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How to Avoid Cheating

Updated on April 25, 2015
How to avoid cheating
  1. Do not enter into relationships if you know you do not love that person from the bottom of your heart.

  2. Have faith in your relationship. If you are going through a rough spot, work through it by making an effort to please the other person and give them time. There is a reason you two engaged in a relationship to begin with so remember that when it get rough. Get out of yourself and your needs and try to understand your partners perspective.

  3. Communicate what is bothering you. Do not nag and men don't say what you need one time and if she doesn't get it -shut down. Communicate using healthy language such as “I feel, I like it when you, etc.” In a healthy relationship people like appreciation shown for what they do right and not just constant criticism of what went wrong.

  4. Women, stop nagging. REALLY! QUIT HOLLERING! Say what you mean and mean what you say with consequences. You are not a man so don't approach with such force in a relationship, his male energy is not yours. 3 sentences or less, express yourself.

  5. Indulge each others desires.



Understand that relationships are about serving the best needs of your partner and are reciprocal in nature. Translation. It's not all about you! However, one should avoid relationships with people who are takers, male or female,and those with wondering eyes. Don't engage in losing combinations:

1.Thinking you can convert a bad girl or bad boy. Waste of time. Rule not the exception.

2.Believing you can take a loser/non-motivated person and help them to be successful. Leaning over in a boat to pull someone up will most likely result in you going overboard.

3.Agreeing to enter into a relationship with people that aren't faithful and it's evident in their demeanor, thought process, and past behaviors.

4.Cheating with someone and thinking your won a prize. Unfaithful to their previous partner but faithful to you, hilarious. You don't get righteousness from unrighteous behavior.

5.Being in a relationship with someone for male approval. Trophy chasing with nothing behind the beauty or nothing behind the behind. Being pretty or attractive is not a tying bond in a relationship.

6.Building relationships with others who do not share similar needs, values, morals, and lifestyle. You know, let's go buy shoes and purses rather than saving for a house. Spend every penny (irresponsible) and wait for others to beg and rescue you. A lifestyle that does not match one's income.....sinking ship.

7.No personality. He/She is attractive but you feel alone when in their presence and the two of you do not talk to each other. No friendship in the relationship won't work.

8.Sexual compatibility. I'll leave that to you to understand what I mean. You can't change this and yes it is important.

These are just a few things that open you up to a propensity to look elsewhere.

These temptations diminish significantly if you are honest with yourself. When you consider that person for a relationship and they are not what you need then why enter into the relationship? Your desire not to be alone should not place you in a position to hurt others by your actions when you know they are not the one for you? Keep shopping until you find 75%-80% of what you need: mind, body, and soul.


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