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How To Tell If You Girlfriend Is Cheating On You With Your Friend

Updated on January 2, 2015

Find Out If Your Girlfriend Is Cheating On You With Your Friend

Do you want to find out if your girlfriend is cheating on you with your friend? The answer is yes, of course you do because you wouldn't be on this page if you didn't. With that said, there are some things that can help you determine whether or not your girl and your friend are dating behind your back. This things will be discussed throughout the rest of this Hub, so make sure to read it to the end.

However, remember this, if you think your partner is cheating on you or you don't trust her, then you might want to speak with her about it and be honest with her, or even consider breaking up.

Your Friend Is Distancing Himself From You, While Your Girl's Behavior Has Drastically Changed

If your girlfriend is cheating on you with your friend, and your girl's behavior has drastically changed right around the same time that your friend has started to distance himself from you, then it might be a sign of cheating. It doesn't mean that they are going behind your back and doing you wrong, but she could very well be cheating on you with your friend. It might be a complete coincidence, but if this sign is occurring with the other signs discussed below, then your friend might be doing you wrong, and dating your partner behind your back, hence the reason why he has distanced himself from you.

Your Girlfriend Flirts With Your Friend

Some women have a flirty personality, just as some men have a flirty personality. However, if your girlfriend is not generally a flirty person, but she tends to flirt with your friend, and just that one friend, then your girlfriend might be cheating on you with your friend. This is especially true if it seems as if your friend and your girlfriend are flirting often and the intensity of the flirting increases as time goes on. If they are blatantly flirting in your presence or as you enter and leave rooms, then you might want to have a talk with both of them and let them know how you feel about it.

They Hang Out Without You Around

Your girlfriend may be cheating on you with your friend if she hangs out with him when you are not around, and on a regular basis. If you discover they are hanging out behind your back, and they didn't let you know they were hanging out, then this may be a sign that they are doing something that will upset you, and that something could be cheating.

If your friend and your girlfriend are hanging out without you knowing or without you around, then speak with them to find out why they are doing it and felt as if they couldn't tell you.

They Text Each Other All The Time

Are they texting one another, and doing it all the time? Is she being secretive about what they are texting about? How about being defensive when you inquire about what she is texting your friend about? If you answered yes to any, or all of these questions, then your girlfriend may be cheating on you with your friend. You should find out why they are texting one another, as well as asking about the contents of the messages. If she gives you a hard time, or your friend does, then they might be dating behind your back or flirting behind your back via text messaging.

They Flirt On Facebook

Is your girlfriend cheating on you with your friend? She might be if she and he are flirting with one another on Facebook. If he is leaving her comments all the time and she is doing the same, and leaving cute photo comments on all his pics and he is doing it too, then she could be cheating on you with him. In other words, if they are acting like a couple on Facebook, then you might want to start questioning her and your friend, as this could be a sign that she and he are dating, and you might not even have a clue about it.

If your girlfriend and friend are doing any of the above, they might be doing stuff behind your back. However, it is not a guarantee that your girlfriend is cheating on you with your friend, so make sure you keep a cool head.

Remember that trust is everything in a relationship and distrust and jealousy can ruin a relationship quicker than anything. In other words, everything could very well be in your head, and if you don't trust your girlfriend or friend, then maybe you should not be in a relationship with your girlfriend or a friendship with your friend.


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