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How to Avoid Spending Money and Still be Romantic

Updated on October 4, 2014
Romance is free
Romance is free

I am sure that we have all heard the excuse that he would love to take you out but cannot afford it.

Well my advice is as soon as you hear those!

Only joking, there are many ways to be romantic without spending money so I will give you some ideas and all you have to do is print them out and hand it over to your partner.

The best things in life are free and love is one of them!

How to be Romantic on a budget
How to be Romantic on a budget

For the Guys.

Get flowers for your partner and if you don't have the money to buy them then pick them from someone's garden.

Make her a card and write from the heart.

Chocolates are not necessary but always go nicely with the flowers. (Even if it's a small one.)

It's the thought that counts and if you don't make an effort then expect her to give you the silent treatment!

Invite her to your place for a romantic meal and if you can't cook then make up a picnic basket with your favourite snacks, get a blanket and invite her to the beach or a safe place to sit under the stars.

Make sure you are in the mood for conversation and that you can concentrate on what she has to say because being attentive will score you points.

If you can take some music with you and ask her to dance with you that will score you even more points.

Stay away from a t.v or anything that involves you focusing away from your gal!

Romantic Dinner

Invite her to your place for dinner. If you can't cook than get someone to make something for you. Avoid ribs and messy food that yo have to eat with your hands.

Get candles.... beg, borrow or steal them because this creates the romantic effect once you turn off the lights. It's dinner by candlelight so the more the merrier.

A bottle of wine and some soft, romantic music will do well.

Ask her to come dressed up but you can avoid the old bow tie in the cupboard.

Once she is there, tell her how beautiful she looks, get her a drink and take her to her seat.

Put on the music and ask her to dance.

Dinner will be impressive and all you have to do is show interest.


Being romantic is free!


Listening costs you nothing

Making conversation and paying attention is also free

Make her a card

Pick flowers

Walking on the

The moon and stars cost nothing to look at

Remembering that it's a day that means something to your partner is,!

For the Long Termers

The minute you wake up be the first to say Happy Valentine's Day and make her a coffee or give her a card.

Remind her all day that you love her and if you have kids then going out will be a good option.

Take a picnic basket, blanket and an i.pod down to the beach with a bottle of wine and a candle or two.

Remember to tell her how beautiful she looks and pay attention!!!!!

Also bear in mind that it doesn't have to be on Valentine's Day only, this is welcome at anytime.

Making date vouchers are also a good idea. You can decide what you want to put onto the voucher and make about ten of these, staple them together in a booklet form and present them to your girlfriend, where she can choose to cash them in at anytime. Examples; A massage done by you, hugs whenever she needs them etc, etc, etc. Use your imagination!


The Little Things Count

Random acts of love are a great way to stay on your girlfriends side, so use your imagination and just go for it!

Pick flower from the garden, send her a rose or cuddly bear via email, write her name on the sand and take a photo to send her.

Hug her whenever you get the chance, be affectionate at all times.

Notice her efforts to looking good and tell her when she looks beautiful.

Listen, listen, listen because women need to know that you are interested in what they have to say and they also enjoy talking about emotions and want to know that you are showing interest and paying attention.

Try to be spontaneous and don't take her for granted. Love doesn't have to cost money because the little things in life is what counts!


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