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South Indian arranged wedding - Ideal son-in-law and partner expectations. Salary in-laws

Updated on June 2, 2013
Indian wedding- bride adorned in gold- a typical south indian wedding custom
Indian wedding- bride adorned in gold- a typical south indian wedding custom

An Ideal son-in-law

Matrimonial websites have enough options to search for the future son-in-law. These days (2011) the dream son-in-law (yes! not the husband of the dreams) or the ideal son-in-law's profile look something like this.

Name: (some name,say Alex John)

Age : 27 years

Religion: Roman catholic

Groom's father : Doctor (MD) (Engineer is also fine)

Groom's mother : Lecturer (university)

Home phone: 123456

Siblings: Alex John has one brother who is a software engineer at Microsoft, New York. He is married to Mary Alex who is a from Todu family and is a doctor in a hospital in New York. Alex has one sister who is studying engineering at IIT (this is one of the top universities in India. Similar to MIT in US)

Groom's present location : California

Groom's job: Software engineer

Annual income : Rupees 3 lakhs/ month (10 lakhs makes 1 million)

Leave Planned : December

About: The groom Alex studied at St. Thomas school, Kerala and had 1st rank in 10th grade, he completed his B.Tech (bachelors degree) in Computer Science from IIT with 1st Rank, presently working in California. We are an aristocratic family and is searching from someone from a similar background. He is loving, caring, God fearing and down to earth (this is a typical sentence that you see in most profiles)

Partner expectations:

Slim, fair looking, Loving, caring, God fearing girl who is ready to re-locate to USA with Engineering/Doctor/other background. Girls below 25 years of age prefered.

What happens after the advertisements?

All parents don't get the son-in-law of their dreams, but they start with the best candidates. First of all, if the parents find one profile interesting they send interest to them or they call the groom's parents. A typical interest message will look like this

" We found your son's profile interesting. If you like our daughter's profile and like to proceed, contact us"

They initially start sending several interest messages. Most of them are turned down (unless the girl is searching for someone with less education or lower job profile).

What happens if the groom's parents show interest?

Girl is shown the profile of the guy and ask if she found him interesting. If the girl says "no", parents try to convince her. If they fail, they give some excuses and avoid further contact with the groom's parents.

If the girl says "OK", girl's parents fix a date and time for family visit for the groom's parents. Groom, his parents, siblings and sometimes few uncles and aunts (in Indian culture, family relations are ver strong) also come together to visit the girl's family.


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