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5 Shortcuts to Cultivating Your Inner Beauty

Updated on February 21, 2017

The concept of beauty is relative. Women want to be be beautiful or look beautiful. While many put a premium on what the eyes can see, it is also important to focus on the fact that beauty must be more than skin deep. Working on achieving inner beauty is equally important that will benefit a person. It is not a secret that beauty from within positively radiates outward. A woman who strives to be beautiful inside has more to offer the world.

Beauty is therefore the convergence of positive attitude and the convergence of factors allowing one to live a positive, healthy and balanced life. Here are ways to achieve inner beauty.

Beauty Within

Beauty should not be merely skin deep. A happy and confident woman is beautiful. One who is strong and healthy is also beautiful. Another woman who knows what she wants and works hard to get it can also qualify as a confident and beautiful person. A woman who takes care of herself is beautiful.

Working to achieve that positive inner beauty works more effectively than slathering on moisturizers and keeping the signs of aging off from ones face. It is so much more than going to the plastic surgeon to get a facelift. The inner beauty of a woman concerns how you are ar peace with yourself and the world. It is deemed to be more effective to concentrate on being beautiful inside because it has a positive impact on how a woman looks physically. Her family, friends and love ones will be blessed with having her around as she radiates this positivity. This is not to say that the outer beauty should be set aside. It is equally important to take care of yourself always and that includes making yourself presentable to others.

It is not a very difficult task and you need not look at science to achieve a more achievable beauty. All the answers to the perennial question about the fountain of youth lies within the self. Follow this simple mantra and rules and you will become beautiful in the most wonderful ways both inside and out. So. how do women go about the transformation to become beautiful inside and out?

1. Simplify your life.

Simplicity is beauty. Learn to simplify your life, lifestyle, and attitude. Get rid of all the excesses that is in your life right now. Be it a relationship that is not working, a partner who does not deserve you, a job which drains your energy or one that you don't enjoy doing, any excess weight that you have wanted to lose, complicated situation you are currently in, and even a debt that you want to get out of.

Learn to simplify your life and get rid of complexities. Pinpoint these one by one and start with the most achievable, get down to work to simplify your life. Be it the payment of a debt that has been hounding you or getting rid of an addiction. Make it a point to do one simplifying task each day.

Is a relationship dragging you down, or a partner is abusing you? Anything can be solved if you draw out the strenght and the resolution to do it.

2. Positively charge your life.

If you are having all the negative thoughts about everything, think of one thing in your life right now that can be turned around simply by thinking of a positive outcome. If you hate your job right now, ask yourself why. If it is something that you really can't live with, why stay in that rut?Take a positive stride and make the career change because it is never too late. If you love to do something, it will never become a chore to do it. Always make sure that in whatever you do, you find fulfillment and satisfaction in it.

Life would be such a wastage if you mull on the negativities. Is a friend, a work colleague or a lover putting to much strain in you? Get rid of this negativity and stay away from that person. You cannot change anyone, but do not let anyone sway you into thinking negative thoughts that will impact how you live your live in one way or another. Learn to be positive in your thoughts, outlook, plans, and decisions. You have no one to be accountable to but yourself. It is time to take that path towards growth by thinking positively.

3. Help others in need.

Helping others in any way possible opens ones heart to a lot of possibilities and love. Life is not just a journey to better yourself and achieve success for your own benefit. The more blessings you get from your advancement, the more opportunity is given for you to be of help to others. Many successful people in like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Oprah Winfrey, and even the late Princess Diana and many others, spend a good deal of their time and money to help others others in need.

You do not have to be in their level of wealth and success to be able to extend your heart, time and money to those with lesser in life. A woman has more capacity to give and nurture than any other being in this world, and opening yourself to others will bring a wave of change for those who are unfortunate enough.

The face of poverty is everywhere, in the street children begging in the streets, the faceless homeless, the orphans needing the attention from parents that they won't have, and the old and abandoned elderly. Open your heart and soul to the needy and beauty of your soul shines through automatically.

4. Learn to appreciate the simplest things

If you were made to choose between two women, one who does not find satisfaction in anything she has in life and another who finds beauty and joy in the simple things, who do you think is capable of living a rich land meaningful life?

Appreciation of the simple but meaningful things in life can bring a great deal of peace to a woman. It is not to say that one has to be contented, it is more of realizing that most of the things that can give joy and happiness do not need to be bought.

Learn to appreciate things that most do not see or appreciate such as the sight of a beautiful budding flower, a beautiful sunset, a perfect moonlit night, and smell of the fresh grass in the morning, all of which makes everyday worth looking forward to. Making a habit out of appreciation for these things will enrich your life unexpectedly. It allows the chance to re-examine your place in this earth and cosmos. It makes you realize that pure beauty surrounds us everywhere, and this awareness brings so much joy that you yourself starts radiating the same beauty.

5. Accept change and not resist it.

Learn to accept change as a part of life. Change can be bad or good but the more important thing is how one deals with it. Acceptance that it is something that you should not resist will form a foundation of action that will help you to be ready of the implications of any change in any aspect of your life be it age, children growing up and eventually moving out, and many others.

Change also gives you the opportunity for growth. If you know how to manage change then there is no reason to fight against it. Age for instance brings a lot of changes to a woman's appearance. Many do not know how to deal with and so the plastic surgeons had become an ER to fix, plaster, nip, lift, tuck the 'changes' that occur with age. Only a small percentage have had a good result out of getting a plastic surgery and its either because they went to a good surgeon or because the women who did so know when to stop.

All these ideas can help one to be in a much better position to be beautiful both inside and out. Beauty is indeed more than skin deep but the truth is, it may be hard for many to accept that being truly beautiful is really simple and it does not require more money. Strive to be more beautiful inside and the rest will be taken cared of.


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    • Mellonyy profile image

      Mellonyy 5 years ago

      I consider if we learn to be in love with ourselves more, then no need to work for our beauty, at all. Do you agree? Voted up!