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How to Attract Men and Win the Man of Your Dreams

Updated on October 5, 2015

Is this behavior likely to win a good man?


The Elegant, Sophisticated Look That attracts Quality Men

What Makes Some Women Marriage Material and Others Just Material?

Women often ask what men find attractive. There are a few traits that just about all men find irresistible in females. The number one things that men are attracted to is a calm and classy demeanor. Younger men often refer to this as a "cool girl." Take a look at the girl in the photo to the right. Is this girl likely to win a good man? There is no way that this party girl image will conjure up emotions of what a sophisticated lady she is, and I would bet anything that she does not have a classy gentleman for a husband sitting at home. Lets be honest here. I know that "modern" girls like to think of themselves as different from women of past generations, but the facts are that women are still women and they crave a good, loyal, and serious man in their lives just as much as they crave a nice home and healthy children.

Also, no matter what the liberals are telling us, men are still men and they crave a woman who is feminine. That does not mean he wants to go back one million years or act like a caveman, or that he does not respect assertive women. This is simply the extreme that is thrown around to keep women from using their brains and achieving success and happiness with men. We have been led to think that femininity is a bad thing, but it's a glorious part of being a woman, and women should embrace their womanhood instead of trying to become men.

Just put yourself in a guys shoes. Would you want a wife who acts like a man? Before your politically correct mind becomes irate and starts darting into believing that I just actually just said that women should be barefoot and pregnant, realize that I am not saying a woman should not be a doctor or a lawyer, or anything that is life enhancing. I am merely stating that modern women have become too course and have lost something. If a woman is truly confident she will feel comfortable with the traits that separate her from men, and will enhance those qualities.

When I was in nursing school I took note of the girls who were happily married and the ones who were living with their boyfriends and trying to get their guy to marry them. I recall seeing these girls sitting at a table together with their legs spread out and slouched over, and then upon approaching their table a slew a swear words, all they needed to truly look like the lowest form of male was to have a dozen beer bottles on their table, and had they not been in school at that moment I am sure that there would have been.

To get married to a better than average man you must be a better than average woman, and that means being honest with yourself about how you come across, and paying attention to what even you find attractive in other women. Watch some old movies and study the manners, the clothes, and ideal grammar. It some very extensive surveys men were made to watch I Love Lucy and other television shows. The open comments on I Love Lucy were men raving that they wish women of today were as classy as Lucy's friends. Her women's club friends were polite, feminine, dressed in ultra feminine clothes, and spoke in elegant language, devoid of curse words or vulgarity.

Girls Acting Like Guys in the Worst Way

Classy not Trashy

Girls were not always so desperate. Something has happened in the last twenty years that has brought us a generation of girls who will do anything for male attention. They make fools of themselves, degrade themselves, and basically try to get men to look at them no matter what it takes. There is nothing to be gained by having a group of men laughing at you, and believe me, they laugh and talk trash about you when you indulge in showing them your private parts and acting like a horny man. While our society likes to preach that women have "come a long way", I want to ask, in which direction?

If your idea of fun is dressing in sleazy clothes and fighting other girls for the attention of men, than you will not be meeting a sophisticated man any time soon, nor will you be getting married.

Take an interest in doing something clean, such as playing tennis, bowling or bike riding. This is a way to stay in shape and have fun at the same time. Just remember that night clubs are generally not the place where nice men go to meet nice women, and many men will go to clubs to pick up a loose woman and then get rid of her.

A woman who looks and acts like she is progressing and going places is going to get the men who are going places. What are you doing in life? What are your goals and what do you like to do for fun?

If you don't have any hobbies and you just have a job and no goals for earning any more money then you may be regarded as a loser who is looking for a man. A woman who appears to be well rounded in life is someone who is making plans for her future by taking classes to improve herself, or learning about how to invest, and spending her relaxing time pursuing her hobbies. Ivana Trump married a young Donald Trump, and say what you like about the way Donald Trump looks these days, but when he was young he was a rich, intelligent, and charismatic hunk. Basically, Trump was a hard to get catch of a lifetime. He was never some irresponsible goof who put on his lounge lizard suit to go to the local sleaze joint in effort to find a dumb girl for the night, he was a highly sophisticated youth who spent a great deal of his time studying how to get ahead in business. Attractive women flocked around Trump hoping that they could latch onto him as their ticket to easy street. Donald may have been dazzled immediately by their beauty, but after seeing that they were empty shells who could do nothing other than cling to men, he lost total interest and got back to business. As rumors circulated that Donald Trump will never marry because he loves business too much, the average women were giving Trump an easy ride and then accepting being dumped because he is "not a marrying man", but Ivana Trump was proving that a truly interesting and exciting woman naturally leads men into wanting marriage and commitment.

She was certainly beautiful, but not in the way that actresses are these days, meaning it was not plastic surgery. Ivana was well groomed and feminine, but she had a slight bump on her nose and some imperfections. It did not matter, because Ivana comes across as a charming, intelligent and independent woman. She had a life that she was pursuing, and it was not about getting dressed up and looking for men. She was a star athlete who was a part of an Olympic ski team. Between her modeling and her sports, she was busy, focused and interested in getting ahead. There were plenty of models around for young Trump to choose from but not interesting models who can talk about business and who were engrossed in their sports, these were the qualities that Donald Trump found irresistible. After marrying the Trumps became a beautiful and glamorous couple who worked together to gain great success and wealth. Ivana was eventually CEO of the Trump enterprises and Vice president of others. I use Ivana as an example here because her situation with the Donald is a perfect example of how a woman with the right qualities can attract the very best.

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Ultra Feminine


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    • m abdullah javed profile image

      muhammad abdullah javed 3 years ago

      Hi Glenda very interesting hub. You are right the beauty of a woman lies in her womaness, if any one behaves like a guy or just contrast to the innocent and pristine nature then she is bound to get a wiered look if not a relationship. Thank you for the share.