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How to Communicate With Your Partner Who Does Not Express Their Feelings Freely

Updated on October 29, 2010

Undoubtedly, one of the foundations for a successful relationship is communication. It serves to bridge the gap between the opinions, thoughts and actions of two persons in the relationship that, more often than not, are different on many levels.

However, there are many instances when one partner is uncommunicative with the other for many reasons. In most relationships, it will often be the man who answers in monosyllables, nods and grunts, which becomes an almost constant source of negative emotions for the woman. Does this ring a bell in your equally frustrated head right now?

Fortunately for aggrieved partners such as yourself, there are numerous tips on how to communicate to a partner who does not express their feelings freely! There is no need to worry as these suggestions do not require an advanced degree in psychology - just your love, consideration and understanding will do, thank you very much.

Express Yourself Freely

If you must lead by example, then do so. Your partner might follow your lead and express himself more freely and more frequently. And then you would have achieved your desire for deeper communication.

But remember that even freedom of speech has its boundaries. You have to practice restraint especially where negative feelings are concerned especially as you want the person to come out of his shell instead of withdrawing from your mad ranting and raving. As much as possible, you have to express your feelings in a positive manner in a positive environment. Talk calmly, express your thoughts clearly and accept the blame when necessary.

Learn to Listen and Listen Well

Often, your partner may be unable to express his feelings freely because you do not give him a chance to do so. You cut him off at every turn. You dismiss his opinions as so much baloney. You just simply refuse to listen to his side of the story.

Well, you must learn to listen and listen well. You will delightedly discover that being a good talker is as much an important component of good communication as being a good listener. In short, you have to pay undivided, unbiased and close attention to whatever your partner is trying to say.

The best tip there is in this give-and-take way on how to communicate to a partner who does not express their feelings freely is to sit down and talk without distractions. You have to let your partner say whatever is on his mind for five minutes or however long it takes him to finish what he has to say. Then, you should repeat what he has said to clear up any misinterpretations, misunderstandings and miscommunication along the way.

Soon enough, you will have better conversations and, hence, improved communication when you have learned to give and take time for each other's thoughts, opinions and feelings. The benefits are many - you learn to respect the other person more, you are more considerate of each other's feelings, and you enjoy each other's company than ever before. In short, you will have a healthier and happier relationship that can survive the vagaries of man.

Your partner will thank you for taking the lead in the ways of how to communicate to a partner who does not express their feelings freely. Just be patient, considerate and respectful for soon the joys of a loving relationship will be yours.

How to Communicate to A Partner Who Does Not Express Their Feelings Freely


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    • nadiaazhar profile image

      nadiaazhar 8 years ago from kuwait

      Good and meaningful. We all need to become better listeners.

      best regards,nadia