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How far would you go for romance?

Updated on February 28, 2013

Starting Romance

This started out to be a question that I was going to ask in the question section, but as I tried to explain what I meant by the question, this hub evolved in its place. So, here goes ...

How far would you go for romance? Not just sex, but a romantic encounter charged by emotions. An “emotional romance” if you will. This is a question from a guy looking to find lasting emotional romance with a woman. I was married once (several years ago), and the one thing that seemed missing from the marriage was an emotional romance. It was there in the beginning, but as time moved forward, it did not just fade away, I realized that it just was not there. My Bad ... I think!?

So, in my quest to reach out to find someone that I can experience emotional romance with, I find that I need to understand a few things first.

Questioning Love & Romance

1) How far are you willing to go for love?

This is an easy question for me. I just answered this question in the “question section” a few hours ago. For love, I would go “Through the Fire!” for her. But here is the strange part. I would only be willing to go through the fire for her, if she is willing to go through the fire for me. Meaning that I want someone that I can love, and who would love me too. A relationship is a two-way street. And I do believe in the statement, [To “Get Romanced”, you have “To Romance!”]

Currently, I do NOT have a dating profile on any of the dating websites out there. And I am not sure if I need to create one. But, while looking for emotional romance, I do want all the other things that come with a relationship. This brings me to my second question ...

2) How much of yourself are you willing to give up (if any) to experience “emotional romance” within a relationship?

Every relationship establishes a balance between the two people involved. This balance does not need to be equal, but comfortable for the two people involved in the relationship. This typically means that not only must their be give-and-take in the relationship, but it also means that sometimes, one person may become more dominant then the other. (Now, I am an easy going guy. And I have been cursed with the ability to withstand a very high amount of patience. There have be many people that have tried to take advantage of my curse. But I have learned to control it, to the dismay of those that do try to take advantage of it. This curse may pose a potential problem for me.) Only time will tell.

3) So, how far would you go for romance?

For the right woman, I would build a time machine that would not allow us to travel through time, but that would make us younger so that we could love and re-experience our life over and over again for as long as she could stand it; for as long as time counts off to infinity.

What Do You Think?

So ladies, am I off base? Am I missing something that I need to include (or exclude) to make this happen? Does a guy looking for an emotional romance from a woman, scare-off women or not? Does this sound as if I am coming on to strong with what I want?

And guys, do you think I’m being to open about my feelings on this? As the man, should I just get out my wooden club, bop her on the head and drag her away by her hair?

The one thing I have learned about relationships to date, is that finding a woman for sex is relatively easy. Finding a woman for emotional romance ... well ... help me out by letting me know what you think.

Thank you for reading my hub. If you have the time, could you please leave me a comment about what you read. If your answer ends up being very long, consider making it a hub, then leave a link about your new hub in this comment area. Again ... thank you.


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