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How To Write A Romantic Love Poem For The Broken Hearted

Updated on August 19, 2014

Poetry Will Fix Your Heart

Who is bringing poetry back? Ben Zoltak is and so are you and if someone doesn't like it, they can eat our shorts right? Oh the beauty of poetry is for many people it's length and it's flexibility. Poetry is a sort of duct tape for the soul if you will. Anyone can write it. There's a plethora of materials out there on meter and rhyme if that's your thing. We are aiming here at full flavored freedom fountains though, so wipe your hang ups off and throw them away for this poetry fix.

First of all, why are you writing? This question may be of use to you, or not. But if it is, lets start with a romantic other, a girl, a guy preferably not an animal as that is frowned upon here in the Occident. If you are one of those people who says, "I am not creative, I am not a writer, help me Jesus, Buddha, Mohammad, Moses etc. I do so wish to write an inspired set of words for the one I love." Well let's crack a few eggs here shall we? If you don't feel as though you are the most creative person or if you are, follow this example if it works for you, add variation with practice and you'll be busting out prose in no time sugar! Let me lead by example.

Write down the name of your loved one. Let's say it's Wanda. What do you like about Wanda on the inside? I'm not talking about her blood type here, I mean what personality traits do you admire? Is your girl fun? Does she have a unique sense of humor? Does she listen to you even when you know your stories are dull? Get some words on the table. Bust out a book, I'm a big fan of the dictionary but any book will do: a catalog, a recipe book, the guide to grooming orangutans, even a newspaper will work. Pick some words out of the book that remind you of the inside of your loved one. When brainstorming here, I suggest going old school, pen and paper versus digital or Word document, there's something more romantic about the scratching sound of the pen or pencil.

So far you may have something like this:

Wanda on the inside is: divine, silly, understanding, gentle, teasing, robust, soulful.

Great! Hold onto those for a second. For many people it's harder to see into the inside so if you've gotten this far, you may have just finished the hard part! Now, for the easy part, what is Wanda like on the outside? Whatever it is you find beautiful about your mate on the outside write that down too. Don't worry about grammar, syntax or verb tense, just start scribbling. This is poetry baby! The more you organize it, the more it bleeds. For our purposes here we're making a bloody mess just organizing our thoughts in two! But it will be worth it if you have a poem to hand over that wasn't copped from a greeting card or a fortune cookie right? Go back to your reference books again, page through randomly. Just look at the pictures if that helps, write down words that describe or remind you of your Wanda! Whatever it takes!

Now you may have something like this:

Wanda on the outside is: curvy, delicate, appetite, smooth, satiny, perfumed, skipping

Now let's bring those lists together. I suggest you meditate on both lists for a few moments before making your composition. Better still, as most research or dance DJ's will prove to you, soemtimes you just got to get on your feet and dance around a little before you begin your endeavor. So if you've been sitting at a desk or god forbid a PC writing these prepoem lists, I suggest you get up, stand up, put your hands in the air! Shouting is also good, HEYYYYYYY!!! I was raised in Wisconsin, that's the first thing we shout around here. I think if you're near New York you might shout "Whaaaaaaaaaaat!" If you're near the California coast you might want to shout "Wooooooaaaa!" Really what you shout is less important than how loud you can get away with. If it's late just whisper "hey", I just did that and it felt pretty good.

Well done! You've just completed two of the hardest portions of writing a poem to mend your broken heart. You've found attributes of someone you love or admire to celebrate, and you've exercised your body thereby priming your "poetry bone" also known as your spirit.


Wanda on the inside is:

divine, silly, understanding, gentle, teasing, robust, soulful.

Wanda on the outside is:

curvy, delicate, appetite, smooth, satiny, perfumed, skipping

Romance is an itch for everyone, how will you scratch it?

Poetry is the only pill recommended for hearts in any condition.
Poetry is the only pill recommended for hearts in any condition.

Writing poetry gets easier as you practice

Now this part, the composition, I promise you will get easier with practice. But just remember, forgive, forgive, forgive yourself! It's midnight in the land of poetry and all the grammar police are asleep! Take a word from each list and toggle them back and fourth in a sentence. Throw rhyming out the window, you can always go back to that or save it for creating your own version of Happy Birthday To You some other time. If you use your loved one's name, it's hard to go wrong.

Wanda, you are soulful like a breeze, you are skipping through my mind

I love your perfumed hair, I love your robust patience

Wanda, you are teasing me again and I share your appetite

I see your satiny skin, I see your smooth lips

I know you understand me, even when you are silly

Wanda it's not just the delicate way you move your fingers

I love you because I see your heart is divine

Shazzam! There you have it! Now you can fiddle around and rearrange those sentences, you can write and rewrite to your hearts content. But before you begin the sanding and polishing of your verbiage do yourself a favor, reread your poem. Most poetry isn't epic, it's short and sweet like a midget confectioner. Unlike a novel or HubPage article, you may not have to rewrite it! You might've just busted out a first draft special, congratulations! Also, don't be afraid to take this inside out technique and point it at your own birthday suit. We all need a little ego boost once in awhile right? Truly, if you are brokenhearted a poem can sometimes tell you why. In my experience, poetry works best with action. Poetry might give you a short list of answers, but you need to take those answers and self apply them by doing something. Go for a walk! Read a strange magazine at the library. Contact an old friend. Listen to that pulse in your chest, the words you spilled on the page, if you stayed true to yourself, just came out of that spirited tissue inside. What did it say to you? What did it say to the one you love? I hope this helps you to begin to fix your heart. I hope you give the poem you wrote to someone you love.


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    • Ben Zoltak profile imageAUTHOR

      Ben Zoltak 

      7 years ago from Lake Mills, Jefferson County, Wisconsin USA

      Thanks love poem, for your generous compliment about my poem and technique.


    • Ben Zoltak profile imageAUTHOR

      Ben Zoltak 

      9 years ago from Lake Mills, Jefferson County, Wisconsin USA

      Well done Liberate! A literate and warm poem indeed!


    • Liberate profile image


      9 years ago from Jesus Loves You

      Well, If You Think You're Romantic. :D

      Every Day I Listen To Love Songs, Conduct My Own Verse.

      Presenting It To The One I Love!

      I Do Everything for Her, There Isn't A Compliment I Won't Give.

      I Truly Believe She's An Angel; And She Deserves This Love.


      You Touched My Heart...My Soul.

      I Am Here, If You'd Only Care.

      I love You, I Swear that's True.

      You Are An Angel, I'm So Sure.

      I Only Live, Just For You...

      Ohh, I Need Somebody To Love...

      Don’t You Want Someone To Love?

      My Heart Needs Someone to Love...


      Doesn’t Your Soul Want Someone To Love?

      Heaven Can Wait, With you; It’s All Given To Me

      I’d Give My Life For You, Live And Breathe For You.

      If One Word Relates To Her, It’s Angel. She’s The Most

      Perfect Girl, I Would Ever Imagine, She Takes Away My Pain, She’s Amazing, I

      Could Never Comprehend A More Beautiful Girl, She Owns My Entire Heart. I Want

      To Satisfy All Her Hearts Desires, She Is The One.

      I Stared Into Your Eyes, Ohh They’re Soo Blue

      You Said You Loved Me, How Can It Be True?

      I Wished It May, I Wished It Might.


      I Wish You My Soul Tonight.

      You Make Me Want Remove My Shirt, And Beg For You In The Rain

      You Take Away My Pain, You Lead Me To Heaven, Please Don’t

      Leave Me Behind

      ...The Thought Of Waking Up Next To You, Makes Shivers Flow

      Down My Spine

      I’ll Love You, For Every Second Of Time

      You’re That Light That Heaven Brings...

      Oh, How You Deserve Wings...


    • Ben Zoltak profile imageAUTHOR

      Ben Zoltak 

      9 years ago from Lake Mills, Jefferson County, Wisconsin USA

      Thanks GL, flattery will get you everywhere!

    • Green Lotus profile image


      9 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      What a lovely hub. I like your style!


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