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5 Tricks to Avoid a Heartbreak

Updated on March 28, 2013

Getting a hearthbreak, a devastating feeling, and wasted time moping that goes with are things many would want to avoid, if only they have a choice. No one wants a great relationship to end but things can take an unexpected turn and something can ruin a seemingly 'perfect' relationship.

Impossible as it may seem, there are tricks of the trade that can be done to avoid getting hurt. Nobody wants to nurse a heartbreak. If only there is a pill to take care of all the heartbreaks in the world, it would definitely be a best-seller. Now since that is not yet invented, here are effective ways to avoid a heartbreak.

1. Never expect too much from any one or any relationship

Expecting a lot of things is a natural human behavior especially when things between you and a partner is doing well. No matter how easy it is to be in this ride, learn not to raise your expectations and simply enjoy the moment with someone because no one can tell for sure when this person would decide to leave your side.

Not expecting too much will help you avoid to fall flat on your expectations. In effect, people get hurt partly because of their own doing. If it is possible to not expect anything, the better! If a person decides to stay with you for good, or for life by getting married with you, then fine. This is not to say that once you are married, that person will be with you forever either. In short, everything in this world is open-ended. People get hurt when they try to put a definite future to their current relationships. Always be adoptive to change.

2. Never expect the other person to love you constantly every day

When a person says those three words on Day 10, don't ever make the mistake of thinking that it would be the same degree and passion each day that you are together. That kind of love takes a lot of effort and commitment. Accept that are days when a person wakes up and may not feel like reciprocating your love or passion the way you expect him or her to and this situation might upset you. You have to face such possibility in any relationship.

3. Learn not to depend your happiness on any one

It is easy to get hurt when you make your happiness depend on another. It might be an unconventional idea but a person can be happy in his own terms. Seek ways to feel your happiness by finding joy in work and in your purpose in this life. You will find out that happiness has a lot of other sources and not just the love of another person in a romantic relationship. Many people find happiness in pursuing their passion and it can be related to your career or a hobby and family.

4. Do not narrow yourself to just spending time with one person at all times

One mistake that many people in relationships fall into is spending too much together time with a partner. This can backfire when you are so used to being with him that once the relationship ends, you would feel so alone. This trap can be avoided by making sure that you get to spend fun times with friends and other acquaintances on a regular basis instead of just on one person.

Diverse companionship that is being offered by your friends, families and other important people in your life can help you in forgetting and avoiding a heartbreak due to the wide support network that you have.

5. Keep in mind that there will always be someone better after a break up

Think of it this way, if you broke up with a person, that just means that there is something that does not work in your relationship and any fault may be attributed to any of you. Learn to move on and always think that there will always be someone much better that will come along.

Doing so will help make you become open to a lot of possibilities and opportunities and realize that a heartbreak should not be dwelt on for long.

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