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How Many Dates Should You Go on Before Going Into a Relationship?

Updated on July 10, 2019
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Founder of GoMarry World's first Marriage Only Relationship website.

How many dates should you go on before going into a relationship.

We live in a very modern age where all dating rules have kind of flown out of the window. But if you’re wondering how long you should wait before going into a relationship, here are some pieces of advice you can follow to help you make that decision. has a full list of 101 Practical Questions to ask someone who you are going to get married to. Knowing that person inside and out will help you adapt to the marriage life and get to know each other on a deeper level.

After date one

It would be wise not to go into a relationship after the first date. Usually, first dates only bring out the best in us. We wear our best outfit, we pick our words wisely and we are carefree and fun. We also don’t share any information or details that could put our dates off from going on a second date with us. Assuming that your date will stay like this forever is a little bit naive. After date one, you can decide whether you’d like to spend more time together and arrange date two.

After date two

You’ve gone to a different location and perhaps talked about more intense topics. You can start looking at some potential attributes for the relationship but still, it’s too early to buy a wedding dress just quite yet.

Make note of all the amazing things that the other person has to offer but don’t ignore the red flags. Did they do or say something that you really didn’t like? Did they showcase any of the qualities that are deal breakers to you? Or are they showing signs of someone who might just be your perfect partner?

Date three and four are perfect to see whether this behavior is a continuous habit and part of their personality or whether it was something that they showcased during date two only.

After date three and four

Now, you’ve seen your date in a few different scenarios. You could see how they react to people around them and you could also decide whether you like the way they react to certain things around them. It would be safe to say that after date four, you would have exchanged a lot of texts, phone calls, and sweet encounters. Maybe you’ve tested the waters and had a romantic kiss in the moonlight.

If after date four you feel head over heels in love, it would be a clever idea to hold off for just a little bit more. No need to rush something that can be perfect.

Going on a date to meet family and friends before embarking on a relationship journey would be the ideal scenario and could make your relationship foundation much stronger.

Yes, you’re not marrying their family or friends but you will be spending a lot of time with them. Making sure that you fit into his/her social circle and that you like his family is a crucial part of deciding when to take the next step and make it official.

So, there you have it, there’s no concrete number of dates you have to go on before going into a relationship. But making a detailed and informed decision would be to your advantage for a blissful future. has a full list of 101 Practical Questions to ask someone who you are going to get married to. Knowing that person inside and out will help you adapt to the marriage life and get to know each other on a deeper level.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Azad Chaiwala


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