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How To Stop Your Partner From Being Jealous

Updated on April 9, 2012

How To Stop Your Partner From Being Jealous

The truth is, you can't stop anyone from harboring jealous feelings. In some relationships you enter into, it's a package deal; it's them, the green eyed monster or the highway. Being in a relationship with a jealous partner, you'll always have to watch what you say or do around other people of the opposite sex or else face an argument later with them accusing you of flirting or wanting to be with someone else, when it was simply innocent and nothing at all.

Insecurity in a partner can be caused by so many things he or she dealt with in the past, such as being in a relationship in the past where their ex cheated on them or left them for someone else, their parents divorcing over infidelity or they're dealing with low self esteem because of their physical appearance and they think that you will find someone better looking or more well endowed.

You can tell your partner over and over again that there is nobody else that can hold a candle to them or who excites you the way they do, and they still won't believe it and continue to be jealous of every other person of the opposite sex you're around. You've given up friends of the opposite sex you've known a long time just to please your partner so that he or she won't feel inadequate or jealous.

Jealousy is the big elephant in the room when you and your partner are around other people at a party, a high school reunion or even a family reunion in some twisted cases. It might get to the point where you just can't stand being in a relationship with this person anymore, and now you're entertaining the thought of breaking up with them; before you take those extreme measures, suggesting couples counseling could be something that might benefit you and your partner. And bringing to the attention of your partner that you've never given him or her any reason to think you're cheating on them should be brought up in a heart to heart talk.

Tell your partner that trust as well as honesty is very important to you and that you are walking on egg shells just to keep him or her from jumping to conclusions. Also let your partner know how uncomfortable it is making you feel in a relationship where you're accused of things that you are very much against. Sometimes the very people that are accusing you of cheating are just taking the attention off of themselves and they might be the very ones who are cheating. No one should give their partner a reason to worry, so checking in and calling your partner while you're on that business trip might make all the difference in the world to your partner.

Neglect is the number one reason which leads a partner to think that you're cheating on them. If something is taking every waking minute away from being with your partner, that is sound reason for your partner to believe that you are cheating, so spending quality time with your partner is important. Now everyone is entitled to some me time, time with buddies or time spent with relatives. Reassuring your partner that you are doing just one of those things mentioned should be enough to ease their worry, but if not they should really talk to a therapist about their insecurities before it ruins the relationship.

It is human nature to be jealous when there is a reason to be jealous; usually it's factual with proof and hard evidence and it shouldn't go ignored thinking it is something that will disolve on its own. If you can't decipher between what is cheating or not cheating, you will be punishing yourself and your partner for nothing, ruining your relationship for good.

There is nothing more precious in a relationship than love and honesty and your partner deserves respect and attentiveness and thinking about cheating is something very detrimental to a couples relationship and everyone around who looks up to this couple as an example of what real love is.

Life is short and no one wants to be with a person who drags them down and brings pain and misery into the relationship. If you are not affectionate or fun like you used to be in the beginning it can drive a partner into someone else's arms. Sometimes you have to add some spice back into your relationship before it is too late. The downside to all of this is once a cheater he or she will always be a cheater and you should do yourself a favor and re-evaluate whether or not you want to spend the rest of your life chasing behind someone who disrespects you by chasing behind other men or women. There are other men or women out there who would be loyal to you and seeking out that loyalty is best for you, God willing.


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    • profile image

      fred 4 years ago


      I want to express my gratitude for the extensive work you have done over the past week. It was a pleasant feeling a lot of warmth and peace flowed through to me I believe. I felt immediately calmer when the you cast the magic spell and the feeling stayed with me through-out the next couple of weeks. I wish to convey that I have received my results this morning. I was shy to return th talisman to nature and I must tell you I could feel a pulse from it. Or a slow rhythmic juddering. A vibration even, to the extent I can hold it; and I feel the imprint of the vibration in my hand when I take it out again, as this is my first ever experience doing anything like this I feel the need to record every moment of it. I look forward to the next chapter in this my spell and help work.DR CHECKthank you

    • Affinity2010 profile image

      Leslie Trotter 7 years ago from New Orleans, La

      That's like having your cake and eating it too, we can't have it both ways. Either we want them to be a little jealous or not to be jealous at all. Some jealousy can be cute and harmless when other jealousies can become controlling and lead to emotional or physical abuse by our jealous partners or their jealousy can cause them to run out and cheat just because they assume you're doing it.

    • dotty1 profile image

      dotty1 7 years ago from In my world

      enjoyed your hub ty, we are a strange animal... we kind of want our partner to be slightly jealous or we'd think they were not into us but yet moan like hell if they are???? arghhh... ah well ladies we have to be cool or we get deemed as psychotic freaks :-)