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How To start Seeing Magic In Your Life

Updated on January 22, 2016

In order to build the life you want, you need to believe with conviction that you are able to do it. Whether you call this self-esteem, self-confidence, security in yourself or whatever else, this is such a great and deep thought that convinces you that you can achieve your goals and accounts that you need to do. But ... how to believe in yourself? Find out below ...

On the way to success in any field of our life, we encounter many obstacles that arise as evidence to prove to ourselves that we are just human beings. Believing in yourself, your inner power is something you must choose, it is a position you have to decide to take on life and grow over time as you develop your inner pillars that sustain that feeling.

In many cases, people can not say they were positively supported by their parents or in childhood by those who were raised. We have "sucked" eventually many prejudices and limiting beliefs "learned" in our families and / or in life we ​​have traveled so far that limit our way in this, preventing possibility of creating a better and different future.

If what you want is a successful professional, labor and economic life but more you advance more you fail to spot the target, it is likely that you keep anchored to your past because of insecurity, lack of confidence in your decisions and low self -esteem which are winning the ride of your life.

But as I always say, the past is past ... behind us. All we can do with it is to find reinterpret it as an opportunity to move forward, from that great lesson that has left us. Today is meaningless to blame others for your low self-esteem present. Now it's your own responsibility to take care of your right; now it's worth more than anything. It is the responsibility of choosing new beliefs that matters from now on.

If you choose to be in your own hand, if you choose to accompany you (yes, accompany you and to encourage you, yourself!).

I ask you to follow these steps so that you adopt this attitude of believing in yourself!

1.First Get Rid Of Negative Thoughts

"I can not", "It's impossible," "It's so hard," "I can not", "If I were able ..." "If I were outside, If I could... " " I wish I reached "and many others ... Outside these negative thoughts that all they do is to keep you paralyzed! You do not realize, but to think about them and support them, they are undermining increasing your self-esteem, which is the engine that drives you to where you want. Take good care of your thoughts, watch your mind because she is constantly influencing your emotions and your body. You have to repeat constantly : "I CAN ACHIEVE ANYTHING THAT MY MIND AND I PROPOSE". You must not waste your time thinking you can not. Once and for all decide you're fully capable of doing whatever you decide and want to do and begin to go to that place now.

2.Stop Thinking About Lack Of Credentials, No Matter What Degree You Have

Remember what knowledge and experience have led you to where you are now. Many people lack college degrees and yet have become experts on specific issues, today share what they know with thousands of people and this has led them to create a successful life. You do not need a piece of paper that says so apt you are to play your position, you just need to believe in you, study and upgrade all the time, you just have to move more extensively online and you can find high quality materials, so there is no excuse or impediment not to learn something new every day.

3.Compare Your Life Now With Your Life Five Years Ago

You will realize that you have inevitably made ​​progress in many aspects, you possess plenty of experience and has managed to learn many things that have brought you to where you are. But if you find that your progress is almost imperceptible, "Do not beat!" Simply identify that it has happened and has kept you motionless for so long, and start to restructure your plans so that you achieve rapid progress on the road to success you want.

4.Get Support From Someone Who Already Is In The Place You Want To Be

Come to those who have already walked the path you want to achieve, ask questions about how they did it, learn from them and start to implement more of your learning. This will help to strengthen confidence in yourself. In order to reach the goal it is necessary to take risks, always remember: Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

5.Do Not Give Your Personal Power To Others

It's simple, you have to concentrate your energies within you, in your strengths, what you think you can, not for what others tell about you. What others think of you must not bother you.

You have to believe in yourself when no one else does, because that will make you winner. You need to strengthen your decisions and actions with what you want to do, with your goals and dreams (and this has nothing to do with wants, desires, judgments of others whether family, spouse, children, boss, etc.). Do not think about what others may think of you and concentrate on what you want from the depths of your heart.

Then I say: "If you believe, you create." The power lies in your beliefs.

Beliefs are the thoughts that we believe to be true. As such, we accept them as true without questions or analysis. If you think you can accomplish what somebody else can achieve, surely you will be fully capable of doing it. To achieve that level of self-esteem and self-confidence is absolutely true, but first, it is necessary to start believing in yourself to propel you with courage, strength and energy. Therefore, if you learn to manage your beliefs, this will be the key to start creating the life you want to have at all levels.

What are the beliefs that you're having right now about yourself?

What beliefs can help you believe in yourself?


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    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 24 months ago from The Caribbean

      All good suggestions, but number 5 is extra-important (if that's possible). We must find and follow our purpose or somebody will create a fake one for us.