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How To Treat Your Wife Right

Updated on August 22, 2013

This Isn't About Being Feminine

God made you male, brother! So this hub isn't about being more feminine, or becoming more "sensitive."

This is about God's call for you to love your wife! It's the highest calling that a man will ever have. It isn't easy - but if it was easy, the world would be full of good marriages, right?

This is about being strong enough to love, even if you feel disrespected. This is about loving your wife, no matter what! This is about giving her the same love that God gives you!

Here are a few simple ways you can show that love. A lot of it came with no effort at all while you were dating. Now that you're married - step it up bro!

Do you think you're strong enough?

#1 - Be Chivalrous

You did this before you were married, right? You opened doors for her, you always let her walk into the room first, you helped her with her chair, you helped her with her coat...

Why'd you stop? Did your wedding kill your chivalry?

Make it a habit to get her door, to put her coat on for her, and to help her at the dinner table with her chair.

Simple things like this help your relationship grow stronger. I believe it shows her that she is your priority!

They Still Work!

#2 - Be Thoughtful

What did you do before you were married to show your wife you were thinking about her? Those things still work after the wedding! Make it your goal to put a genuine smile on her face at least once a day!

Call, text, or email her while you're at work - let her know you're thinking about her! (Relax, it doesn't have to be while your on the job! You get breaks, right?)

Send flowers to her work once in a while!

If that doesn't work all the time, have flowers waiting for her when she gets home!

Leave her notes around the house, telling her how much she means to you!

And of course, listen to her when she talks to you!

Your wife needs to know how you feel about her. More than that, you need to tell her how you feel about her!

I know we don't do these things naturally, but she needs this! As her husband, this is your responsibility! Step it up!

Johnny and Chachi's Advice To Guys!

#3 - Be Kind

Don't be mean to her. Don't be spiteful...even when you feel like that's what your getting from her!

Fight fire with water! Be sweet when you feel disrespected. Stay calm when the two of you disagree. Not every issue has to start a war in your home!

When you do get in an argument, settle it quickly. Never fall asleep angry with your wife!

#4 - Be Physical, not what I'm talking about!

What I'm talking about is holding her hand when you're walking. Or maybe guiding her with your hand on her back. Little things like that can mean a lot to her.

When you're sitting together, put your arm around her. When she least expects it, rub her back!

Simple things can go a long way!

#5 - Be Vocal

Tell her how much you love her!

It's ok if you're not as good with words as she is - you're not giving a speech. Just tell her that you love her!

Whenever you leave each other for the day, treat it like it might be the last time you see her. What would you wish you would've said?

But more than that, be vocal about her to other people!

Brag on her a little bit! If she cooks, tell people how good dinner was! If she works outside the house, brag about how good she is at her job. Take advantage of any opportunity to build her up to others.

This Is About Her

Listening to the way some guys treat their wives, I don't get it. If anyone else treated her that bad, they'd get knocked out! But for some reason, some husbands don't think it through!

Guys, when you married her, you made a promise. You gave your word that you would protect her and provide for her. You give your life to provide the things she needs. But what your wife really needs is a husband that will keep showing her how much he loves her.

It's up to you to give her that!


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    • profile image

      Carolyn Cockburn 2 years ago

      I think that if you want to treat your wife correctly, you need to really understand women. Try reading the book " How to make a woman happy" by Denis Hickey. It has some excellent reviews

    • profile image

      beatrice 2 years ago

      my husband always cheat on me but when im questioning him he beat me

    • profile image

      landeros 4 years ago

      helpful for the opportunity to read this program........thank you..

    • Jephiter S Ondari profile image

      Ondari S Jephiter 5 years ago from Nairobi, Kenya

      I must say that I feel you addressed me. We are experiencing problems in our marriage and recently she told me its because I do not love her.... But I do. I will try this

      Thank you