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How to Approach Girls in College?

Updated on June 19, 2013

Chances are you're reading this cause you don't know how to approach that cute girl at school that you are particularly interested in and get her number. Well sometimes it's really a lot more simple than you make it. College is the place with the largest pool of single girls. Once you graduate and get a job, you're probably limited to those around your workplace, so seize the moment and take chances!


To be honest, this is all you really need. If you aren't confident then the rest of this article will be useless. The other part are not as important when compared to the confidence you have to approach her. Just do it, the worst that can happen is she tells you to go away or something along those lines. Believe it or not, most girls are actually pretty nice once you talk to them. A life full of "Oh well" is better than a life full of "What ifs".

This is you when you don't have good hygiene (Representation).  And this is her reaction to you (Actualization).
This is you when you don't have good hygiene (Representation). And this is her reaction to you (Actualization).


First thing is first, you have to look presentable in any situation. No girl is gonna want you to approach them if you look like you haven't showered in a week. Shower daily, brush and floss twice a day, and wear clean clothes. Also, please cut your fingernails...if your fingernails are longer than her then you should probably reconsider approaching until after. For clothes, don't try anything over the top if you can't pull it off. Just wear what you feel comfortable in, whether it's jeans or sweats, t-shirt or polo. Shave your facial hair, again this is one of those can you pull it off things. If you choose to leave your beard or whatever facial hair that you have, make sure its clean. Huge turn off if you have crumbs all over your face from lunch. Personally I can't grow facial hair (I'm Asian by the way), I grow uneven patches of hair that makes me look like a homeless man, so I shave it.


Most of you will probably think "What do I say when I approach her?". Simply say hi and introduce yourself as sometimes that's really all that it takes. If this sort of direct approach isn't for you, then you'll probably have to find some common ground first. If you two are in the same class, you can ask her if she knows when the assignment is due. The key is to find similarities between the two of you that can get the conversation going. If your approach is in the hallways, it can be slightly more difficult as you might not spot anything that could be consider a connection between you and her.


After you've approach her and introduced yourself, this is where you keep the conversation going. Now consider that you guys just met, chances are she won't open up to you immediately. No matter how much you want to get to know her, don't start asking personal questions right off the bat. This will most likely scare her off as you guys just met. Keep the conversation simple and light. You can ask her what programs shes in, what year shes in, if she watched yesterdays game (yes girls do watch sports), just something that won't seem like you're interrogating her. If she starts asking you questions then that's a good sign that she's interested, but at this point you have to keep her guessing a little bit. Don't reveal everything to her, but don't hide in a shell like a turtle. You have to give off the mysterious vibe that keeps her wanting to know more.


Is this the part where you get her number? NO! The point of making her want to see you again was for this very reason. This part will depend on how well you did during the conversation and if she's outgoing or not. If she's really interested in you, she will ask for your number...who would of imagined that you turned the tables. If she's kinda shy type then she probably won't ask you for your number, but that doesn't mean you're going to. Tell her that you need to head out to your next class or meet up with the team to practice, but don't lie to her as girls can see through a lie faster than Pinocchio's growing nose. Upon leaving, tell her something like "I got to head out for my next class now, nice meeting you and I'll see you on <insert_next_day_you_see_her>." This method plants a seed for your next encounter as she will be more comfortable as you guys already know each other. This makes asking for her number a lot easier. The only exception to this is around campus, since you might not run into her again it's probably in your best interest if you got her number right away. So something like "Before I go, what's your number? So we can go hangout sometimes."

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