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How to Survive Valentine's Day the Singles Way

Updated on June 2, 2011

There is no other day that lays too much emphasis on our status than february 14. On this day, the bliss of being with somebody is brought to greater heights with commercial hullabaloos out and about selling love at the best rates thru Holland Tulips, Hallmark's Velentines Editon of Between You and Me cards, Ferrero Rocher Chocolates, and the "Most Romantic Date Ever" packages. No day is ever more insensitive than this to the lung-full of aws and ahs coming from a relationship-driven society of single friends and cousins wishing for their own.

There are many in this bunch who mourn not having anybody to celebrate this day with. That sucks a bit, but they sit well with sucking. They do not mind living their singleness out to the most often heard of ways, that is by pampering it with stacks of rom-com or action DVD's, a gallon of Strawberry ice cream or Big Macs, and contemplating in between why they allowed themselves to see another Valentine's Day alone. They wake up to a February 15 with either a new strategy for next year's V-Day or the relief of having survived yesterday or both.

How to Survive

  1. Schedule a day at the orphanage or at the Home for the Aged. Have a bouquet of flowers delivered to a friend who is suffering from a broken heart or an officemate who lost a loved one. Send home made cards to your closest friends (remember grade school's art class?) or check out here in hubpages how to make simple and beautiful cards. Men can take their lonesome grandmother to a fancy place for lunch. Treat your nephews and nieces to the snack house. Spread love where it is needed.
  2. Stray away from the mold and spend the day with your family. Arange a dinner date at a plush restaurant or prepare a relaxed but special one at your house. Being sourrounded by people who matter most will ease up any worry about singlehood - even just momentarily.
  3. Dress to the nines and paint the town red with your single buddies. Having a bash with fun-loving friends will save any day that seemingly osctracizes singles. Or you can hit two birds with one stone by organizing your own party and encouraging your guests to bring a fellow single or two. You get to have fun and meet new people.
  4. Indulge yourself in activities that you love doing like visiting the spa, swimming with the fish, going out of town.
  5. Happy singles are never deterred by the seeeming askew of cupid's arrow.On the days leading to D-day, grab the chances you get to introduce yourself. Han out with your old classmates, go out with your cousins, or join a speed dating with your friends!

So there you have it. Surviving Valentine's Day as a single is not that difficult. Try the list above and by the next day you'll be happy of the results.

Valentine's Day is really what you make of it and of what it celebrates. This is an easy draw for those who are in relationships, at least they do not have to look for love anymore;but should come easier for those who are not. We are not within any conventional bounds. Imagine the many ways we can try to find our own little bliss. Happy Single's Day!!!


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    • babybrownfox profile image

      babybrownfox 9 years ago

      Thanks for the tip.

    • profile image

      N/A 9 years ago

      you have to ask a girl out in private, dont be a newb and skip v-day, it's important. it shows respect to a girl if you like her, but you already knows she has a boyfreind, too ask her a on a "freindly date," who knows, she might say, "yea, sure i would enjony going..." or she might go, *weird eye motion*, then let you down or say mybe, if someone says maybe ,theyre going to ask their friends, which is kinda bad, b-cuz not all people like the same person