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Is success sexy on women

Updated on December 27, 2009

Does it bother a man when a woman;

makes her own money,
makes her own money,
and can buy her own luxury,
and can buy her own luxury,
realizes what she is capable of,
realizes what she is capable of,
can build her own dreams?
can build her own dreams?
It shouldn't. Just because a woman wants to be able to do things for herself, doesn't mean she wants to do it all alone.
It shouldn't. Just because a woman wants to be able to do things for herself, doesn't mean she wants to do it all alone.

The Appearance of Success

Are successful, independent woman destined to be alone, or are they considered alluring and sexy in the eyes of men? I asked this question to a group of people. I received a mix of answers and views.

Not one of the men that I asked, admitted to being intimidated by a successful independent woman, although a few said that success was fine, but they rather make more money than their wives. When in a marriage, shouldn’t the consensus be, what’s yours is mine, and what’s mine is yours? If that is the case, all the money goes into the same pot, so what should it matter who makes more?

Because I received varied responses, I posted a forum and asked, “Is Success SEXY on WOMEN or are MEN Intimidated by successful Women”. Huber Miss Belgravia responded with her experience with men and being a lawyer in Texas by saying, “I have found it difficult, however, to find a man who isn't intimidated by the fact that I'm a lawyer. There are so many stereotypes about us, and it's difficult to overcome them. When I lived in London, I had a great time. People there seem to judge you on who you really are, rather than what you do for a living. I've been back in the States for a year and a half, and my social life is non-existent. So, as would be expected, I'm planning to move back to London next year!”

Another Huber, Mitch Rapp responded by saying, he does not find women who are successful intimidating; he wants his wife to be successful and reach her dreams. When I asked if there was anyone in his family who influenced his thoughts this way, he responded and shared that his mother was a successful nurse and his father supported her success.

Every male that I spoke to with the exception of 2, views a women’s success, how their fathers view it. The 2 that differ from their fathers views had a mother who was abused by her father. Coincidence? I don’t know, but it sure seams like the way that a parent raises their children, sets them up for life on many different levels.

It was also shared with me that it isn’t the success that is a problem, it is the attitude that a successful person, male or female, can acquire that makes them less appealing which is why they end up alone.

Huber Pearldiver made a great point by saying, “Women communicate from young, far better than guys do. In this way, they are 'open' to knowing their abilities and being more honest in themselves with what they find and aspire to. Guys tend to find that a hard ask.
When the objective is to become 'successful' woman consider 'success' differently as well. I think the first success that many women achieve is 'finding' themselves; whereas guys tend to have no idea what that means, or how important it is as a platform for personal growth. Another clear difference is; that women tend to always support the efforts of other women. And what do guys do?”

Women need to know who they are. When they don’t they feel lost. Sometime in her mid to late twenties to early to mid thirties, a woman gets an itch, a feeling or a thought that plants a series of questions in her mind that she sets out to answer. It becomes a conquest, to figure out who she is and what she is capable of achieving in life. Men don’t seem to go through the same transformation; if they do it is hidden well from women.

Based on my findings and beliefs, the appeal to a woman who has accomplished success is measured differently by different cultures and still varies by individual. Advice to Single Accomplished Ladies is, be proud of your success; don’t hide it from a man, just to get a date. There are plenty of men out there who view your success the same way you view it, as an accomplishment and encouragement to strive for what you want. On the same note, don’t act as if you are superior or better than any other man or woman. Over Confidence and Conceited Behavior are not sexy. Just as you want respect and appreciation, so do others; give what you wish to receive.

Advice to the Men, if you have a woman in your life that is striving to accomplish her dreams, encourages her. If you encourage her along the way, you will be there when she achieves it. If you hold her back and down, and attempt to extinguish that desire, she may recent you in the long run. Being in a relationship and being in love is wanting the best for one another, which means letting one another be who they are while holding your hand.

Success is very Sexy on a Woman, when she carries her Success with Class and Poise.


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    • H.C Porter profile image

      Holly 7 years ago from Lone Star State


      Thanks for stopping by and reading my hub. I think that a womans success, no matter if it is in the office or at home is shown through the way she holds herself-I suppose a successful position in an office building would have her stand tall-but a mother who has raised 5 children and watches each of them move on to college, also stands tall. I view both as successful woman. Thanks for commenting :)

    • @MagicBoy profile image

      @MagicBoy 7 years ago from Qatar

      The biggest turn on for me is when a woman is intelligent and she is holds a powerful position at office… it somehow interests me more when woman are professionally aggressive and successful…an interesting post…

    • H.C Porter profile image

      Holly 8 years ago from Lone Star State

      Richie-Thank you for commenting and being honest :)

    • Richieb799 profile image

      Richieb799 8 years ago from Cardiff, Wales UK

      I admit to finding it threatening :P mainly because I don't want to get used. So at the moment I working hard for myself and putting me first :) great hub x

    • Veronica Allen profile image

      Veronica Allen 8 years ago from Georgia

      I agree that often times, it's the attitude that's attached to the successful person that either adds or takes away from their attractiveness and appeal. A woman can still be successful and sexy at the same time - it's all in her attitude.