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How to Attract Girls by Playing Guitar

Updated on June 23, 2014

Lets be honest, many people who start playing guitar do so because they believe that girls will swoon over a guy who can play guitar. That is true to an extent however its not quite as simple as that in reality.

Its true that lots of girls are attracted to guys who play guitar. The commonly thought reason for this is that playing guitar is artistic and also slightly rebellious (in a good mysterious but understood kind of way). The assumption is thus that the guy is an emotional person, which is something that lots of guys lack but girls want. Another theory is the that a guitarist is the center of attention when performing, since the guy is getting lots of attention that makes him seem like the alpha male and thus girls want to be with him.

1. Getting Girls can't be your only aim, you actually have to be good at guitar

Learning to play guitar takes dedication and time. If your only aim is to get the attention of the opposite sex then you are less likely to be able to keep up the motivation to be good at guitar.

Girls are not going to be interested in a guy who can just about stumble through a few basic chords. You need to be comfortable and confident playing. There is no easy way to get to this level for guitar playing, you need to practice.

As I will mention in a minute you don't need brilliant technical knowledge and playing, just the ability to play the songs you are playing with confidence and without mistakes.

2. Acoustic is Best

Yes I know, many of us prefer playing our Fender Stratocasters or Gibson Les Pauls, however to play those you need an amp and electricity. Acoustic guitars are far more portable so you can play them anywhere, especially in far more romantic locations.

The sound of an acoustic guitar is also far more gentle than an an electric, playing high gain high distortion doesn't lend itself to that emotional deep persona that girls tend to be more drawn towards. Also acoustics sound far nicer when playing chords, the rhythm section of most songs is chords thus acoustic will often sound best.

3. Shredding is a big no no

No matter how impressed you may be by your ability to shred some awesome metal please realise that girls aren't impressed by that technical ability (unless they play guitar themselves), it makes you seem like you are trying too hard to impress them. It may be very technically impressive and as a guitar player I applaud you for being able to do it, however its not the tool for this situation.

If you want to attract girls however then you need to just stick to chords and melodic patterns, stuff that is slow and soulful helps with the emotional image.

4. Sing whilst playing

This goes hand in hand with the two posts above. You want your performance to be emotional and relaxing. Singing is a brilliant way to give the music emotion, how often can you relate to chords compared to feeling the meaning of words??

Singing whilst playing guitar is difficult to pick up, I have written a guide on how to do so HERE. It also helps if the songs you play are well known and subtly romantic, a couple of easy/obvious examples are:

  • Green Day - Time of your life (Good riddance)
  • Oasis - Wonderwall

If you are good (and only if you are good), at writing your own music that is also something that girls like, it shows you have but feelings and effort into what you are doing.

5. Don't be overconfident/pushy

There are few things that will turn a girl off you quicker than seeming pushy and full of yourself. Don't go around with your guitar sticking it under peoples noses and start playing, it makes you seem desperate. You don't want people sighing when you come over with your acoustic.

So just be yourself, be kind and polite but also show of your skill if the opportunity arises. Try to impress a girl with the skill but also hope they enjoy the performance as well.


Playing guitar can be a useful tool to get girls interested in you, however like any tool it has many ways it can be used, some better and more efficient than others. You have to find the ways that work best for you, this guide can be used as exactly that, a guide to find out exactly what methods work best for you.

Don't however create a fake persona about yourself, you may attract girls that way however you are living not as you are and thus it would be difficult to keep any long and meaningful relationship.

Hope this guide helps you and I hope that you can attract the girl of your dreams using it.


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