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How to Be Confident with Girls?

Updated on September 2, 2014
How to be confident...
How to be confident... | Source

I Want to be Confident, but I Don't Know How…?

If you wish to be successful with girls nowadays, learning how to be confident is a must. At present, more boys facing difficulties when contacting girls, but they always deny emphatically, that it’s not a lack of confidence in themselves. A great number of people want to be confident, often wondering, how to achieve it. Yes, it is difficult in the beginning.Yes, you can’t build self-confidence for a week, or two. It may take you months, or even years. But never stop to develop it!

Often you’ll be faced with challenging situations. You should never stop rebuilding your confidence, because you can lose it at some point of your life. Please, don’t let things take their course. It will be test for your level of confidence.

For sure, you know that ladies like confident boys, and this circumstance probably makes you feel stiffer. My advice is to wrench this negative tone out of your head, immediately. Probably, you are shy boy(afraid of rejection) and you don’t believe in yourself ?! Eh, what now? Should you give up on a girl you like? Never do that! Did you forget? You work on your confidence now. Don’t let girls/things/, or always life-changing obstacles, to knock you down. Believe in your capabilities and go on learning how to be confident.

Apply this tip not only to dating, but to all spheres of life. Everyone is unique and maybe you have some more qualities, than Brad Pitt, eh?! No one is born with confidence. Pay attention to your uncertainty. To become confident with women, find what makes you insecure and fix it. Don’t let this problem to last for a long time. The longer you wait, the harder you’ll overcome it. Don’t have high expectations from yourself, otherwise it’ll make matters worse.

How to be confident? Ok. I’ll repeat it. Trust in yourself! If you don’t believe in yourself nobody else will, and girls are not exception.

What is Confidence?

Confidence is what you demonstrate ostensibly when your inward reality is unsure.In order to improve your trust, you should alter your inner reality. How can I do that? Simple. Change your thoughts.Eliminate your negative beliefs first. Believe it and you will see it! Repeat something positive to yourself and it will happen. “See “ it mentally, if it already has happened. It will take you a lot of efforts, for sure, but don’t give up! Take action! The trick is to convert your negative thoughts into positive ones. Soon or later, you’ll notice that you have gained more confidence.

Try to be Good Enough in Some Sphere of Life

Probably you have some talents or hobbies. Do you play any instruments? If so, that’s great. It’s a way to express yourself and gain more confidence. Women find this sexy and romantic. As a whole they like guys who stand out from the crowd. You can easily win their attention, if you are into music. It’s a way for them to feel themselves a lot more important and “special” with you.

Pay Attention to Your Looks

Improve your overall physical appearance. You’ll feel good if you look good. Physical attractive boys charm more girls. Nice appearance boosts self-confidence and building up relationships. So, go to the gym and start working. Don’t be lazy!

Be Insistent with Girls, not Rude!

Never stop trying. The more you are persistent, the better your chances to reach the goal are. You will never hear that, but women like it. They love to play the game“being inaccessible”. So, be tenacious, rejection won’t destroy you. Never say“hey look I am confident”. If you are really such a boy, don’t promote it too often.

Use the Full Potential of Your Mind

Do daily affirmations:”I’m certain in my success with girls”,”I am not afraid to talk to them”, “I am attractive to women now”.Do not forget to visualize it with pictures, to make this happen. Probably, it sounds crazy for some of you, but sorry guys, the quantum physicists think otherwise.

Tip: Building a positive outlook on life, will help your confidence.

Golden rule: Eye contact

When you talk with a girl, look her in the eyes. Practice it – in the shop, on the street or at work. It may be a bit funny in the beginning, but eye contact is an important part of building confidence.

Don’t Ask Yourself all Day How to be Confident! Take action!

Many boys feel depressed and lonely, because they never take action. Eh, what boys? Try to muster up the courage and ask the girl out! Don’t take a passive role in your life!Take action! Start conversations with strangers, even for a short time. Talking to them will trigger off your confidence. Overcome shyness andapprehension when meeting new people. Next step is talking to a beautiful girl. Forget about your past failures with them. Stop being apprehensive! Rejection is all around us.Try to live your life out from the past.

The Secret of being Successful…

Have you thought of what is the reason some boys, who are short, fat and unattractive, to have better success with girls, than the handsome ones? I’ll tell you the secret.

They just believe in themselves and never think like losers. Observe others, who have more experience with girls. Follow them and learn from them. Do not apply everything you see (copy/paste), just interpret it through your point of view.


There is no such thing as failure. It’s just the next step forward. Be determined, have faith and you’ll succeed. I believe in you!

What is your formula? How to be confident with girls?

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    • Mellonyy profile image

      Mellonyy 5 years ago

      soconfident, thanks for taking time to read and comment!

    • soconfident profile image

      Derrick Bennett 5 years ago

      I agree, You have to believe in yourself. You will get rejected, well I know I have, but you shouldn't let that stop you.

    • Mellonyy profile image

      Mellonyy 5 years ago

      Yes, MsDora I agree with you. I'm trying to stimulate them, realizing it would be a difficult task. These days, our standard roles may have been changed.

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 5 years ago from The Caribbean

      I think that the more aggressive women become, the more the men step back. We should do more of what you do--encourage them.