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How Do I Get a Woman in Bed?

Updated on May 2, 2023
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I'm an eclectic gal with many diverse interests. They include relationships, film, trivia, and an assortment of other things.

She can't like you if she doesn't see you.
She can't like you if she doesn't see you. | Source

Get the Girl You Want

Obviously, if most guys had their druthers, they'd skip the like stage and go right to lust. In other words, they'd skip the talking and go right to sex. Oh, if the world were that easy. Fortunately, it's not hard to understand the steps it takes to get a girl to want you. And maybe if you're lucky, she'll want to have sex with you.

The picture above nicely represents how most boys feel about the process of getting a girl to like them. They feel invisible, like no matter what they do, the girl doesn't notice. They feel like it's basically impossible to attract the girl.

Well, fear no more. This article will explain how to get a girl to like you. Further, and more importantly, it will explain how to behave so that girls will like you all the time. You won't have to find yourself trying to figure out how to behave in order to impress one particular girl. If you read this article and employ its strategies, girls will magically open their eyes and look at you. They'll see you anew, somebody that interests them.

Consider these crucial characteristics below:


Confidence is the most common attribute men who are successful with women share. It can overcome looks in many cases. And it can overcome money. The possibilities for a man with confidence are limitless to women. Of course, the question then becomes: how do you get confidence? How can you be confident if you have little or no experience? Well, how can you be confident in anything? Obviously, you practice. And in the course of practicing, you're probably going to fail.

Ultimately, with each failure, with each near miss, you learn and you grow and you become more confident. Ask lots of women out. Go out on lots of dates. Try things with different women. Don't make the mistake that most people make. That mistake is to assume whomever you're seeing at the time is "the one". We're all exceptional and unexceptional in our own way. Being confident means you know that when a woman closes a door, another woman is somewhere opening one. Try to fail. Expect to fail. Just promise yourself two things First, you're going to get back up when life knocks you down. Second, you're going to try to learn something from each of your failures. If you learn something from those so-called failures, then they're not really failures, are they?

Be Comfortable with Yourself

This is part of being confident. If you want to be successful with women, you must like yourself. If you want girls to like you, then you must be comfortable around them. Naturally, you simply cannot expect that women are going to like you if you're nervous around them. How do you get comfortable around women? You practice. You put yourself out there. You don't care what they think. Relax, be yourself, but be your best you.

Be Honest with Yourself

Don't set yourself up for failure. Are you a 10 or 2? So, are you gunning for the head cheerleader even if you're the overweight, weird kid with the nose zit? You catching what I'm pitching? Look, that crap about ugly guys getting hot women is for the movies. Such things happen rarely, especially in one's younger year. Generally speaking, social stigma affects people who date those not their equals. Try aiming for dates with people who are your equal in physical attractiveness. That being said, some of the other qualities that I list here level out the playing field a lot. And no, I don't know what the heck Salma Hayek was thinking.

Bodily Upkeep

If you don't respect yourself, women will assume that you are not going to respect them either. So what if you are a sloppy dresser and a sloppy eater? What if you're a sloppy bather? Then women will think you are probably a sloppy thinker and a sloppy lover and have sloppy self-confidence. Remember, personal style is important, but always put your best foot forward with women. It's just like interviewing for a job. Would you go to a job interview dressed like a slob? Would you show up smelling like you just rolled in an elephant's pen? Nope.


If you lack self-control, it will hurt you in all kinds of ways. Trying to get a girl is just one of those. Let me give you a brief example. Imagine that you're out with a woman for coffee and the conversation is going well. Do you cut things off after an hour or do you let it go on for as long as possible? Men who don't know what they're doing let it go on forever because they lack self-control and confidence. Confident men leave a woman wanting more. Always remember that. As bad as you may want things to go on, demonstrate self-control.


Yes, money can be hugely attractive. Obviously, if you have it, there are tons of things you can use it for involving getting women. If you don't have money, don't spend your time wishing you had it. Just figure out how to exude the confidence that money gives people and use that to your advantage.

She probably needs to hear you too.
She probably needs to hear you too. | Source

Keep in Mind These Girl-Repulsing Actions:

Don't Guarantee Failure

I'm a big believer that when we see ourselves in others' definition of failure, we learn what not to do. It's easy to tell somebody what to do, but many people learn by making mistakes. And when you don't learn from your mistakes, it's an even bigger mistakes. I mean, if you're having the same problem with women, shouldn't you change your approach? So below I'll outline some dumb stuff men do to repel women and send them running for the hills. If this is you, try stopping immediately, doing something else, and I'll be you'll have more success.

You Talk Too Much

Women like good listeners. Great talkers? Not so much. Rarely will a woman tell her girlfriends that she just met a guy who's a great talker. Generally, talking a lot is not an attractive quality. It's usually one that puts people in socially awkward situations and nobody wants that. Listen more than you talk. Always, that's good advice.

Your Wardrobe Comes from a Garbage Can

If you dress poorly, you convey a lack of self-esteem. You send out the signal that you're lazy. Of course, these are two extremely undesirable qualities. Even if you don't have a lot of money, you can learn how to dress well. Heck, inviting a woman to go clothes shopping with you can be a big turn-on. It can be beneficial to your overall image. I mean, even if you're not going to score some nookie, you might as well get some fashion advice. Trust me, give it a try.

You Smell

Seriously, is bathing regularly that hard, you smelly whacko?

Flop Sweat

Maybe it's just me, but I find guys with huge sweat spots on them to be gross. Also, if you suffer from nervous flop sweat, you've got to find a way to control it. Sweating is just not going to help you attract women.

Bad Conversational Skills

This is important unless you're with a woman who's a dope. That said, you can see that if you date extremely dumb women, some positive outcomes are possible. One reason, you can just say lots of stupid stuff and she won't know it's stupid. However, if you're looking to date women with high intelligence, realize when you're saying idiotic stuff. It's not likely to get you anywhere. "Let's euthanize all dogs", for instance. Why would you say something like that? This raises an important point. Namely, temper your strong opinions early on. Provide interesting perspectives on things, but don't get into arguments. Strong opinions sound stupid to people who don't hold them.

You Spit When You Talk

Men have spit on me so many times I can't count. Men seem to have a talent for it. When a woman wipes her entire face with her napkin for no apparent reason, you've got a problem. Speak slowly and calmly.

Farting is Not an Ice Breaker

Bodily emissions are not appropriate conversation topics. Also, they're not actions to take if you want to attract a girl. No matter what your friends say, it's not. Same for belching.

Don't Be Mean to Animals

Women are not big hunters. So don't bring that up. Don't talk about shooting deer. Worse than that, you throw cats from cars, run over squirrels, or shoot dogs with bb guns. For one thing, if you do such things, you are quite likely a psychopath. Women generally abhor violence against animals. Don't raise the subject.

Ditch the Nose-Picking

Try to keep your finger out of your nose if you want a girl to like you.

Eating with your Mouth Open

Another disgusting habit women hate.

Trim Unsightly Hairs

We don't want to see your nose forest. Trim unsightly hair. Ear hair counts too. And think about your pubes. Well-manicured pubes are a turn-on. Pube forests are a turn-off.

Don't Stare at the Sweater Puppies

We get it, you like breasts. Just remember, a low-cut blouse is often a test of your self-control. Men without self-control are unattractive.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2011 Sychophantastic


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