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How to Change your Image

Updated on October 3, 2014
makeup can change your look
makeup can change your look

Change it Up!

Sometimes change is good! We get stuck into a rut and wear the same clothing, style our hair exactly the same way each time, make-up is stuck in the eighties and the next thing you know you are being called frumpy!

It's time to snap out of that rut and change it up! Don't be afraid to experiment with colour and different styles of clothing.

You can have a whole new look and feel fantastic in no time at all!

Big busted ladies this is the v neckline. Length is also good to make you look slimmer!
Big busted ladies this is the v neckline. Length is also good to make you look slimmer!


Get yourself a magazine with the latest clothing ideas in it so that you can bring yourself up to speed on what's trendy for the season.

Establish what outfits you could see yourself wearing and try to avoid the usual style that you have always gone for.

Tackle your wardrobe and get rid of anything that you have kept for the past two years! If you have any comfort gear than keep one or two and throw the rest of it out.

It's time to start the new you!

Once you have chosen at least one, go to a clothing store and try it on. Get yourself one new outfit; a top, skirt or jeans and a pair of shoes to match.

Go for a bright coloured top, find a trendy skirt and a pair of shoes that look gorgeous... not comfortable!

If you are large than avoid stripes going across but should you like stripes than find vertical ones that will make you look slimmer.

Don't go for frills and layered skirts and do not get a long one either!

Make sure that you find bright colours to suit your complexion and also a style that fits your body shape.

If you have big hips and thighs do not go for skinny jeans, short shorts or minis. Get yourself a pair of jeans to fit you, shorts and skirts to the knee.

Your shirt should not be tight fitting but try to find one that emphasises your assets; if you have a small waist ensure that your shirt goes into the waist to accentuate it. Should you have a big bust than get a low cut shirt and avoid thin straps!

Any shirt that you get must not be long and fitted but buy the correct size and if worn with jeans ensure that it just covers the thigh area (anything longer will make you look twice the size.)


Again you probably have the same hairstyle you had in the eighties! Well let go because it's time to change your image and it starts with your hair.

Don't get crazy but find a style that you will like for these modern times!

If you have long hair, layer it. If it's brown go for caramel.

If you are blonde change to brunette and if it's short find a trendy style to fit the times.

A good way to feel great about yourself is to get to a salon and let the stylist give you some ideas for change.

Have a treatment, cut off the split ends and style, colour and start feeling fantastic!

Make - up and Cosmetics

Sometimes it is very difficult to get used to a different lip colour or to change the way that you apply your eyeliner but just remember that the new you will look good with change! Be daring and go with the colours that are in now.

If you are used to red lipstick go for a pale pink or go from dark heavy eyeliner to a light liquid liner. Get rid of your bright rouge and go for the natural look instead.

You have to find what's right for you and that means experimenting with different colours.

Get to an Estee Lauder counter or Revlon and ask them to give you a makeover so that you can see what's good for you and what colours suit your complexion.

After all you want a new you but without clowning around!


Nails and Accessories

This is also important because a simple necklace can change the look of your outfit. Big and bold is in! Handbags should match your shoes and if you can't find one to match then go for a classic colour. Big or unusual is in!

Try and get some flashy earings instead of your usual studs and lose the pearls and replace them with chunky and bedazzle!

Nails can be done by you if you cannot afford a manicure. You can choose a number of colours to suit your outfit and that's the best part, anything goes! Avoid metallics and diamond encrusted pieces but other than that anything goes!


Yes, this is also important! Throw out your granny panties and old torn bra's and invest in push up or wonderbra. Change your pyjama's from flannel to satin, buy yourself some sexy underwear and this means get at least two matching sets!

Remember to wear the correct size and if you are not sure than ask someone to help you get the correct fit because wearing the right size is important for support and it makes you look slimmer too!

If you are large avoid the g-strings and find a pair of tango's with lots of detail on it.

Do Something Different!

Once you have found your new look you will need to test it on your man! Do something daring and make a date at a place you have never been to and arrange to meet him at the bar.

Your new look will have heads turning and you will have more confidence because you know you look good.

Be bold, be daring and enjoy changing it up because I am certain that your man will too!

Maintain your new look and remember that taking the time out to look good will make you feel great and will get you a lot of attention too!

Time to change your image, start shopping and feeling good!

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    • Tashaonthetown profile image

      Natasha Pelati 5 years ago from South Africa

      Thank you for reading it!

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 5 years ago from The Caribbean

      Thanks for these trendy tips. I like the idea that you stress what the change does for the person doing it, rather than the effect it has on other people. Voted Up and Useful.