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How important a Best Friend in this World?

Updated on January 21, 2015

We cannot imagine ourselves living in this world without a friend. Each one of us needs someone who you can call your best friend. I honestly believe from the familiar saying that goes something like, “no man is an island”. It is very veracious that we cannot live in this world, all by ourselves. We certainly need people around us who would help us to appreciate life more. Who would stay behind us in every challenges that we may face along the way. Who would even fight for our battles when we are already wounded, so weakened and do not have the enough strength and courage in order for us to win the fight. That is how crucial the genuine and loving people in this world in order for us to survive.

One of those people aside from our loving and supportive family is our best friend. Every one of us has different stories on how this particular person touches our lives in a major way. Yes, we do have dissimilar piece to tell about our best friend, but one thing for sure, they have the same objectives and that is to make our lives easier with their unquestionable love and support for us, for all the days of our lives.

We can find a lot of friends, but the person that is indeed hard to find is the true friend, a best friend. A person that will sincerely accept our flaws and who would truly love us, after all the imperfections is definitely a blessing. Why did I say these things? Simply because we cannot easily find a person who would be true to us. Who has the real concern about what is really happening to us, an individual who is very eager to learn more about us and very much willing to lend a helping hand, no matter what it takes.

In addition, a best friend is really one of the most essential people you cannot live without. A person that will not judge you even if you mess up, but rather encourages you to correct those mistakes and start all over again. A Person who would stick with you through thick and thin. We can say that it is very fulfilling to discover that you have this certain person in your life that you can share your laughs and cries with and very much willing to listen to all your grievances. A person that would utter some encouraging words that you badly needed as of the moment in order to ease the pain in your heart. This person will make you feel the sense of security that whatever happens, you still have a friend that you can count on, and who would stay by your side even if others may turn their backs on you.

Therefore, if you have found the wonderful person whom you can call your best friend, you have to cherish her and make that person feel that she is a big part of your life. She should not be taken for granted since she is just too precious, for her to feel that way. Value the friendship you have with her, the same as you treasure the people you love the most. Treat her with so much love and respect since a best friend, a true friend is like one in a million, truly one of a kind.


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