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How to Be a Stepford Wife in 5 Steps

Updated on March 14, 2018
How to be a Stepford wife in 5 steps
How to be a Stepford wife in 5 steps

Us wives who are obsessed with being the perfect housewife know the joy that comes along with the role. Maybe you are passionate about domesticity or simply love the Stepford Wives films. Now you can be a Stepford Wife too in 5 steps!

While some women think the wives of Stepford, CT. are downtrodden and programmed to be subservient, women who love the domestic life see the ladies as ultimate role models. They are a reflection of who we want to be. After all, what married woman doesn't love to be beautiful, have a clean home, have a masculine husband who brings home the bacon, and be admired for her cooking?

1. Live in a Beautiful House

A Perfect Stepford-type Home
A Perfect Stepford-type Home | Source

Live in a beautiful house, whether it is suburban, urban, or rural. Make the most of your home:

  • Have trees and bushes on the property, especially evergreens, so your property will be green all year-round, and the envy of everyone else.
  • Plant flowers is visible places. Have trellising plants like morning glory, and ground plants like rose bushes. Make your lawn a spectacle of color and beauty.
  • Place shutters on the windows.
  • Have a pool or tennis court in the backyard if you have the space.
  • Make sure the lawn is mowed. Your Stepford husband will do this for you, or he will hire a gardener.

2. Have a Passion for Cleaning

Have a Passion for Cleaning. Stepford wives love not only having a clean home, but the actual act of cleaning. It's a way of purifying the soul and getting your mind onto productive things. You can show your passion for housecleaning by:

  • Washing dishes by hand.
  • Organizing your linen closet so that everything is folded neatly from largest item at the bottom to smallest item at the top -- in a pyramid form!
  • Learning how to clean with natural ingredients, like baking soda, vinegar, and lemon juice. It shows you care about your husband, family, and the environment.
  • Line-drying quilts and blankets. You will get that fresh-air smell and save money on your gas bills.
  • Hand vacuuming your sofa. While you might not notice them, you wouldn't want house guests to come over and feel those pesky bread crumbs sitting in the corner of your couch.
  • Wearing an apron while you clean. Nothing says Stepfordy quite like an official apron!

3. Make Delicious and Beautiful Meals

Make Delicious and Beautiful Meals. This is at the heart of having a Stepfordy life.

  • Bake casseroles and vegetable dinners in nice white stoneware dishes with lids. Heat and serve in one dish!
  • Serve dinners in a matching dinnerware set. If you purchase plain white you can use the set all year and it will coordinate with almost any other color you want to accent your table with.
  • Serve colorful dishes, like fruit salads and steamed vegetables. Color your plate as beautifully as you like to color your life.
  • Have traditional dinners, like steak, potatoes, and green beans. Your husband will love the steak and it will make him a tiger in the bedroom -- perhaps you too!
  • Wear feminine aprons while you prep and cook. I wear Flirty Aprons because they have a lot of retro 50s and girly patterns, as well as accents such as jewels and bows. They wrap nicely around the waist to accentuate an hourglass figure.

4. Be Feminine and Beautiful

Marcia Cross
Marcia Cross | Source

Be Feminine and Beautiful. This is the aesthetic part of how to be a Stepford wife. Although day-to-day routine might make us slowly forget to make the most of our looks, keeping tabs on it will make your husband glow with appreciation when he looks at you.

  • Men love long hair, and most women look gorgeous in it. Consider keeping your hair long. There is also no reason to have short hair over 40. Women over 40 look spectacular with long hair. Long hair will make you feel girly as well as look striking no matter your age.
  • Bring back all of those female mannerisms that the corporate world forced you to subdue. Cross your legs, tilt your head, wear skirts, flutter your eyelashes, toss your hair, and move those pinkies up when the mood strikes you!
  • Cursing is best kept in the bedroom with your husband.
  • Wear a little bit of makeup. There is no need to go all out. But some light mascara, shaped brows, and lip gloss can brighten your look up immediately.
  • Definitely wear full makeup when going on a date with your husband, when entertaining or being entertained, and when you go out to a special event.
  • Have at least a few dresses in your closet and some nice heels. Nothing makes a woman look more womanly than a dress. And heels lengthen and sexify the legs.

5. Be Devoted to Your Husband

Becoming a Stepford Wife
Becoming a Stepford Wife

Be Devoted to Your Husband. Becoming a Stepford wife is partially about personality. For housewives who have hard-working husbands, nothing makes us happier than knowing he toils so hard because he is dedicated to his wife, family, and home. This is part of his devotion to you. Show him your own appreciation with:

  • Frequent intimacy. Intimacy a few times a week will keep a smile on both of your faces and show him you love him in his most manly form.
  • Praising him. When your husband fixes a leak in the bathroom, rewires a lamp, or does some new landscaping in the yard, tell him how much it means to you that he is so skilled. Tell him he did a great job. Men that can fix things around the house are extremely useful, especially when you don't like to get dirty. Women want to feel good for the things we sacrifice our time for, and so do men.
  • Asking for help rather than complaining. Sometimes you have to ask for something to be done many times, but simply do so every so often until it is done. When there are boring or difficult tasks you want your husband to do, it's just like a day on the job to him, so be a little patient.
  • Compromising with a heart. It is so easy for a woman who loves perfection to expect to get 100% of what we want when our husband completes a task. For example, if he puts your flower transplants in the ground, but you don't like the location he put them in, don't ask him to dig them up if you didn't specifically tell him where to put them beforehand. It is a blessing to have someone in our lives who loves us and helps us, especially because humans are naturally selfish beings. Part of getting help and love from a man is making it easy for him to love you. Be kind. The world is hard outside, but a marriage needn't be.

Knowing how to be a Stepford wife is easier than you think. Use these 5 steps to the best of your ability and you will be in domestic bliss before you know it!

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