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How To Fix A Relationship Marriage Advice

Updated on September 10, 2013

How To Fix A Relationship Marriage Advice

What a terrible feeling you have when a spouses (or your) actions emotionally scars over and over again. How do you fix a relationship when this happens?

Whether it is due to broken promises or being non appreciated the results are the same. We wonder what type a mess we got ourselves into.

I know how it feels to be taking for granted and not respected. But the truth of the matter is we as well as our spouse become accustomed to the day to day realities of life and forget how to have a relationship.Fixing a relationship begins way before the problems begin.

How To Fix a Relationship and Save a Marriage

(Example Schedule)

  • Weekly appointment to go over concerns with an open mind.
  • Daily sit down of daily happenings in each others life.
  • Never break promises without a good reason and phone call.
  • Weekly or bi-weekly time away from the kids. They need a break from you too.
  • Standard dating several times a month. Take turns picking a spot.

A relationship is separate from the daily chores of running your life. We have to make a schedule or some type of standard appointments to reconnect with our spouses. Visit my hub on inexpensive dating ideas for some ideas.

When we make time to let our spouse know that they are special and that we hear them the response will be very favorable. This may take time, but when your spouse sees that you are committed and will not waiver the trust will return and your love will be reciprocated.

In this time we have to make allowances for venting our fears and concerns freely, but remember this time has to be planned when there is enough time and everyone is well fed and relaxed.

An open mind will allow you both to see how you have missed out on each other and have grown apart. Growing apart is what happens when you don't take time to find out what your spouse is needing, missing, and concerned about on a daily basis.

When your feeling like you are being taking for granted, know that your family needs you and it takes two to stay connected and build trust. Sit down and tell your spouse you are concerned about you both growing apart. But moving apart should never be an option as this is devastating to children, income and future.

Fighting to regain emotional trust in a marriage can help forge a tighter more trusting union. With time the reasons you fell so alone can be replaced with friendship and partnership. But this will take patience and forgiveness.

Families of all sizes are worth fighting for; even if it means waiting for your spouse to get rid of the rock in their head. Great potential can be tested and even wavered. Partnership is when one partner is weak while the other is strong. But in order to meet in the middle it will and always has taken two.

Then take time to make out a schedule that needs to be a priority in order to fix your relationship from becoming loveless, uneventful or ending in divorce.


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