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How To Tell If He Loves You: 3 Signs He Wants To Stay With You

Updated on July 6, 2017

Ladies, have you ever been in a relationship and wondered if your man was in it for the long haul? Well sometimes guys can keep their true feelings elusive and it can be frustrating for women.

However the Atlanta rapper 21 Savage has given us clues as to the behavior of a man whose all in for a woman. Recently the 24 year old has been seen dating the sexy celebrity Amber Rose. Ladies, if your man is displaying these three signs that 21 Savages is showing on social media and beyond you can feel good about your man wanting to stay with you.

Personality Change

21 Savage is known for spitting hard bars and having a tough persona. The man with tattoos on his face and tough guys on deck is someone with whom you wouldn't want to get into a confrontation. Well, until he met Amber Rose. Apparently, the social activist was not into Savage's dreadlocks. So instead of keeping the look he decided to cut his hair.

When a man cuts his hair that takes time to grow like dreadlocks, ladies you can rest assured he wants to stay with you badly.

P.D.A On Social Media

Sometimes men will tell women sweet nothings in their ears just so they can get deeper into a woman's pants. It's fairly common practice to over exaggerate a woman's positive qualities to make them feel all lovey dovey inside. However when a man decides to take those private words and sentiments and put that on Instagram for the whole world to see, that's a completely other level.

Expressing your love for someone for the world to see can feel really good and positive. However it can feel gut wrenching if the relationship goes off track. To be honest we know Amber Rose has gone threw her fair share of celebrities, so 21 Savage might be regretting all the public display of affection on social media in the future.

Hanging With The Kid(s)

When a woman allows the man in her love life around her children that is a telling sign. Obviously letting someone enter their most beloved being's life is a huge step. Well, 21 Savage has taken that step, because recently Amber Rose was photographed with her son and Savage while shopping.

As the man in the relationship you are acknowledging the woman's past relationship(s) and saying you're secure enough to handle her situation. Also by dating a woman with kid(s) you are accepting that you will not be the most important person in the woman's life.


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    • dashingscorpio profile image

      dashingscorpio 6 months ago

      In all honesty only time will tell if someone will hang in.

      Kanye West and Amber Rose dated for two years!

      The reality is in the beginning of most relationships there is an "infatuation phase" where both people tend to bend over backwards to please one another. The word "no" is seldom used and we make each other's happiness our top priority.

      No one wants to (risk) blowing it with the (new) object of their affection. We treat "the new" better than the "tried and true".

      A guy gets a new job after looking for several months. The first few weeks he shows up to work early and volunteers to work overtime. A year later one day he comes in 20 minutes late and when a co-worker teases him about it he says:

      "They're LUCKY I showed up!"

      Someone buys a new car and the first thing they do is tell everyone: "No eating, smoking, or drinking in my car!" He gets it washed & waxed every weekend as well as have it detailed every 6 months. Three years later there is an inch of dirt on the body and the inside looks like a grenade went off!

      A guy goes to visit his new girlfriend and she asks him if he would like something to eat. Two years later (he asks her) to make him a grilled ham and cheese sandwich. She says:

      "What do I look like!? You got two hands, fix it yourself!"

      My point is you can never tell how solid things are judging them while they're still "new". Nobody on their wedding day plans for divorce. At yet our divorce rate hovers around 50%.