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On becoming a people person

Updated on February 6, 2013

How to attract people

Its a not-so-nice-not-so-catchy-not-so-creative-title, I know, but I am sure, a lot of people would still be interested to know.

A lot of times, I hear people telling me that I attract people. The type that would make people come to my office to seek advise on business-related and a lot of times, personal matter. Many times, people come to me to cry or to vent. Then there are those times when people would say how gifted I am in the way I would make people listen when I tell stories (more testimonials) or when I give my two-cents worth. Whether I am just (at times ) blabber-mouthing (it happens!) , or trying to be funny...whether I put on my hat as an adviser or a "coach," I'd say I do get as much pleasure in communicating with people as I would when listening to them. You see, ever since I was in high-school, I was already aware of this "gift." Maybe back then, I didn't have that much wisdom that I have today ( goes with age and experience, I confess) but all through college days and on to the time that I started working, I have always been a "Dear Abby" or "Dear Ate Helen" type of person. I dont have to exert any effort. I just see an avalanche of nice people wanting to talk to me. Sometimes its me talking to them. But more often than not, people wants to be heard. Now how do you do that? How do you actually make people come to you? How do you actually attract people? Modesty aside, while it is such a natural thing for me ( thank God for this gift) I still remain conscious of several things that, I think, make me tick in this area. ( Now, if you have reached this point, you must be interested) 1. Be sincerely concerned and interested with people. 2. Learn how to (truly) listen. Sometimes, you just have to shut up and listen to what the other person is saying...period. (oooohhhh.....hard, huh?) 3. Be patient, stay cool, stay interested. 4. Laugh, cry with them. 5. Be funny. ( Not making fun of the situation or the person, but try to make the person laugh specially when matters are really heavy. It lightens the load.) 6. Be positive. Be very encouraging. ( not to the point of faking it or overdoing it, please) 7. Spend more time with the person, if necessary. ( Dont rush unless there's a life or death situation that you have to attend to) 8. Give a piece of practical advise. 9. Pray for and with that person. 10. Hug the person before you part ways. ( caution: applicable to women-to-women only; Guys can shake hands ) 11. If you have an extra minute, pray for that person again when he/she is gone. 12. Follow through. ( Never forget to make a follow through. You can text, call or e-mail, but make sure you get feedback from the person. This will make her feel loved and important.) There, I hope this helps and I hope we get to really touch people even once in their lifetime. Your touch can go a long way. Take care now.


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    • vincentbranham profile image

      vincentbranham 6 years ago

      Wow nice blog! Now I am getting to know you. Lol :-)

    • profile image

      Liliana 6 years ago

      You picture is so warm : )

    • Cellebrate! profile image

      Cellebrate! 10 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      Hi Susan. Thank you for the comment. I 'd like to believe that I am a people person myself, and I just love it.

      I love Cebu, too. I am always there at least twice, thrice in a year. Will check out your hubs too. You seem to be funny. =)

    • Cellebrate! profile image

      Cellebrate! 10 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      Hi there nikoman. Thanks for the compliment. Youre kind. =)

    • Susan Ng profile image

      Susan Ng Yu 10 years ago

      Good for you, Cellebrate. :) This is very good advice for those who want to become "people persons".

    • nikoman profile image

      nikoman 10 years ago

      Nice gentle advice. Just by looking at your smile I can tell you are warm and kind deep down.

      Thank you.