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How to Connect With & Keep a Good Man As a Lady

Updated on June 25, 2011

Entering into a relationship most times is not all that matters, but the ability to stay long (if not forever) in that relationship and still be happy. Majority of ladies today are in relationships yet, they wished they were single and unattached. Why, because they entered into romantic relationship with the wrong men.

Most disastrous problems in life originates from the beginning, this is why you must be cautious and wise when making a decision to enter into a romantic relationship with a man. You don’t need to make such decisions based on your present situation or emotional state, no.

You cannot enter into a romantic relationship with a guy you hardly know well, just because you were humiliated by your lover or because you are lonely. It is better to be lonely than to be in a relationship that wears off your joy and happiness. A relationship that makes you restless doesn’t worth it at all.

The first step towards staying happy in a relationship is to establish a relationship with the right person. And how do you achieve this? You can achieve this by attracting the right man into your romantic life. Every romantic relationship starts with attraction before any other thing takes place. A man must see something in you as a lady that interests him more than the one he sees in other ladies. Therefore, you attract a man through who you are or a role you play, it doesn’t just happen.

For the fact that men are attracted to you because of who you are or a role you played, it then becomes vital that you observe the kind of signal you transmit to the men. This signal I am talking about come in forms of: character and behavior, manner, appearance and presentation.

The way you present yourself to people matters a lot in life, and the way you dress also matters. Remember, a prostitute dresses to seduce and to lure men into sex in exchange for money because that is her intention. Now ask yourself this question; ‘what are my intentions for dressing the way I am dressed?’ this question is very important because men assess you from the way you dress and talk. If you talk or dress wild, wild men will come for you, but if you talk and dress decent, like men will come.

You are busy searching desperately for the right man to establish a wonderful relationship with; you carry out this task on the internet, at your work place, at social clubs, and even at religious gatherings. In fact you have already written out the qualities he must possess: handsome, tall, broad chested, hairy, muscular, caring, sensational and most importantly, wealthy. But you failed to list out the qualities you yourself have to meet up to be able to keep this your dream man when you finally find him.

You want a good man, but are you a good woman? You have taken a lot of your time packaging yourself outwardly; put on good make ups, undergo plastic surgery to enhance your feminine parts, but you fail to work on your inner self, which is the most important quality.

Let’s assume that you finally made it successful in attracting this dream man through your physical attraction, what happens if he finally meets the real you? In a simple English, what I’m trying to say is this; if for instance, after working on your outward appearance, you became so beautiful and attractive that you finally attracted this your dream man, will he still be attracted to you just the way he was when he first met you, after spending some time with you? Will he still cherish your real being, which is your character and manner?

This is the problem most ladies face today, they spend so much time watching romance movies and working on their outward (physical) appearance without paying any attention on their inner beauty which is character and manner. And when the man who was initially attracted to them based on the fact that he saw them physically beautiful and also assumed that they will be the same inward, discovers the opposite, his affection and love starts diminishing, and the lady starts to run here and there looking for solutions when she was the original cause of her problems.

Let’s take a real life scenario of this, for instance a company specializes on the production of beauty soaps. After carrying out market research, this company finds out that there is a need to enhance their product’s pack for better customer patronage. In the process, they redesign the pack, hire supermodels to hype the product to the public through media adverts, and they paid lesser attention on the quality of the product (beauty soap).

Finally, they gain the attention of the public and people start patronizing the product massively. What do you think will be the fate of this product if eventually the people that bought it finally discover that the product’s quality did not meet their expectations based on the outward packaging and hyping? If for example, this soap burns skins when used, do you think the people that bought it will look at the owner of this product with good eyes? Don’t hype a man into a romantic relationship with you, ensure that you are more prettier inside than outside, so that he will be amazed the more when he discovers the real you.

Avoid the use of entrapment to lure a man into a romantic relationship with you or into marriage. There are so many forms of entrapment; financial, pregnancy, emotion and guilt. For more explanations and clarifications on this topic, grab a copy of my E-book titled: “Secret Exposure for Single Ladies” on This book is heavens for every single lady; you can also get a copy for someone you truly love as a wise guide.

Why are you still searching for love spell, when you can cast one for yourself? You have all the love spell you need with you, it is in you, all you need to do is develop it, and this is one of the main purpose of this E-book; “Secret Exposure For Single Ladies”. In it, you will find most of the answers to the present challenges you are facing in your relationship or you once encountered in your past relationship. The FAQ section of the E-book, is a real boom, answers were given to 90% of the questions single ladies ask in relationship. Don’t miss out on this wonderful gift, download yours today and you will be glad you did. Visit and search for the title: “Secret Exposure for Single Ladies” by Nwiro Ngozika.

Now how do you connect with a good man that will stick with you forever? The first step is to develop your character, which is your inner beauty through character management. All these are clearly explained in my E-book: “Secret Exposure for Single Ladies”, download a copy today and start working on your inner beauty. Secondly, you need to develop friendships and also make yourself more visible. There are so many ways to make yourself visible; I spent a lot of time explaining all these in my E-book, just to make sure more ladies globally, are happy and successful in their romantic relationships with men.

Thirdly, avoid most of the mistakes ladies do in their relationships; exposing too much of themselves too soon, not treating themselves with respect, refusing to test before trusting, carrying their past pain around, expecting too much from a guy and so many other mistakes. Don’t worry, all these are well explained in my E-book.

Finally, you don’t jump into a romantic relationship with any man that come asking you out, you must have your own standard, and this standard must not be based on selfish and worthless desires. What do I mean by selfish desires? Take for instance a lady who lists out the qualities she want in a man, and she starts with; must be wealthy, handsome, popular or a star, well educated, etc. Can’t you see that these are selfish and worthless qualities? I am not saying it is wrong to date a wealthy or handsome guy, no, but you shouldn’t make this your first priority. It is possible that that most handsome guy you are falling for is not morally upright or that wealthy guy you desire is not honest and responsible with women.

Some of the important qualities you should look out for in a guy you want to enter into a romantic relationship with are; his religious beliefs (because men are shaped by their belief and most of these beliefs are religious). You two should at least share some common religious belief or agree. This is important because you can’t enter into a romantic relationship with a guy who believes that by killing those who do not believe in his religion, he will inherit paradise when he dies. If you do, you are endangering your life because he can wake up at any time and stab you to death because of his belief.

Your ideal man should be a man who has good financial discipline because a man’s financial habits, determines his future. Do you want to be in a romantic relationship with a man who will crash financially tomorrow? Does he have family values? Every romantic relationship that is not aiming at marriage, is a lust and a waste of your time, avoid them. Avoid entering into a relationship with a man who does not have respect for marriage and the raising of children, if you desire to get married soon.

Is the man open to you, and not just being open, but being honest at all times? Does he have a dream that is bigger than his present reality? Is he ready to settle down with one lady, may be you? These are just but a few of the steps you need to take towards connecting a good man that will treat you with respect and stick with you forever. Get a copy of my E-book where I took time in explaining all these in details. You can always contact me for guidance and assistance. You can also read another of my interesting hub on “How to Know If a Man Truly Loves you”, click here!

Please bear with me, I won’t be able to go on and on because I am running out of page, you will find more interesting secrets that will transform your character and relationship as a lady, do yourself good by downloading a copy of the E-book, and also as a way of encouraging my dedication and effort to guiding ladies in connecting with their dream man and living happily forever with them. Thank you for your patience and attention, I look forward to reading and hearing your wonderful testimonies and comments about the E-book, God bless you.

Secret Exposure for Single Ladies

Are you facing a horrible love life with men? Have you been dumped by men without justification? Have you become a victim of unprecedented heartbreaks by men? Finally, your solution has come. grab a copy of this book through online ( or at a
Are you facing a horrible love life with men? Have you been dumped by men without justification? Have you become a victim of unprecedented heartbreaks by men? Finally, your solution has come. grab a copy of this book through online ( or at a


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    • accofranco profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from L Island

      Welcome @Kiona.

      @Juan, thanks so much for the are permitted to use the RSS feed, once again, welcome and thanks for finding time to leave a comment.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Simply wish to say your article is as honisntaisg. The clearness in your post is just spectacular and i can assume you are an expert on this subject. Well with your permission allow me to grab your RSS feed to keep up to date with forthcoming post. Thanks a million and please keep up the gratifying work.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Knwegodle wants to be free, just like these articles!

    • accofranco profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from L Island

      @lili, thanks for the wonderful comment, glad you found the article useful, please do share it!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      You did an excellent job writing this blog and its an eye opener for those that are considering to enter a romantic relationship.

    • voodoospell profile image


      7 years ago from 1958 South 950 East Provo

      Very helpful and a informative hub.I am glad to read .

    • accofranco profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from L Island

      @srilakshmi , thanks too for reading and for the wonderful commendation, please do pass the message across to your friends, schoolmates, family, etc. cheers!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      wow what an explanations! awesome! am much good at my character and everyone treats me with respect and my friends like me for my character but these days i fell in chaos with a guy came to me saying he likes me a lot but only because of your valuable ideas i got cleared up in his ways......... he is a shit! and i got the confidence too i will sure get the right man for me....thanks to hub and the author.... hats off sir!

    • accofranco profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from L Island

      @sun-GIRL,thanks for the positive feedback...glad you enjoyed the read....

    • Sun-Girl profile image


      7 years ago from Nigeria

      Interesting hub you actually shared in here accofranco,thanks for sharing.

    • accofranco profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from L Island

      @Dr. Ope, thank you so much, i am so impressed....and glad you found the hub useful and informative, thanks doc.

    • Dr.Ope profile image

      Olive Ellis 

      7 years ago

      Accofranco, this is so well written. I agree with you when you say that it is better to be lonely than to be in a relationship that wears off your joy and happiness. This is so true. I will be downloading your ebook. Keep sharing, I will be following.

    • accofranco profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from L Island

      @dotty, i am so glad you enjoyed it, i hope it was helpful? anyway, thanks for stopping by, do have a great day and pass it along as you go....

    • dotty1 profile image


      7 years ago from In my world

      brilliant hub which I enjoyed are so right


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