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How about loving yourself today

Updated on September 5, 2010

                By           Jewel Tyler

When I first think about loving myself, I ponder the thought of why I was created in the first place?. Am I truly fulfilling my purpose ?

I am not referring to "loving thyself" in a manner or degree to the point of being a selfish or conceited individual. I am only speaking of a personal intimate introspection of self.  In dealing with the reality of self, I also questioned why was I created in the first place?  Consider this, it took one sperm cell of thousands that stood against all odds in the very beginning of the creation of your life. Did you know that a woman's egg gives an enzyme that kills sperm cells? So looking at my existence from that perspective, it is a miracle that I am even here in the first place. Now that I have realized the miracle of my existence, I pondered the thought of why am I here? What is my purpose, why was I created in the first place? I was put here for a reason; I have a purpose and a reason for existing.  Is it to be a doctor, a minister, an artist or a parent? I know whatever reason you are I were created, we were not created to hate or despise ourselves. To beat up on self or allow others to do so is just simply unacceptable. I know I am special no matter what another individual thinks, may say or feel about me.

There are people that are being physically and or mentally abused, but that should not dictate the tearing down of the strongholds of loving yourself. When you are in that type of situation you may think that other people have no idea of what you are going through. On the other hand, the sad thing is that there are people that do know what you are experiencing and offer no assistance, not even words of encouragement . Through all of the hurt, pain, physical and mental abuse I have had to endure in this walk of life; I have come to realize, no one, and I mean no one is going to love me like God can. I am not going to allow anyone to steal or attempt to disrupt my joy and inner peace. The physical abuse “Thank God”; did not kill me, my wounds healed over time and I had sense enough to know “you don't love me or care for me if you abuse me in any capacity. People that physically or mentally abuse others, cannot possibly fix their mouths to say - "I love you". Love is not about hurt or pain, even though we endure pain emotionally and sometimes physically when we love someone.

I made up my mind, I was going to fall all the way in love with self. In loving me, anyone outside of my personal circle that is the opposite of what love represents for me; I will not entertain! The inner peace I am developing within me is not going to be compromised. I may be stressed today; but there is always tomorrow I can work even harder at accepting the peace and love of God.  When I look in the mirror I am pleased with what I see and how I have grown to love unconditionally. For today, I will work on smiling instead of frowning or crying because of unhappiness or past emotional pain I have endured;. Just seeing the beauty of a butterfly or hearing a bird sing brings joy to my heart, it’s the little things in life that bring peace.

I am thankful for who I am and because I exist.  In spite of whatever my past has been I always have today and possibly tomorrow to enjoy a better day in finding another way to love my friends and family.

Now how about you? 

Let’s make this an open discussion; but be honest take a moment to reflect before answering the commentary questions below.

  • What healthy positive thoughts have you contemplated today?  (Please share your opinion in the comments area)
  • Have you told someone near and dear to you today that you love them and really mean it?  (Please share your opinion in the comments area)

Thinking positive and healthy thoughts will always outweigh entertaining negative thoughts.  Entertaining negative thoughts to a point it becomes the overwhelming dominant force of your mind talk can result in a degeneration of self; and the love that you could possibly express to everyone around you.  Let’s see;

  • Low self esteem -  can it equal a very difficult time with sharing or expressing the most healthy way of thinking of self and loving others? (Please share your opinion in the comments area)
  • ______________ - surrounding yourself with negative people and your thoughts are negative  (fill in the blank)
  •  Entertaining negativity over a prolonged period of time can result in ____________, ____________ and __________. (fill in the blank)

With this sort of continued behavior of ignoring what really matters to you, eventually will result in an unhealthy you!  Not only will you be affected, but this sort of behavior and thought pattern will affect others around you.; your spouse or significant other, children or family.

The bible states that “God is LOVE” and in order for God’s presence to dwell within you love must reside.

Have you truly started or contemplated on more than one occasion the elimination of negativity and negative people in your life?(Please share your opinion in the comments area)

Try this at least an hour a day, over time increase the amount of time.

·         Spend some quite time alone, it works even better if you were in an aromatherapy bath

o   A good recipe – one of my favorites

§  (use pure essential oils:  9 to 10 drops Lavender; 8 drops of Tangerine

§  1 cup of Dead Sea Salts -  This recipe is good for relaxation

For the full experience shut down from the grid of life  - no cell phones,  TV, work, children etc.).  Take some time to simply just LOVE on YOU for a change! 


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    • no body profile image

      Robert E Smith 7 years ago from Rochester, New York

      I have a slightly different take on loving oneself. The Bible said, "no one ever hated his own flesh but chrerishes it." Jesus said, to "love others as you love yourself." It is assumed that we love ourselves. I believe that some people put themselves "out there" for people and continue to do it in the flesh instead of in the Spirit and then "burn out". I think that many need a break from serving others but not to serve themselves or to have "ME time" but to have "God Time". To refocus and get back on point for they can do "all things through Christ who strengthens me." As far as people who are abused and don't get away from it, if you dig down far enough into their minds you will find they get something out of it. In the pain and suffering there is something the flesh gets out of it. I am not saying that it is not a stronghold and trap of Satan, it is. I am saying that they are not close enough to God or the Spirit would be showing them the way out. Maybe this is different than what you normally hear as a comment in this topic. Jesus loves and cherishes His children. Suffering occurs because of sin in the mix. "The steps of a righteous man are ordered by the Lord." He leads those who get close. There will be times that people are led to stay a minute with abuse and there are people who are led to hit the door. But most who stay are not close to God and not really led to stay there. Most are in a trap and stronghold of Satan. The flesh and faulty thinking rule their lives. The trick is not loving yourself more but to run to God for leading and strength and wisdom. I did not mean to disagree because I believe what you said is right but not in my words. Love you sister.

    • aka-dj profile image

      aka-dj 7 years ago from Australia

      Good for you! I am glad to hear you have reached a place of peace, love and self acceptance. May your journey continue that growth and development. Blessings!


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