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How do I get my Ex Girlfriend Back

Updated on December 4, 2010

Get your Ex back? Why?

You know I started to think about it and I cannot remember one single girl that dumped me that I wanted back. Sure if I was totally hooked on her I wasn't real happy that she was dumping me. Most of the time it wasn't a real shocker that she was going to dump me. I would forget her birthday or if I did remember her birthday I bought the wrong gift.

Yes and there were a few girls that accused me of cheating on them. I suppose I should have known that if you dated a girl more than a month that you were now in a monogamous relationship.

Hey I was young and I knew very little about what was really going on in the adult world of relationships. After having more relationships than I care to mention and being in the same one monogamously for 20 years I can now talk from experience.

Also I have had the chance to make plenty of mistakes. Think about it if you care about a person you will try to do some nice things for them. You wont need to be prompted or prodded to buy them a gift or say something nice.

When I like a girl I think about her alot. I am not talking about being obsessed by her nor am I talking about kissing her ass everytime I think I want something from her. Certainly you know what I am saying. Thats not how mature relationships work in my book

Its give and take, you know when you first fall in love with a person and you cant really see all the negative aspects of their personality that may be detrimental to you.

You might think that I am insensitive and what the hell would I know about women right? Well I worked in a women dominated field for 25 years. When I started working at a major hospital at 19 years old there was a staff in our department of over 400 people. Tony and I were the only males. The women were accustom to being around all girls alot so they were pretty open about relationships, sex etc. etc.

We were able to see first hand what many of the women did and said about their boyfriends spouses etc. We watched them lie cheat and manipulate their friends just to marry doctors. It turned out to be funny to us because we were young and thought that stuff was only on soap operas.

I can only speak for the class of people that I worked with. The staff in a major hospital is educated and under a great deal of stress so maybe this could be I perceived the women in general to be sort of vicious and back stabbing.

This is not to degrade the wonderful dedicated nurses that are genuine and are the true angles of the operating room. But back to my story.

The nurses were way more graphic about there sexual conquests than any mens locker room that I have ever been in. Sure guys are bragging about being with Suzie Saturday night. But the seldom go into details about her personal parts, performance etc. I think you know what I mean.

I am telling you all this because I believe that many of us don't really know the women we are in love with. Now if you are one of the people that really does know the person that they are in love with I believe that you are the exception to most of us.

I have gotten a few of my ex girl friends back. It was a mistake for me. Think it over ! 

So You Really Want Her Back?

OK I get it

Your mind is made up and you want your ex girl friend back.

I tell all my friends after being married for over 20 years I have found that the key to a long lasting relationship is certainly finding someone that you are some what compatible with. But also you have to like the person enough to be able to eat crow as they say.

Yeah No shit you are going to have to apologize for the things that you did even though you might not believe that you did the wrong thing.

This is called becoming mature and being an adult.

You will learn to become detached from many things or else you will probably not stay with this person.

The easiest way that I have found to get an ex back is to come clean and tell them how you feel. You cannot make them see like you want them to see. Maybe they are not ready to accept you back yet. But at least they know how you feel.


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