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How not to get hurt while being friends with benefits with a guy!!!!!!!

Updated on April 3, 2016

If anyone doesn't like my blog don't read it!!!!!!

My blog is how i feel...

Don't get too attached while being friends with benefits as you will get heartbroken,if you do develop feelings i think the best, idea is to back out before you get hurt. Never tell the guy you like them as you might get the answer, your don't want you might get rejected and it hurts.

I think the best idea is to talk to a close family member, about it and see what their views on it are,never talk to the guy otherwise it, might makes things awkward between you both or you might get a relationship out of it who knows??

friends with benefits the catch is there is no commitment both friends and everyone has to agree,that it's just sex between friends and not a committed relationship. And it works for a while until someone gets hurt and normally its the girl and that sucks.

it's impossible to be friends with benefits and not develop feelings for the other person,as it always happens.if you want to things go to the next step you have got to say so.

Everyone says it doesn't get weird,it does get weird in the end for each other.

There is a chance you might scare the guy off as he might not want a serious commitment,be really truthful and say what you feel and want, It's better to stop the sex and keep the honesty than the other way around, because dishonest sex is never very good.

beings friends with benefits doesn't work as the other person is hoping there will be more.

always look for the signs if the guy wants to be more than friends with benefits with you if not move on.

I have feelings for this guy and he doesn't want a relationship yet but i can't get my hopes up as i might not get with him,

iv'e noticed in myself that i want a relationship with this guy but i can't tell him that as it might ruin things with him.

it will be best way to avoid the guy if your falling for the guy bad while being friends with benefits because at least you know your not going to get hurt,but that's my view on it..

The reason is not to do friends with benefits because it can really complicate things between you both and ruin the friendship you have got with each other.

End of the day its your life and not other peoples,do what is best for yourself.

If you want to still be friends with benefits with the guy, if it make you happy but there will be a time when you will think crap i think i'm falling for him then you need to do something about it before you get really hurt.

There are complications to it too when being friends with benefits you have to really think about it before doing it as you don't want to regret doing it afterwards.

I hope this was useful!!!!!


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