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How To Save Your Relationship For Guys!

Updated on December 12, 2016

The Start

We have all dealt with both good and bad relationships. In these relationships we may feel happy or sad. We may also feel regret, depression, hopeless, fearful, honest, loyal and much more. However, there are those times that it may feel as if your relationship is coming to and end. Just know that you cannot control the whole relationship, but you can certainly control parts of it. We all make mistakes, we just need to learn from them and not do it ever again. In a relationship one of the main things that happen are fights. Now fights can last anywhere from a minute to hours. For us guys that means that there are a few things that we need to do in order to save our relationship from entering the break up stage. Nobody likes to fight, let alone we all know that at the end of the day the women are always right.

I am going to teach you a few ways to keep that fight from going into that stage we talked about above.

Make it known that you love your girlfriend

1. Make 100% Sure That Your Girlfriend Knows You Love Her.

There are many ways to screw up a relationship, and the main one is by not showing you love her. When you are in a relationship, do not be in it to just date. Be in it to show your girlfriend that you truly love her. If she shows you that she does not love you then that does not mean to stoop down to her level and not show her. It means be the bigger person and show her that she means the world to you. Even if its by a long text, actions, or a letter. Love may be a four letter word but it is often misunderstood. Therefore, showing your girlfriend this will truly grant you some brownie points for the beginning. After a fight, be the first one to apologize and give her a hug and kiss. This will show respect and love to her. Just be the bigger person. When I say be the bigger person all I am saying is show your girlfriend the love and respect that you would like to be shown. Even when it feels like there is nothing you can do.

2. Always Make It Known That You Are There For Your Girlfriend.

After a big fight or a disagreement, the best thing to do is allow her to relax for a little while. The relaxation will allow her to ponder thoughts and any actions that may have upset you. Then when everything settles down you can talk to your girlfriend and let her know that you are there for her. This will show that you do care. (In a way it is restating what was said for #1) When you are always there for someone, it shows kindness and how much of a caring person you are. We are only human and a fight is a fight, yet it may be a mistake or not. However, even if you are not the one that started it then let it be known that you will be there for your girlfriend no matter what.

3. Try and Stop a fight before it starts.

This may seem like it is not much of a point. Please note that it is a huge one. We may fight about the most pointless things when together with someone. That is where you need to separate yourself from your girlfriend if it seems to be a fight about something materialistic or something that does not make any sense whatsoever. When we fight, it may be because we are in a bad mood and do not want to talk. (That just means communicate if you want space or not.) Or maybe we have a reason and something we want to talk about. However, that talk does not always act as a talk but a yelling battle. This is also where you separate yourself and go take a deep breath then go back and talk to your girlfriend about the issue at hand. This is a tough but yet simple thing to do. It will do way more good then bad because your relationship will soon learn to stop fighting about petty things.

4. Start The Spoiling Process A Little Bit.

When you spoil your girlfriend it shows itself as an action. There is a saying that says "Actions show much more then words do. It is not about what people say but what they do that tells the truth." In regard to that, when you spoil your girlfriend it is an action, and a great one if I may add. Life is too short to fight or disagree. Therefore, go surprise your girlfriend with flowers or jewelry. Even if it is something small. She will truly appreciate it. Like I have said many times before, make sure she knows that you truly want to be with her.

5. Whatever you do don't lie.

My belief system in a relationship is that you should never lie. Let alone in every part of life you should never lie. The truth may hurt sometimes but at least you won't have that guilt if you mess up. Be the one to admit that you were the one that made a big mistake. Then soon the respect will come for you or the relationship will be over. When you are dating someone, you would not want them to lie to you. You would want the full truth even if it is hurtful. Yeah, it will be an obstacle to get over. However, that is why you are a team. Keep your head up and push forward. Just as a suggestion. DO NOT LIE WHATSOEVER WHEN DATING!

6. Just Be You.

Sometimes in a relationship, we may try and impress our girlfriends to the extent that we almost show them a different person as compared to who we truly are. That is just our protective nature sometimes, especially when we find someone we truly love. Just know that being you is who your girl should fall in love with and not the fake version of you.


Closing Thoughts

Those are my top 6 things that saved my relationship. We enter relationships not knowing what will happen in the end. We certainly cannot see the future, but we can plan for the future and make sure we hit the goals that we want to hit. Another thing to not do in a relationship is drag the past into the present because that is most likely going to mess things up even more. There is a difference between dragging the past into the present and letting your girlfriend know what happened to you in previous relationships. It is okay to let them know what happened, but never blame something on them that you know they would never do. It is okay to get scared at times, but do not come to the point of being so insecure that you worry about all the little pointless details.


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