop, and wait for the screen saver to display the words.
  • Sing her favorite love song to her. Alternately, write the words you wish to use to propose to her on a sheet of paper, and sing them as a song to her. When you are finished, smile in her face and say something such as, “Rebekah, your voice is like music to my ears whenever I hear it. Whenever you speak, you send ripples of musical vibration through my soul. The words you say are like the lyrics of a love song, to me. Your love for me is the most beautiful song in the world, and I want that song to play forever. We produce beautiful rhythm together. We love each other, we get on well together, and the harmony of our relationship is strong. Darling, will you marry me?”
  • Depending on where you are, you can decide to dance with her for some time before you let the cat out of the bag. For example, if you are proposing to her in your house or her house, you can decide to add this bit to make the occasion more memorable. Spontaneously, make it a surprise, grab her hand and start dancing with her. Whilst dancing, stop abruptly and stare at her for a few moments. Then say, “We make a great team, don’t we? We produce beautiful rhythm together, great co-ordination, and movement together. I want us to keep on dancing into the future, this time dancing as husband and wife, and dancing to the rhythm of love, togetherness, helping each other to become better people, and marriage harmony, so we can produce the beautiful fruits of marriage—children. Rebekah darling, will you marry me?”

You will endear yourself to her more, and you can be sure your relationship can get only better.

What To Say When Proposing To Your Girlfriend

How should you go about saying the words when the moment of truth comes?

  1. Sit down with her.
  2. Hold her hands and look deep into her eyes.
  3. Pour out your heart to her in clear terms. Do not be ambiguous.
  4. Extol her physical qualities, her unique qualities, and her character traits which attracted you to her. Tell her you have never met a woman like her, and that you would like your children to have her unique qualities. Let her know that your life is empty without her.
  5. You can say something along the lines of, ‘‘Rebecca, I do not think I have enough words to tell you how much I love you. All the words I will say fall far short of how I actually feel about you. Darling, you are the most beautiful, charitable, wonderful woman in the whole world, and I want you to become a permanent part of my world. I want to spend the rest of my life with you.’’ Pause at this point to make the words sink in, and then pop the question.

    ‘‘Will you marry me?’’

  6. Tell her that you love her and that you want to spend the rest of your life with her, and raise home with her. Say it with passion in your voice. Tell her how her acceptance will enhance your life, and what kind of a future you will give her when she agrees to your proposal.

The Results

If she accepts your proposal for marriage, say a silent prayer to thank God, smile broadly, and give her a passionate hug and thank her for accepting your marriage proposal. Then, start making plans for the future.

If she refuses your proposal, be patient and give her some time to reconsider. Be a perfect gentleman and try to hide your feelings of disappointment. Keep on praying for God to change her mind. If she still insists she is not interested in you, deal with it, and move on. You will find another woman who will love you and accept you.

How To Propose Marriage To A Woman

Has your marriage proposal been rejected before?

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