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How a Man Makes a Women Happy

Updated on June 7, 2014

How a Man Makes a Women Happy

Make Her Happy, Men
Make Her Happy, Men | Source

How to make women Happy

How A Man Makes A Women Happy

How to make a women happy in a relationship can be confusing to men.To convey how we feel about a particular lady can be confusing.What I am trying to say is are we making women run from men in this new age of modernization? There are women who are having babies out of wedlock so they can by-pass the man. How healthy is this for society and for the children? What can a man do to make a women want to be happy with him?

There are many things men should do to make a women happy in relationships that last for years with the same women. Men tend to neglect what a women needs and desire's were when they met, and have they changed? Communication seems to be key in this quest for finding an answer to happiness for women. The love, companionship and listening are also keen in keeping a women happier in a couple's domain. There are so many things a man can do to keep his wife or girlfriend occupied with happiness, yet this seems like a chore for most men.

Is it because men have spent so much time and effort in making this women happy that it just does not work anymore?Have men become dreamers of a relationship that does not exist and are complacent. Do we let go of our romance and put off giving flowers because its not hip in today's culture? So many questions and no final answers to be had. Believe , that you just met the women you have been with for many years and knowing that she is disappointed in the relationship, try a change. Go and buy her flowers and have them sent to her office and put something nice in the note. This will go a long way in re-establishing a dead romance.What do you have to lose,and look at all you have to gain.For twenty dollars you could make her day by sending flowers or a small present . Very little is needed to start up a dead partnership. We think our lives are over when we find out that our women are not happy with us. This brings us to another point. How to love again when living with an unhappy women is impossible until one can get to the root cause. .

To love again , when times are tough in a relationship takes work. You will have to give as a man and be humble towards the women. Remember she is not happy with how your lives are going. You have to cheer her up with new found ideas and actions. She will not make this move, she is stalled. Marriages break at this point, because of hard headed men that will not give in and give a little more than expected to his women. It is so easy to say ,"I am sorry", it really is. Do you have to mean it, "Yes", or it will be another disappointment.

I believe work on both parts of the man making his women happy and her going with the flow of things for a while. It is a two sided coin when dealing with lovers and , Yes, love can come back. The happiness can come back as well. Women give your man the opportunity to try to make things better in your situation. If your man is trying, at least acknowledge this. How a man makes a women happy is a confusing and daunting tasks for any relationship and couple. It can be done though with practice and courage by the man and the women. Please take a moment out and tell each other how much you really mean to each other for once. See how far that will get you and build on this.

There are to many times when we think we can buy our selves out of a relationship with a present. Maybe this is possible with a trip to a beach or somewhere romantic. Enjoy having that person with you for the moment. Moments do not last and learning how and what makes your women happy could just be a conversation away. Try not to give up for some silly reason or another, life is not going to find you a perfect mate. You have her and she has you and at one point in your relationship things really were on fire. Find that spark again that you had when you met and try again and again until you are both happy.


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