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How do you know if your first impression is accurate when meeting someone new?

Updated on January 2, 2013

Do you trust your first impressions when meeting someone new or has your gut feeling ever let you down? As for myself, my gut feelings are somewhat accurate. Meaning that if I have a really bad gut feeling about someone, it means I should definitely stay away. If I get a good gut feeling, it means that I am likely more safe being around this person, however, I still need more information because my gut feeling has let me down before.

The new person you meet cannot be all good, so there is going to be a bad side to them that may take longer for you to see. A gut instinct is great as far as preventing you from hanging out with a serial killer, however, it may not be a good tool to predict the probability of a future steady relationship with the said person.

In my opinion the best way to really figure out something about the personality of someone else is to watch them respond to a variety of different circumstances. This takes time of-course. Also, meeting their family and friends will give you a good idea what kind of people they feel comfortable spending time with. Chances are they will have a lot in common with those people. So if you are dating someone and you hate their friends and family, just do yourself a big favor and dump this person before they choose those people over you and show you their true colors.

Usually it is the small things that are the most telling about someone's personality. The way they handle one thing is likely the way they would handle everything. If a person is selfish about one thing, chances are they are just a selfish self centered person all together. If you see that this person is not nice to strangers, chances are that one day they won't be so nice to you.

Sometimes we can be blinded by people who use all sorts of deception techniques to make us think they are better than what they really are. We may be too busy trying to impress them to notice their faults. Stop trying to be likable and start looking at people realistically. Take off the rose colored glasses and you might be in for a gruesome reality shock.


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