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How to Understand His Body Language

Updated on February 10, 2017
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Sabrina loves to write about love, life, and everything in-between in a candid yet humorous approach.

You can tell a lot about what a man is thinking before he ever opens his mouth. Did you know that 90% of the communication that happens between people is nonverbal? This means that most of what he's saying to you he's not saying with his words but rather with his body. If you want to know what a man is really thinking, you have to learn the signs. Find out what he really thinks about you by watching what he displays with his eyes and body.

Eyes are the biggest giveaways in any conversation. His eyes will literally spill everything that is on his mind but that he might not want to say. Look into his eyes when you ask him a question and know the answer before he ever responds by watching out for the following eye signs:

When a man sees someone that he finds attractive, he will usually raise his eyebrows and then lower them.

He will also flare his nostrils a little and part his lips slightly.

If he sees you from across the room and finds you attractive, he may glance at you, catch your glance, look away and then glance back at you. You know he's interested because he's looking at you and catching your eye. We only keep looking at things many times when we like them.

If his eyes get really big and dilated when he talks to you he's into you! Our eyes get bigger when we're around things that make us excited.

When his eyes look straight up into yours:
This means that he really respects you because looking into someone's eyes is a sign of respect and admiration. A lot of men avoid straight up eye contact so if you find a man who's doing this he's a keeper!

When his eyes look straight up but not into yours or anywhere in particular: This means that he's trying to avoid whatever it is you just asked him or what you want of him.

When his eyes avoid eye contract with yours completely: This means he's a little nervous or intimidated by you. It's not necessarily a bad thing but you might want to do something to make him more comfortable such as choosing a topic of conversation that you know he's into.

When his eyes move back and forth: This means he's trying to think about what to say next because he's out of topics to talk about. Try taking the reins and help lead him into a new conversational topic.

When his eyes move up or down to the left that means he's using the left side of his brain which is logical.

When his eyes move up or down to the right that means he's using the right side of the brain which is emotional.

How can you tell whether he's being honest or lying?

When he looks up and then to the left he is being honest about his answers.

When he looks up and to the right he is thinking about what lie to tell so know that he is lying to you.

When he looks down and to the right he is talking to himself or using internal dialogue before he answers your questions or makes any type of response.

When he looks down and to the left he is trying to remember the smell, taste, or feeling of a certain memory before he responds.

His body language can give you a lot of clues about whether he's into you or not. Here are a few of the more popular signs:

Men tend to try to make themselves bigger when they are around a woman they find attractive. This can come in the form of spreading or stretching his arms or legs over the chair or couch he's sitting at.

Men may also put their arms into their belt buckles and play with them or fix their ties around women they find attractive as a way of flirting.

If men are into you, they tend to mirror your body language back at you. So if you're sitting with your legs toward him he may have his legs positioned towards you as well. If we like something we tend to copy it even if we don't realize we're doing it with body language.

It's a sign that he likes you if his body is positioned towards yours. If you're pointing your whole body at someone that is definitely a sign that you find them interesting and attractive.

If a man is sitting close to you that means he is interested in you. Let's say you're sitting in a booth at a restaurant and he has the option of sitting a foot away but he chooses to sit a few inches away...that is definitely a display of his interest.

If a man tilts his head towards you while you are having a conversation that is also a sign that he finds you interesting.

If you're standing next to him talking, take a glance at his feet. It may seem strange but if he's into you, his feet will be pointing at you. If not, his feet will be pointing away, like towards the door where he wants to go to leave the conversation.

Touching is a big one. We touch things that we like and avoid those that we don't. If he constantly finds a reason to touch you, whether to tickle you, remove an eyelash from your face, or takes your arms when you go on a walk together, he is definitely into you!

Other random body language signs:

If someone's arms are crossed it means they are closed off and not open towards you. This could mean that if you ask them questions they won't be speaking freely and might not give you too much information.

Crossing legs is another sign of being closed off to others.

Anytime someone's legs are open (usually males) or arms are open and spread, that means they are feeling confident and open.

Relaxed shoulders are a good sign. If someone's shoulders are tense that means they aren't fully comfortable with you or the general situation.

Good body posture, such as sitting straight, means he is paying attention to what you are saying. If someone is leaning back and slouching that means they aren't fully engaged and are not into the conversation.

If someone is nodding their head during the conversation, that is a good sign and means they are following the dialogue and are engaged. If they have a blank stare they are obviously bored or may even be lost in their own thoughts.

Of course, the biggest sign of a man's interest is if he is brave enough to come out and actually say that he likes you and wants to go on a date! Until that time comes though, take these signs into consideration and you'll never have to wonder what he's thinking and if he's into you or whether you're better off looking somewhere else.

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