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How To Read If A Guy Is Into You

Updated on December 28, 2016

What is the cause of the fear of emotions?

Embedded within the human psyche is an innate fear of being rejected. When it comes to guys, being turned down by a girl can be very damaging for their ego. This is the main reason why men are very apprehensive when it comes to confessing to a girl that they obviously like. For this reason, rather than say it out loud, they prefer to communicate their feelings through non-verbal cues.

Men don't want to express emotions in general

Have you ever noticed how men seem to have difficulty directly expressing their feelings? For example, when they love someone, they try to get their feelings through to the target of their affections by teasing this person or otherwise acting shy around this person instead of just directly confessing.

For the guys out there, you might not realize this, but the reality is that most women are actually quite confused at the body language that men evoke. Of course, the same is also true when it comes to men concerning women and their body language – which sort of makes the sexes even in that aspect.

The tendency of the male psyche is actually to be scared to show emotions – this is why men are often not very expressive when compared to women. On the bright side of things, men are generally capable of showing their emotions through other means – usually through nonverbal communication signals.

So how can you tell if a guy is into you?

  • Watch the Adam’s Apple: When a guy is around a girl that they really like, they often get nervous and you can catch this by paying attention to his Adam’s Apple. Simply watch if it is going up and down while he is talking to you.
  • Physical contact: If the guy is into you, he will be all touchy-feely around you. This doesn’t mean that he’ll try to cop a feel like some kind of pervert, but he just might try to “accidentally” touch you on your hands, arms, back or your shoulders.
  • Putting his hands on his hips: If you see a guy putting his hands on his hips, watch where his body is pointed at. He doesn’t necessarily have to be looking in your direction, but if his body is pointed at you, then he is probably quite into you.
  • Making eye contact: He probably won’t try to make eye contact with you for too long, but watch out for him stealing glances at you. This is especially true if he is blinking often and if you can get close enough to see if his pupils dilate when he is glancing at you.
  • Improving his appearance: Does it seem like he is dressing with more style and looks a lot better than usual lately? This is quite natural if a guy has recently discovered that he is really into someone, then he will want to make a good impression when he is around this person.
  • Watch his posture: Does he keep an unusually good posture when you are around? Guys will naturally do this in an attempt to impress a girl they like. He might try to even tuck his stomach in and/or show that he has a six-pack when you are around.
  • Leaning: Does he purposely try to lean in close to you when you are talking to each other? This is a good sign that he is into you because he is trying to let you into his personal space. Of course, if he’s doing it to listen closer to you when you are in a crowded place, then this gesture might mean nothing.


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