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How To Tell If He Is About To Break Up With You

Updated on October 24, 2010

How To Tell If He Is About To Break Up With You

Breaking up is hard to do especially if you're the one who doesn't want to break-up. You're the one in heavenly bliss, when suddenly, the rug is pulled right from under your feet. Your whole world has ended because he has broken up with you, and he say it's for the better for the both of you. "How does crying all day and staying up all night pining over someone, better?"

There were warning signs leading up to this break-up that you did not pay attention to. And perhaps you should have detected it when he bought you dirt cheap luggage for a valentines day gift with a one way ticket to anywhere you wanted to go. Not your usual Greeting card, flowers and candy with dinner following like he used to do for you every Valentines Day. Lately, he has been putting down your cooking, the way you look and belittling you in front of friends every chance he get's. He was always respectful when it came to you and dared anyone else to disrespect you, but now it's open season all year long to disrespect and belittle you.


He used to hug you and cuddle up with you on the couch to watch television but now he seems to be cuddling up alone on the couch with his remote, a bag of pretzels and a six pack. If you make one move to sit next to him he get's up and goes into another room to watch the other television set. Ouch! Your feelings was hurt. You thought you could at least get some form of intimacy out of the deal, but he's avoiding you like you have the plague. Communication and intimacy has left the building in your relationship with this man, because he no longer desires to be with you.

Maybe forgetting your birthday or the day you two first met isn't a clue that he isn't about to break-up with you, but it is highly unlikely that a man will forget your birthday and the day you two met, when he's remembered it every year for the past five years you two were together and he picks this year to forget.

You've noticed that money from your joint bank account you share with him is disappearing, so you check your bank statements and find where the money has been spent at flower shops and expensive restaurants. The nights he didn't come home from work should have tipped you off. He obviously spent money on another woman, because it definitely wasn't you. When you inquired about it, he tells you he took his mother out for her birthday. Now, if memory serves me correctly, didn't he forget your birthday? but he can remember that his mother has a birthday every other night and must treat her to flowers and dinner.

His appearance has changed a lot in the last few month's, he's lost weight by working out and jogging every morning and he even wears different clothing and cologne. You think it's cute, that he's doing this all for you. However, you don't realize that there is someone else he's trying to impress, and it isn't you. "Do you think it could be the woman who constantly calls and text his cell phone everyday?"

Another clue that you should have picked up on is the fact that now he has changed his password on his email account to keep you from viewing his private emails from his new girlfriend. You've found out he has several different email accounts that he hasn't told you about. Nevertheless, why should you give a hoot at this point, you should be the one breaking up with him, and the sooner the better.

Liberate yourself from further foolishness and attain some dignity. Realize that you deserve better treatment from a boyfriend and any lack of respect he has for you,you should give him a kick out of the door, so pack his crap in that cheap luggage he bought you, while he's at work and tell him to hit the road jack when he comes back.








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