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How To Transform From A Man Into A Woman

Updated on November 13, 2010

What you are about to read here is not for the faint hearted or for the dabbler in feeling and looking feminine. These are the devices that the truly serious man who wants to be a woman uses. All of them are effective and all of them are entirely hormone and chemical free because I can't imagine a worse idea than pumping your body full of rubbish not 'native' to it in order to make it look a certain way.

If I'm going to give the breast enlargement industry a haranguing for capitalizing on the insecurities of women and putting them in mortal danger to do so, I won't recommend that men put themselves at any risk either.

Breast Forms

Breast forms are silicone devices which attach to the body or sit in a brassiere and make it look as though you have nice breasts. For the man who wants to live as a woman, these are pretty much an essential. Stuffing your brassieres with socks and potatoes is one thing, but having a life like breast form in there is quite another.

Female Masks

If you want to see yourself as woman, a female mask is one way to go. Now, even the best female latex masks are unlikely to be any kind of substitute for your own face. These are more for private times, in your own home, where you want to truly transform not just into a woman, but into a whole other person. The effect isn't entirely 'real' per se, but it is quite striking, and for some men, just the ticket

Body Forms

There are devices which are made of rubberized material or silicone and which fit from knee to neck, rather like a thick bodystockings. On the inside of these devices are space for padding which creates a feminine posterior, hips, thighs, bosom and more. More? Yes, quite. When wearing these women's bodyforms a man can experience the illusion of being granted a woman's nether regions.


The clothing is the easy part. You have a wide range of women's fashions to choose from and no reason on this great green planet not to wear what you like

Make Up

Make up is a challenge, but it can also be fun. If you are going to go out as a woman, practice your make up under good light before you do. Remember, less is more, and if in doubt, wash it off and start again. Most men (and women) learning to put make up on put on far too much and end up with an unnatural result. Go especially light on blusher and eyeshadow, unless you are going for a dramatic evening look. For the day, foundation, lipstick and mascara may be all you need to create a feminine appearance.

Fake Nails

Many men associate long nails with femininity, but growing them is a pain and not always practical. The good news? You don't have to grow them. Removable false nails are quite easily obtained and applied in the comfort of your own home.

Walking and Mannerisms

Practice walking as a woman. Men tend to walk quite aggressively, with emphasis on shoulder action and pelvic thrusting. Women tend to have a more restrained, rolling gait. Pay attention to other mannerisms as well, crossing legs rather than sitting with legs akimbo, making delicate hand movements rather than large swinging ones. Watch the women around you, see how they move, then emulate it yourself. Be careful not to 'over act', as this can make you seem more camp than feminine.


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    • profile image

      Suzzanne 8 years ago

      Breast forms can be held on in different ways. They can be applied with tape ,which cannot go bra-less. Then you have medical adhesive. It works tremendously ! Using the spray on adhesive,you can go bra less . They will stay until you take them off !

    • Hope Alexander profile image

      Hope Alexander 8 years ago

      Hi Leo. Here's my position. Although you can get a degree in psychology and there are certainly drugs which affect the mind, understanding of the human mind and condition is still very much a mystery.

      Only a few short decades ago, being gay was considered a mental illness. Now it is largely recognized as being an alternative and valid lifestyle.

      Transgender issues have always been issues. Trans people have been recorded as far back as ancient Rome. Personally, I think cross dressing is not a psychological malfunction, but an expression of a natural human drive.

      I'm not familiar with Ms Russel's work, so I couldn't comment on it with any real validity. I'm also not particularly qualified to talk about the state of what is wrong and what is right with psychiatry or psychology except to say that a relatively short while ago they thought it was a super idea to give people electric shocks and the father of it all was fairly convinced that women wanted to be men.

      I do have a close family member who is a professional psychologist, and as far as I can tell, the best psychologists are the ones who help people come to terms with understanding themselves in the world and in their lives.

      TL,DR, Psychology and psychiatry can be helpful in making people feel better about themselves, but in terms of being a diagnostic tool, I think it is useless aside from being a weapon of those who wish to stigmatize certain types of behavior.

      I think reassignment surgery should be available to to anyone who wants it and can prove their long term commitment and general mental stability.

    • cogitoergosumleo profile image

      cogitoergosumleo 8 years ago from Darwin

      Hi Hope!

      Huge thanks for sharing with us!

      I do not mean to offend you nor any LGBT friends, family, siupporters and loved ones.

      Do you think that Gender Reassignment "Surgery" should be performed by experienced Geneticists?

      I wonder if we espouse the philosophy of Denise Russell:... under whom I studied in 1997 at UNISYD... those glorious days of campus life. It is surreal, not only because you're smoking dope(heehee!), but because it is a fairyland existence. I am now in my twilight years, but we were then once again kids, free and taken care of by mum, dad, the state or goodwill!

      I am divorced and now share an apartment She is a Transgirl (m/f).

      I wonder if you would argue that physchiatrists alocate, at will, a label for a "condition" not (YET) existing in the DSM1V.

      Denise Russell shows no reluctance to come to strong conclusions in her book Woman, Madness & Medicine. In the introduction she writes that "biological psychiatry has, on balance, produced more harm than good," (p. 1) and it is "a degenerating research programme and that it is time to look in completely new directions if we want to understand mental distress" (p. 2). Later, she says "there are no solid findings from genetics, neurophysiology, or computer studies which show that biological psychiatry is on the right track" (p. 95). So this Russell's work is firmly in the tradition of antipsychiatry. It is also strongly feminist. She argues that as far as psychiatry is concerned, the normal human being is male, so women are by nature abnormal. Of course, that's what she thinks is wrong with psychiatry.

      I would appreciate your thoughts on the transition from an objective point of view.

      I have supported my co-tenant during her frequent psychiatric consultations.

      I seem to have come to the conclusion that:

      There is definitely something attached to the label "Transexual" & it is TANGIBLE, not something imagined.

      I wonder what your thoughts may be?


      "I may disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." Voltaire.

    • profile image

      allen 8 years ago

      i have these breast forms size 36 d they are fantastic they warm to your body in the bra they bounce an feel so real u can glue them on with special glue and if u get the right skin tone they will look awful real on you one thing they are very expensive

    • Hope Alexander profile image

      Hope Alexander 8 years ago

      Hi Bruce, If I were you I would Google about a bit and look for a supplier you like. Sizes will depend on manufacturer, and the breast form can either be worn loose in a bra, or attached with spray on adhesive or special double sided tape.

    • profile image

      bruce burke 8 years ago

      where do you order these breast forms and how do you know what size to order and how do you keep them attached