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How to Approach and Befriend Hooters Girls

Updated on September 8, 2013

Let There Be Hooters Girls!!!

And Then There Were Hooters Girls!!!

Rather it's a rule or a policy, I believe it is more so a policy trying to be potrayed as a rule, I love it when the "Hooters Girls", "gather up" by initiating this process by clapping their hands, so they can take a picture or pictures with you. I had been aware of the Hooters Restaurant and Hooters Girls for quite sometime. But "back in the days", I would never set foot in a Hooters Restaurant because of my "upbringing". But, all that change when the year 2000 came into existence or reality, and the "World & Heavens" did "Not" come to an "End" (Which shattered some of my beliefs and values, and cause me to question others, I held steadfast to for so many years.). Becoming my true self after the year 2000, I decided to start going in places or establishments like Hooters since I always had a "positive interest" in them. Especially the Hooters Girls who, to me, always had the "Celebrity Status-Quo Aura" about themselves.. No matter what town, city, or country they were from...

It's All About The Hooters Girls!!

So, I went to my first Hooters Restaurant, with my female first and second cousins, in September of 2004 in Biloxi, Mississippi near the "beach" on a "moon lit night". No lie!


We ate chicken wings, curly fries, and drunk tea. Then we "hula-hooped", being that my five or six years old second cousin wanted to, and was a "frequent" at this particular Hooters Restaurant (She even knew "all" the Hooters Girls, whether they were working that night or not, by name. This is also one of the "approach" I will explain in a few sentences from this point.). I even got to hug every last Hooters Girl working there that night. Even the hostess at the front door as we got ready to go. The only difference with her was she wore an orange golf or polo shirt with medium beige satin "body-hugging" khaki pants or slacks. This didn't nowhere near defeat the fact that she was still a Hooters Girl.. (In the vehicle, we had a debate, really a small argument, whether the young "Hostess" was a Hooters Girl out of uniform. I personally said, I'm about to get a little "rongy", "Yes, She is!" "Look at her 'body make', and don't forget the 'Medium Beige Satin Body-Hugging Khaki Pants or Slacks' she had on." (Like that makes a difference...) "And when I hugged her, being that she was the last person we all hugged, she was soft, loving, and caring as all the other Hooters Girls we had the privilege to hug that night!?!..

But, isn't all women soft, loving, and caring when you are embracing them, or they embracing you?

All I am saying is...

There I go! Deep end Again..

Let's get back to matter at hand. How to approach and befriend Hooters Girls. I have already mention two, but the first and foremost:

Opportune 1: Be Yourself. And I mean truly be yourself. But, keep in mind.. Whatever you say or do, make sure it flows in the direction of "Helping" the Hooters girls, not harming them..

Balancing 2: My Experience, all the Hooters Girls I've encounter "Love Babies and Children"! Especially children that are "toddlers". (My assumption is toddlers are in the learning, exploring, and discover "frame of mine". And with the Hooters Girls being women, female human beings, they have the innate ability to nurture these young minds and hearts to "Prosperity" and "Continued Improvement". Now, the Hooters Girls I've witnessed are good with all children, rather they are girls or boys. But, they seem to relate more to little girls. The reason, I believe, they are both of the female gender, and my opinion, can connect more mentally and spiritually than they can with little boys. (But, that is just my opinion.))

So, Bring Your Babies and Children to Hooters Restaurant, for the Hooters Girls to see and nurture!!

Creation of 3: When you go to any Hooters Restaurant, try to be surrounded by women when you come in, with you being the only male in the group. (Note!.. Make sure each women in your group is friendly, nice, courteous, loving, and compassionate. Because, it doesn't make any sense to upset our Hooters Girls or anyone for that matter. Go back to "Opportune 1". 'Whatever you say or do make sure it flows in the direction of "Helping" others, not harming them.)

Foundation Building of 4: When commenting the Hooters Girls, be considerate of their feelings, and not "say any and everything" to them. Comment their hair, jewelry that they are allowed to wear, and the color of their eyes. Not on how they look in their uniforms. We all know how they look. Only comment them in this manner when they ask you how they look, and be careful in doing so. If you do right by this "happening", you can build a sound positive relationship with each Hooters Girl you come in contact with.

Communication Is Key 5: And, what I mean by communication you listen, and the Hooters Girls speak. And truly listen to what they are saying, so when you see them again, there will be a more "Accurate Connection" between yourself and the Hooters Girls. As you frequent the Hooters Restaurant or Restaurants, this "Accurate Connection" will cause some of the Hooters Girls to "open-up" more and share their lives, personal and professional, with you. (This would be a perfect time, I believe, to take pictures with the Hooters Girls, rather it is a policy or not...)

When You Think You Know Everything There Is To Know About Hooters Girls.. You Don't!!!

There are at least five more ways to "approach and befriend Hooters Girls. But, they are still in "process mode", and are not fully developed. So, until they are fully developed, you may use the other "Five Ways" to approach and befriend Hooters Girls.

May The Hooters Girls Embrace You In Their Warm Empowering Arms... :)

The images on this page are copies downloaded from various websites. If there are any problems with the image or images, please let me know, and I will remove the image or images.  (Just an example: Hi xiaoanimegirls28, could you please remove 3 of 25? If you don't mine please! :)

~ xiaoanimegirls28

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Comments anyone? Do it for the Hooters Girls. :)

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    • profile image

      XAVIER ROBERT 2 years ago

      Do you want to be my girlfriend yes or no

    • profile image

      Tyler 2 years ago

      Hey would you go out with me

    • profile image

      CajunGuy 3 years ago

      There's absolutely nothing special about befriending a Hooters girl; they are normal people just like everyone else. Becoming friends with one doesn't require any sort of grand scheme or plan, just be a normal person...the same qualities that would help you 'befriend' someone in ANY other setting are the same qualities that would help you befriend a Hooters girl.

    • profile image

      Hunter 4 years ago

      Are you single

    • profile image

      Hunter camburn 4 years ago

      Do you want to married my dad

    • profile image

      CJ 5 years ago

      WOULD you go out with me sometime also i'm single are you?

    • unBroken1 profile image

      unBroken1 7 years ago from Florida

      Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha...I'll stop laughing soon. :)


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