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How does the common Generation See Relationships in this Day and age?

Updated on January 19, 2016

Are Relationships Dead???

Hello, there and how are you? (depending on when you are reading this)...I would like to discuss the problems and issues's that focus around the concept of teenagers and adults alike when it comes to dating in the 21st century.

I would like to introduce myself my name is Antravius Montrez Perkins, or as many know me as Just Trey, and i would like share my thoughts.

I'am a teenager still in high school and dreams of one day to attend college, and as i walk my teenage journey, there is always this reoccurring issue that strikes me so...

Trey....You need a girlfriend....that is spoken from my peers. And yes that may be true but in reality i personally don't need one AS of now.

I've got too many things to focus on,and my life is pretty busy. The thought has always remained in my sub-conscience, that all men only want one thing....and that thing being the "Cookie" and me personally, don't really care too much about that so called "cookie" as of now.

And women know this which is kinda natural if they went out with at least one individual. I am possibly the nicest person you will meet, and probably just like the next guy as well.

Now your probably asking yourself why choose this topic Trey? Well, merely because my associates believe that looks matter and True Love is dead.

The thing that i always wondered was what was the goal or objective besides the "cookie"? Maybe it was for a personal gain or to just break them down emotionally or physically.

It can be either one but, if a girl is smart enough she can wait.

You won't believe how near-impossible it is to just strike up a normal conversation with just an average looking female, and what makes it so bad is that i wasn't intentionally trying to hook up, she was just a new girl, and heck why not introduce yourself so i did and before i could even say hello, she said: "Nope, No thanks, Not again Not this time" and proceeded to walk away.

I was both confused and wondering....why .....could it be that shes not friendly or maybe she had previous relationship issues that weren't cleared up?

All these emotions and feelings aren't from a woman's perspective so i cannot indulge you any further so i have to end it short and i have school in the morning. Well i thank you for your moment of time and Farewell!


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    • Antravius Perkins profile imageAUTHOR

      Antravius Perkins 

      3 years ago from FORT MYERS Fl

      Thanks for your feedback, your comment is truly well appreciated . :)

    • dashingscorpio profile image


      3 years ago

      Trey, This is nothing new.

      The teenage years are usually a time of raging hormones tied with immaturity and unrealistic expectations. The worst thing about immaturity is one is "shortsighted". They can't see themselves 4 or 5 years in the future.

      Everything for them is about (NOW). Even when I was a sophomore it was hard for me envision being a senior in high school walking across the stage to pick up my diploma and that was only two years away!

      It's the urgency of (NOW) that causes undo stress and unhappiness for many kids in high school. In 10 years from now they'll look back at how they felt and see none of it was worth the time and emotion they gave to it.

      Most teenage girls and boys are not looking to make "platonic friends".

      I suspect if this girl thought you were "hot looking" or she recognized that you were one of the popular guys from the "in crowd" she would have been flattered you took the time to introduce yourself.

      In past generations it was acceptable for a girl/woman to greet a guy with a smile and warm hello as they passed by one another.

      Today the unofficial rule is you only act nice towards those you are attracted to or have a romantic interest in. If a girl/woman smiles at a guy these days he is likely to believe she is "interested in him".

      Two potential things may have happened with the girl you met.

      1. She just had a bad dating/relationship experience with a guy.

      2. The last time she was just "nice to a guy" he became a "stalker"!

      Either way if a girl is not "into you" she's not likely to be nice to you because she doesn't want to mislead you or build your hopes up.

      As for sex or "the cookie" that's given out these days rather easily. Both boys and girls look forward to removing the label "virgin" from their names. In fact a lot of teenage girls are taking the pill prior to being active. In the U.S. the average age people lose their virginity is 17.

      The average age of first time weddings for women is 27 and for men 29. Naturally if one does the math that's 10-12 years of sexual activity.

      Generally speaking most guys don't start thinking about marriage and family until they are near or over the age of 30.

      The last thing on a young guy's mind is becoming his parents!

      He wants to focus on school, playing video games, watching sports, partying with friends, and getting laid.

      Therefore most girls who come in contact with him with the idea of some day getting married...they're setting themselves up for heartache.

      It's not so much a "cookie thing" as it is a "gender difference" thing. Most guys didn't grow up dreaming of their wedding day, decorating Ken and Barbie's Playhouse, pushing baby dolls around in strollers, or baking cakes in their "Easy-Baking Oven". They didn't swoon over romance novels where the knight in shinning armor or the prince swept the damsel in distress off her feet.

      The reality is most women have been "practicing to be wives/mothers" since their formative years! It should be no surprise that it takes men longer to catch up with those ideas.

      Having said that better career opportunities and higher pay for women has caused many of them to view themselves equal to men when it comes to sexual behavior. One you get on any college campus or out in the world as adult you'll discover the "cookie" is easy to come by!

      Fraternity/sorority parties, social activities/dances, online dating sites and phone apps, connecting with others through hobbies/interest sites like When you're out in the world there's nightclubs, sports bars,, dating sites, and countless other places to meet women. And yet every year in the U.S. there are over 2 million weddings!


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