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How savvy brides are cutting more than the cake on their wedding day

Updated on February 24, 2014

Thankfully, long gone are the days of fruit cake and inch thick sugar work that everyone refused to eat (and who would blame them). The most ‘fun’ in that type of cake was picking off the fondant but was no fun having a slab of its heavy richness sitting on top of a beautiful meal in your stomach.


The cost of a wedding is on a steady increase, and whilst some brides are able to keep a tight rein on their budgets, there are more than a few that are still spending in excess of $50k on their big day – but wish they weren't.

Every bride has a dream of how their day will look, and the items they'll include to complete their theme, and many are cleverly cutting costs wherever they can and still manage to create their perfect day.

Quite often a sizeable chunk of their budget will be allocated to the cake. That imposing structure covered in fondant that takes centre stage at the reception and took weeks to create. But at the end of the day; it’s just cake, and once the last crumb has been consumed; that’s it.

There are very few memories of the cake; sure it was delicious, and probably looked amazing too, but there was no fun in obtaining it. It was likely given to you by a venue staff member, or maybe you had to wait in line at the dessert bar and help yourself. Regardless of the ‘how’, obtaining said cake still wasn't memorable.

So how can you truly bring some uniqueness to your wedding day, without the exorbitant costs, whilst injecting a fun element? Enter the not-so-humble LAMINGTON!


Picture your guests laughing and having fun at the ‘cake bar’ as they create their own dessert, with different flavour combinations and I can guarantee you that more than one of your guests will be going back for seconds!. Think it can’t be done? Think again!

One of the hottest trends emerging in 2014 is creating a truly unique wedding cake, and savvy brides are realising they can have their cake and eat it too (sorry, we couldn’t resist), and that their guests can get involved in the process, only adding to their enjoyment of your wedding day celebration.


Now, we’re not just talking any old supermarket kind of lamington, or the kind you’d expect to see at Grandma’s table for morning tea covered in ‘processed’ looking coconut and dry as a burnt piece of toast. No. We’re talking 100% Australian made using only FRESH real ingredients and in MANY different flavour combinations. Lamingtons in different flavours you ask? Yes. Different flavours!

Think Salted Caramel, Lemon Sherbet, Jaffa Fudge and Mango Ginger Tango for starters; and there’s more depending upon the season and which fruits are available and the freshest at the time. You won’t find any out-of-season ingredients in these lamingtons but you will find food intolerance friendly options including gluten, dairy, egg and refined sugar free. You can’t get that many different flavour options in one cake!

Brides are raving about LusciousKiki’s lamingtons, and Kiki constantly receives glowing testimonials from happy couples such as these:


You are one of the most talented bakers I know – I have never been to a wedding where so many people have raved about the cakes!!!


- – - – -

Hi Kiki,

I just wanted to say a big thank you for the delicious lamingtons you provided for our wedding on 1st March! They were delicious as always and many of our friends commented on how yum they were! Thank you also for stacking them up so beautifully on the cake plates!


So how are savvy brides including lamingtons in the wedding day, you might well ask.

Kiki from LusciousKiki Cakes explains:

“We have many brides-to be contacting us wanting a selection of bonbonnieres for their guests, hen’s or buck’s nights goodies; and we can also create a special dessert bar for their wedding day.

Often we'll create a lamington buffet for couples who are having a traditional wedding cake, but want the dessert to be a little out of the ordinary. The buffet features pre-made lamingtons in many flavours, but also provides the opportunity for guests to dip and roll their own lamingtons, creating their own flavours!

As you'd expect. everything is supplied and we liaise with the reception venue to ensure that everything is set up and ready to go.”


Kiki likes to experiment with recipes and aims to always provide some food intolerance friendly options; so if you have a flavour combination that you think might work; she's more than open to discussing options with you.

And don't think the dessert bar stops at lamingtons; Luscious also does their own take on the Wagon Wheel and Tim Tam, which are incredibly popular and usually sell out quickly.

I love doing what I do because I get to “play” – not all day everyday, but most days. Luscious permits me to be as experimental as I wish to be combining flavours and textures and using the best seasonal Aussie produce to create the ultimate Aussie cake – the lamington!” says Kiki.

I don’t have a favourite flavour really. Having said that, in the almost 18 months of operation I have seen my customers become accustomed to my more “out there” flavour combinations and the one they would not sniff at a year ago – is now the one I get asked for all the time (Chocolate Basil). It’s fantastic!

The current theme Kiki has been working on is a range of diabetic friendly cakes and yum-yums. “It is interesting how things have changed in the last 20 years since I studied nutrition at uni” say Kiki. “Diabetic diets these days are really quite flexible and they are encouraged to eat a wide variety of foods – including cake – if I have anything to do with it!


Did You Know...

There are many stories about the creation of the lamington but Wikipedia states that it was named after Charles Cochrane-Baillie, 2nd Baron Lamington, the Governor of Queensland (1896 to 1901).

Ironically, Lord Lamington was believed to have detested the dessert named in his honour, referring to them as "those bloody puffy woolly biscuits”.

Over a century later, the humble lamington can still be seen at almost every school fete across the country.

You can find LusciousKiki Cakes in Brookvale, Sydney NSW

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