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How to Choose the Perfect Restaurant for a Date

Updated on March 31, 2020
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As Founder of Handbook of Man, Tommy Murata helps men of all ages and backgrounds reach their full potential.

Let’s face it, dating takes work. Even if you’re married, your wife still expects those special date nights to strengthen your relationship. Since the beginning of time (or restaurants), man has faced the monumental task of choosing a restaurant. It seems like it should be easy, yet it makes us want to tear our hair out sometimes. Well, fret no longer, because I’m providing invaluable tips that will ensure your success on your next date.

First, let’s discuss the most important factor – what type of woman you’re taking on a date. Is this your wife, serious girlfriend, or first-date you met on Tinder? If it’s an anniversary, you need to drop some cash and take her someplace classy. If it’s a first date, you should not take her to an expensive restaurant, but someplace that is casual and affordable. Taking her to a fancy restaurant makes it look like you’re trying too hard to impress her. She hasn’t earned that yet.

Another important consideration is the type of woman you’re taking out. Is she a high-maintenance woman who is used to nice things, or is she someone who is laid back and happy to eat wherever you take her? If she’s hard to impress, definitely take her someplace that’s a bit fancier, but don’t overdo it (unless it’s your significant other).

There are many other factors to consider before choosing a restaurant:


You shouldn’t spend money you don’t have (aka credit card). Don’t be a cheapskate, but also don’t overextend yourself to impress a woman. There are plenty of affordable options if you take the time to do some research.

  • Sort by price ($$) on review sites like Yelp
  • Look at menu prices of individual restaurants
  • Ask for affordable suggestions from friends who frequently go out to eat


What type of food does she like? If you’re not sure, ask her. You can choose the restaurant, but make sure she will be eating food that she enjoys, otherwise, you won’t be enjoying the date. There’s nothing worse than taking a woman to a sushi bar if she hates fish.

Dietary Restrictions

More important than preference are the types of food she can actually eat. If she’s allergic to shellfish, you should probably avoid Red Lobster. Food allergies are something you need to ask about before choosing a restaurant.

Some women aren’t allergic to certain types of food, but they do adhere to a strict diet. Vegetarians, vegans, and women on special diets such as keto have limited options. This makes your job harder, so be sure the menu has a variety of foods she can choose from.


Many restaurants now have a no-booking policy, which means you can’t make a reservation. Taking a gamble and hoping you get a table quickly is a recipe for disaster. Don’t keep her waiting, book a table at a restaurant that takes reservations.


For a romantic date, be sure to choose a restaurant that is cozy and not too noisy. The goal of the evening is to converse and enjoy each other’s company without having to yell across the table. If your date is someone who enjoys entertainment, consider a place that has TVs, pool tables, trivia, etc.


Are you picking her up or meeting her there? Is there a garage or street parking? What happens if you drink too much and have to leave your car overnight? These things should be taken into consideration. Hopefully, your goal is to leave together at the end of the night, so plan accordingly.

Choosing a restaurant doesn’t have be the stressful situation most men make it out to be. Apply what you learned above, do your research, and you’re guaranteed to have a night to remember.


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