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How Your Alcohol Addiction Will Ruin Your Life And Your Family

Updated on August 30, 2013

What To Think About If You Have An Addiction

Here are a few things to think about if you have an addiction of any sort. First, and foremost is your own health and happiness. You need to think long and hard of what you are doing to your one and only body.

Secondly, you are not alone in this addiction you have. You have family and friends that are taking this unpleasant ride along with you and your addiction. Your parents, spouse, children and dear friends are suffering right along with you, although you being addicted more than likely won't see this.

I can say this from experience. Once you decided to stop your addiction, you will then realize what you have done to all those that love and care for you, and believe me, if you are like me, and would not hurt anyone in your life, you will feel like total crap for a long time for what you have done to all those that love you.

The damage is done, but lets hope they will forgive, although they may never forget the hell we put them through with all the years we abused alcohol and drugs.

When you really think about it, this is so unfair of what we the addicted put not only own bodies through, but every person that is in our lives.

Lets surrender to our addiction and start a new life, not only for us, but a new life for all those that have stood by our side and watched us struggle with our addiction, Lets think positive and start to heal our wounded bodies from what we have done to them, and to heal the love and respect to all those that have taken this horrible ride with us and our addictions.

If you have had, or still have the unpleasant experience of an addiction you need to know how your alcohol addiction will ruin your life and your family before it is too late.

This thing we all call an addiction, whether it be and addiction to drugs, alcohol, sex, hoarding, gambling or eating, and the list can go on, will indeed ruin your life and all that you lived for.

These addictions are not any laughing matter by any means. This is serious my friends and not a joke.

Are you prepared to lose everything in your life, and that includes possibly your own life in the end? I bet you answered, " heck no, I don't what to lose all of what I worked so hard to have, such as a great love relationship, and a loving family and friends. All of these so called things you cherish and love just maybe gone one day if you don't get your life back in order.

It really pisses me off to know that it took years of living in denial with my addiction to alcohol to finally realize I was about to lose everything I worked so hard for all because of a avoidable addiction to alcohol.

I say avoidable addiction, because no one broke our arm to start on this road of self destruction, did they? It was our choice to start drinking, using drugs and so on. We got our self into this horrible addiction, and now it is our job to get out of it once and for all.

Are you ready to stop drinking alcohol? Are you ready to stop using drugs? Are you ready to stop hoarding and start throwing things out? Are you ready to stop your gambling? Are you ready to eat less?

If you said to yourself, Yes, I am ready to change my life around and get out of this horrible addiction I am in RIGHT NOW, then you are on that right road to a great and new life ahead.

You are on the road to recovery, but if you are not totally serious about changing your life, and only thinking about it, then you have a bit more to experience before you do hit rock bottom, sorry to say, but true.

Many people addicted need to hit that rock bottom before they do something to change their lives. Lets not let it be you, and stop your addiction before it stops you!

We Both Are Healed And At Peace Now

It took awhile to heal all wounds and to heal my body, but We made it through it together and in love more than ever.
It took awhile to heal all wounds and to heal my body, but We made it through it together and in love more than ever. | Source

What Your Addiction Will Ruin In Your Life

You may not see what your addiction is doing to you and others, but sooner or later it will all catch up with you, and believe me, you will be sorry in the end. All we have to do is to surrender to these horrible addictions we have and make good for our life and others in our life.

Just think how your parents, spouse and children see you while you are abusing your addiction each and everyday of your life. They watch you abuse your body day in and day out. They want so bad to help you, but whatever they do or say you will not listen, and if you take the time to listen, you don't do anything about fixing what's broken, and the thing that is broken is YOU!

You need to stand up to your addiction and make things right in your life. In the long run you will be happy you did.

Did you ever hear the saying, " don't try to fix something that isn't broken?" Well you are broken, and you need dire fixing, just as I did once I got out of the many years of denial I lived in.

Many of us that are addicted maybe a functional alcoholic and go to work each day just as if there were no problem at all. You may be a great hider of your addiction, but sooner or later the word will get out and all will know that you indeed have an addiction and a problem. We can only hide our addictions for so long. Sooner or later the word will come out!

Many may lose their jobs because of an uncontrollable addiction. Many may lose many friends along the way. Friends that can't stand being around you anymore when you are drug or high.

Many will run into financial problems, and in some of these cases just might drink even more thinking by drinking this will solve all problems in their life, but you know as well as I do that drinking solves NOT ONE THING in life. It only makes your problem bigger and far worse than it really is.

None of us are stupid people by any means, but we lack the insight of what exactly our addiction is doing to ourselves and our family and friends. Your addiction, no matter what type of addiction, is blinding us of the outside world, and doing a great job of it. Our addiction is ruining everything slow, but sure.

Addictions are very powerful, but we all need to be more powerful than that addiction we are carrying around with us each and everyday.


Don't Lose Sight Of Your Life

Don't lose sight of your life simply means, look what you would be missing if something horrible happened to you all because you abused your body with drugs or alcohol. Sure these sights may look brighter and larger than life while you are high or drunk, but believe me, they are larger than life when sober.

I can't stress enough in each hub or article I write just how wonderful sobriety is. We won't know this through our addicted life because we are always high or drunk right? Many of us haven't had sobriety in our lives for some time and therefore we forget that feeling of what sobriety will give you. HIGH ON LIFE ROCKS!

The beauty of sobriety is one of a kind, and life is so much clearer and brighter when looking through your own eyes being clean and sober. You should really try sobriety out. You just might fall in love with it as I did for the last four years and counting.

Stop and think just what you are doing to all those that love and care for you so much. They want the best for you, and you need to give the best to them as well.

Get out of whatever addiction in you are in, and show them your bright side, then show them that you care and love them just as much, or more than they love you and care for you. After all, THEY DO DESERVE IT, WOULDN'T YOU SAY!



© 2013 Mark Bruno


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    • the clean life profile image

      Mark Bruno 4 years ago from New Jersey Shore

      srsddn - Thank you so much for reading and your comment. It is very nice to meet you as well. I hope many realize this before it is too late.

      Thanks for the Vote Up as well!

    • the clean life profile image

      Mark Bruno 4 years ago from New Jersey Shore

      Faith - Thanks so much for always commenting and saying such kind words in your comment. It really means so much to me my friend.

      God Bless you Faith :)


    • srsddn profile image

      srsddn 4 years ago from Dehra Dun, India

      thecleanlife, I think the sooner it is realised the better it is. It requires quite a bit of effort and determination to come out of addictions and many do not come out of it. Thanks for sharing such a vital info. Voted up.

    • Faith Reaper profile image

      Faith Reaper 4 years ago from southern USA

      Yes, it does all of that indeed! Thank you for brining awareness to such a terrible disease, that of addiction and its devastation on all, especially families. I love the message of hope at the end of your article.

      Voted up ++++ and sharing

      God bless you, Faith Reaper