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How to Answer Her Shit-Test Questions

Updated on March 30, 2012

A few years ago, I remember being on a date with one of the most adorable girls I've ever met. She was very attractive to me, and furthermore, it seemed like I was able to create solid rapport. She seemed to like me and smiled a lot.

Everything seemed to be wonderful, I already imaged us being a couple, until all of the sudden, she asked me - "Did you ever cheat over a girl you dated?"

The question got me spinning out of control, I began hesitating and stuttering - what type of a question is this? I didn't understand the purpose nor was I expecting it to come.

Anyway, I gave her a weak answer such as "Ehhhhh… I never cheat". But my response didn't seem to please her, and since that moment it feeled like she didn't like me as much as she did before. As I'll explain in a moment, I "failed" her test.

I had to spend time to figure out that her question was not a regular question. It was a test, one of many tests that women use on men. Ever since, I noticed that almost every girl used these tests on me. Some guys don't pay attention to this, but they are extremely common.

But why do women use these tests, and what can you do to pass these tests (often called "shit tests")?

What Causes Women to "Shit-Test" Men?

Women, in their nature, are pickier than men. Guys can easily agree to have sex with a girl they hardly know and meet for the first time, but women don't.

This is mainly caused by biological reasons - a woman can only give birth to one child each time. She must choose the best man available out there. Men, on the other hand, can impregnate many women. So a guy can settle down.

This is the biological reason for these "shit tests" - a woman will continuously test her spouse to ensure he's truly the best for her.

As we discussed in some of my previous posts, a female's attractions mechanism is based mainly on choosing a man who's masculine and self-confident. Some experts call it the "Alpha Man".

The purpose of a woman's test is pretty simple - to make sure you're really confident in yourself, and not just making it up.

Actually, a woman will usually not be much aware of the reason why she asks these kind of questions - they come naturally to her as an element of a conversation with you.

By the way, if a woman uses a shit-test on you, it's actually a good sign. It means that she begins to like you, and she just wants to make sure you're real. The typical Nice Guys rarely get these tests.

Here are some typical shit tests examples:

§ "With how many girls did you sleep?"

§ "Why do you even like me?"

§ "I think you're just trying to make a good impression on me"

§ "Can you get me a drink?"

§ "Do you think we're can make a good couple together?"

Passing Her Tests

What's crucial when it comes to these tests, is first to understand that it's only a test. You can usually know it by the context, as it appears to come out-of-the-blue, and not as a rational part of your conversation.

You'll be usually surprised when you hear this type of question.

First, here's what you shouldn't do:

§ Get anxious or angry at her

§ Be angry at her question

§ Seem hesitant and give an unclear, stuttering answer.

§ Give her some lame excuses

§ Really respond to the question she asked

Women don't use these tests to get an answer or even a genuine response. They simply test your self-confidence and masculinity. They want to make sure that the good impression they got from you is real and genuine.

A shit test is aimed to get you away from your balance, and see how you respond. That's a pretty good way to test your confidence, right?

Here is how you should respond to her tests:

Very Short Response

Stay calm and relaxed, and provide a brief "yes" or "no" answer. That's a good way – you don't think too much, and you show that you haven't gotten confused of her question.

Just Ignore the Question

A different way to demonstrate that her test doesn't trouble her is simple to ignore it. Don't make any response and proceed to another subject.

Tease Her

Don't answer her question. Instead, criticize what she said and tease her - "What? I didn't even understand what you said right not. Was this even English?!"

Making it seem like a weird and lame question, is again a way to show that you're confident. Most guys try to actually answer these shit-tests.

Be Ridiculous

Often being ridiculous is a great response. If she asks you "how many women have you slept with?" - answer her "None. I'm actually a virgin" - say it using a smile.

What's really important is just to make sure that your answer conveys your confidence and that you remain calm. The more your practice with these shit-tests, the better you'll know how to answer them.


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    • passthejelly profile image

      Mark Passarelli 5 years ago from Lakewood Colorado

      Amazing. Bravo. This hub was excellent and informative. These are the types of things that men need to know in order to be successful with women. I like how your answer to the question was direct and clear. My praise goes beyond words. I enjoyed reading your hub from start to finish and I think it is so useful. Voted up, useful awesome, interesting, followed. Keep up the good work my friend.