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How to Be Boyfriend

Updated on July 22, 2010

How to Be Boyfriend - a good one, not a bad one. In fact, how to simply be a boyfriend.

How to be boyfriend. This is one of the questions that plagues men from their teen years through much of their adult lives. There is a lot of personal, social, and cultural (and biological!) pressure to get a girlfriend and to make her happy and satisfied while also maintaining one's own personal satisfaction. This article will describes some ways on how to be boyfriend to a nice girl with whom one shares many interests. Tips include meeting girls, becoming their boyfriend, and strengthening the relationship.

MEETING GIRLS: The first step of how to be boyfriend is to meet girls in the first place. If you are in school, this is not problem, as you will be around girls every day. Once you are out of school, it will certainly be more difficult. First, try to join clubs or do activities where there might be girls. Sharing experiences is a great way to get to know each other, and will put you on the fast track. You could also try formal dating websites and services. Or you could get set up by a friend, or go out with friends to clubs, bars, and other social events. The possibilities are truly limitless - you just need to get yourself out there!

HOW TO BE BOYFRIEND: This is the step where most guys falter. Some resort to cheesy pickup lines or "sophisticated" pick up artistry. Some hope their natural good looks, charm, money, etc. will help them. Many men, however, fall into the trap of trying to be the ultimate "nice guy." Sure, being nice is good, but it's not a cure-all. As David DeAngelo, a prominent dating guru, has said, "Be nice, but don't be a nice guy ." Understanding this distinction is important.

You can't give your own personal power and respect away for no reason, despite how pretty or nice or wonderful or dreamy your crush is. You will be disrespected for it. Instead, know what you want and what you're worth, and communicate it to the fancied girl. This doesn't mean be a mean jerk, but at the same time you don't want to be a pushover. Keep it balanced.

MAKE HER HAPPY: Congrats! You read how to be boyfriend, and now you have a girlfriend! The most important thing of course is communication - you need to understand each other's feelings, wants, desires, etc. Without communication, even the most carefree, no strings attached relationship will crumble. Also, keep spontaneity going - surprise your girlfriend with gifts, nice words, romantic gestures, and the like. By surprise, this doesn't mean do it every day, obviously. Mix it up a bit. Sometimes do it once a week, sometimes once a month. Keep it surprising!

Most of all, don't lose yourself. Still hang with your buds or do your hobbies. Don't give up your life for her; she probably doesn't want you to do this anyway, as she's going out with you for who you are, not for your total subordination to her will.

Most of all, treat her like you want to be treated. This mutual respect, compassion, and love will help nurture your relationship and your life. This is the true, heartfelt, and everlasting way how to be boyfriend .


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